Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ozark's List 4/15-4/22/14 BY CATEGORY!

Looks like there are a LOT of great deals this week.  Definitely some stock up prices!  Just make sure to abide by the limits set by the original stores if you're price matching at Wal-Mart!  (We include the limits w/ the price)

Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL WEEK!!

Price CutterADULT (21+)Beringer wine750ml4.49
Price CutterADULT (21+)Bud Light Lime/Platinum6pk btls6.49
Price CutterADULT (21+)Sutter home wine750ml4.69
KmartBabyGerber 2nd Foods2pk10/$10Lm20
KmartBabyGerber Snacks/Puffs/Crunchies1.48oz4/$7Lm8
Rhodes Price ChopperBabyHuggies soft pk baby wipes56-64ct1.99
krogerBabyHuggies wipes320-400ct8.99
dillonsBabyPampers diapers NB-618-44ct8.99
KmartBabyPampers/Huggies Baby Wipes320-360ct/320-400ct8.99Lm5
EdwardsBakingAlmond Bark-BC20 oz2/$4
HH-HollisterBakingApple Pie Filling-BC20 oz1.5
EdwardsBakingBakers Angel Flake coconut14oz1.99
EdwardsBakingBakers Baking Chocolate4oz1.99
EdwardsBakingbaking cups-BC90ct0.79
CM HSNBakingBC active yeast3pk0.79
CM HSNBakingBC gelatin3oz0.39
HudsonsBakingCake Mix-Betty Crocker12-16oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperBakingCake Mix-Betty Crocker15.25oz0.88
HudsonsBakingCarnation Evaporated Milk12oz1.19
EdwardsBakingChicken Broth-BC Fat Free14oz2/$1
HudsonsBakingChocolate Chips-BC11.5-12oz3/$5
HudsonsBakingDavinci Xtra Virgin Olive Oil17oz4.99
EdwardsBakingDeep Dish Pie Shells-BC16oz2/$4
krogerBakingDuncan Hines cake mix16-16.5oz0.99
EdwardsBakingEvaporated Milk-BC12oz0.79
EdwardsBakingFlake Coconut-BC7oz0.99
MarvinsBakingFrench's French Fried Onions6oz2.99
EdwardsBakingGraham Pie Crust-BC6oz0.99
harpsBakingKraft Jet puffed mini marshmallows 10oz2/$2
EdwardsBakingMarshmallows-BC10 oz0.89
EdwardsBakingPie Crust-BC15oz3/$5
HH-HollisterBakingStar Olive OIl16oz3.99
EdwardsBakingSweetened Condensed Milk-BC14oz2/$3
HudsonsBakingVegetable Oil-BC48oz2.49
CM HSNBread - BunsBC hamburger or hot dog buns8ct0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperBread - BunsBrown & Serve Rolls-BC12ct1.19
WalgreensBread - BunsKing's Hawaiian Rolls12 pk2.5
Hudsons(only)Bread - BunsOzark Hearth Brown & Serve Rollsno tray/6x6 each0.78Lm3
CM HSNBread - BunsOzark Hearth Brown N Serve rolls12ct0.88
harpsBread - BunsOzark Hearth Brown N Serve rolls12ct1.09
Hudsons(only)Bread - BunsOzark Hearth Dinner Rolls12ct0.98
HudsonsBread - LoafIron Kids Sandwich/Sara Lee 100% Wheat20-24oz2/$4
HH-SpgfldBread - LoafSara Lee Honey Wheat20 oz2.19
Rhodes Price ChopperBread - LoafWonder Sandwich bread24oz1.49
krogerBread - Refrid.Pillbury cresents or sweet rolls8ct1.88
dillonsBreakfastFolgers coffee22.6-33.9oz5.99
MurfinsBreakfastHormel Little Sizzlers12oz0.99
WalgreensBreakfastKellogs Cereal8.7-13.7 oz1.99
allensBreakfastMaxwell House30.65oz5.99
CM HSNBreakfastMaxwell house coffee28-31oz5.99
DGBreakfastmaxwell house wake up roast coffee30.65oz5
HH-HollisterBreakfastPillsbury Toaster Strudel11.5oz1.69
HudsonsBreakfastSliced Bacon-BC16oz2.88
dillonsBreakfastStarbucks coffee/Kcups11-12oz/10ct5.99
EdwardsBreakfastTennessee Pride Sausage16oz2/$5
HH-SpgfldBreakfastWilliams Sausage1lb2/$5
Rhodes Price ChopperCanned - MeatTuna-Chicken of the Sea5oz0.79
FredsCanned - MeatTuna-Starkist5oz0.85
allensCanned - SauceBC 4 chz or mushroom spag sauce24oz1
CM HSNCanned - SauceBC spag sauce24oz0.69
CM HSNCanned - SauceBC tomato sauce8oz3/$1
EdwardsCanned - SauceGravy-BC12oz0.89
HudsonsCanned - SaucePasta Sauce-BC24oz0.79
CVSCanned - SauceRagu or Bertoli Pasta Sauce15-24 oz1.67
HH-HollisterCanned - SauceTomato Sauce-BC8oz0.39
HyVee Canned - SidesBush's Grillin/Baked Beans21-28oz1.28
HudsonsCanned - SidesBush's Grillin/Baked Beans21-28oz3/$5
EdwardsCanned - SidesVan Camps Pork n Beans15oz2/$1
HyVee Canned - SoupCream Mushrm/Chkn-Campbells10.75oz0.48
CM HSNCanned - Veg/FruitBC veggies15.25oz0.48
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitCut Sweet Potatoes-BC15oz0.79
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitDel Monte Pineapple15.25-15.5oz0.79
dillonsCanned - Veg/FruitDole pineapple20oz10/$10
harpsCanned - Veg/FruitLibby's corn peas cut grn beans14.5-15oz0.68
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitMandarin Oranges-BC15oz0.99
HudsonsCanned - Veg/FruitVeggies-BC14.5-15.25oz10/$5
HyVee Canned - Veg/FruitVeggies-HyVee14.5-15.25oz0.29Lm6
MarvinsCleaningClorox Bleach116-121oz2.96
MarvinsCleaningDish Soap-Gain9oz0.89
Family DollarCleaningHefty Trash Bags30-39gal 11-27ct5
HudsonsCondimentsBBQ SAuce-Kraft17.5-18oz0.89
CM HSNCondimentsBC worchestershire 10oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperCondimentsDressing-Kraft15-16oz1.39
dillonsCondimentsHellman's may30oz2.99
EdwardsCondimentsKraft Mayo/Miracle Whip22-30 oz2.69
HH-HollisterCondimentsKraft Mayo/Miracle Whip30 oz1.99
harpsCondimentsKraft salad drsg15.8-16oz2/$3
HudsonsCondimentsVlasic Pickles16-32oz2/$4
Price CutterDairy - ButterBlue Bonnet Stix16oz0.89
EdwardsDairy - ButterButter Quarters-BC16oz2/$4
HudsonsDairy - ButterButter-BC16oz1.98Lm2
HyVee Dairy - ButterButter-HyVee1lb1.48Lm1
MarvinsDairy - ButterHiland Butter Quarters16oz2.79
HH-SpgfldDairy - ButterHiland Butter Quarters1lb2/$5
krogerDairy - Butterkrog brand16oz1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - ButterLand O Lakes Butter16oz2.79
hartsDairy - CheeseBC crm chz8oz0.69
Save a LotDairy - CheeseBorden Cheese Singles12oz1.99
EdwardsDairy - CheeseCream Cheese-BC8oz0.64
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - CheeseKraft Cheese5-8oz1.99
HudsonsDairy - CheeseKraft Singles12oz1.99
CM HSNDairy - CheeseKraft-shreds, cubes, blocks, crckr cuts5-8ozBO@3.29GOfree
HudsonsDairy - CheeseShred Cheese-BC6-8oz3/$4
MarvinsDairy - CheeseShred Cheese-BC8oz2/$3
HH-SpgfldDairy - CheeseVelveeta32oz4.99
EdwardsDairy - CheeseVelveeta32oz5.89
HudsonsDairy - MiscCottage Cheese-Hiland24oz2.29
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscHiland Chocolate Milkgallon3.6
allensDairy - MiscHiland Cottage cheese24oz2/$4
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscHiland Milk 1%gallon3.3
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscHiland Milk 2%gallon3.7
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscHiland Milk Vitamin Dgallon3.75
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscHiland Skim Milkgallon3.2
allensDairy - MiscHiland sour crm or frnch onion dip16oz1.89
MarvinsDairy - MiscHiland Whipping Cream1/2 pint1.49
dillonsDairy - MiscKrog brand cottage chz or sour crm24oz1.99
HudsonsDairy - MiscReddi-Wip6,5oz1.99
Price CutterDairy - MiscSilk Soy/Almond Milk1/2 gal2.99
HudsonsDairy - MiscSour Cream/Dip-Hiland16oz2/$3
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscSour Cream/Dip-Hiland8oz0.89
HudsonsDairy - MiscSoy Milk-BC64oz2/$5
HyVee Dairy - MiscYogurt-Yoplait4-6oz10/$5
allensDeliHoneysuckle honey mesquite ot white smkd turkey breastper lb4.49
HyVee Drinks7UP Products12pk4/$10LM4
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinks7up/RC Cola Products2liter0.79
HudsonsDrinks8 O'Clock Original Ground Coffee12oz3.99
CM HSNDrinksBC bottled water24pk4/$10
HH-HollisterDrinksCain's Quart Size Tea Bags24ct1.5
TargetDrinksCoke Products12 pk cans3
HyVee DrinksCoke Products12pk4/$9.88Lm4
dillonsDrinksCoke, Dr Pepper, Pepsi, or 7UP12pk cans4/$12
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksCoke/Dr Pepper2liter0.89
KmartDrinksFolgers Coffee22.6-33.9oz6.49Lm5
CVSDrinksFolgers Country Roast34.5 oz5.99
EdwardsDrinksGevalia/Yuban/Maxwell House K Cups6-14ct5.49
allensDrinksHiland OJ1/2 gal2/$4
harpsDrinksHiland OJ half gal1.79
krogerDrinkskrog brand apple juice64oz1.67
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksMaxwell House Coffee28-30.4oz5.88
EdwardsDrinksMaxwell House/Yuban Coffee 28-31oz5.99
HyVee DrinksOcean Spray 100% Juice60oz2/$4
Family DollarDrinksPepsi Products12pk3.00Lm4
EdwardsDrinksPepsi Products12pk4/$12
allendDrinksPepsi products12pk cans4/$10
KmartDrinksPepsi Products24pk2/$11
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksPepsi Products2liter0.89
KmartDrinksPepsi Products2liter4/$4
HyVee DrinksPowerade32oz0.69
Family DollarDrinksPowerade32oz0.88
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksTea-Red Diamondgallon1.88
HudsonsDrinksTea-Red Diamondgallon2.29
EdwardsEggsLarge BCdozen2/$3
KmartElectronicsDVD-Free Birdssingle DVD9.99
KmartElectronicsDVD-Frozensingle DVD14.99
KmartElectronicsDVD-The Nut Job/Ride alongsingle DVD16.99
CM HSNFeminine CareCarefree pantyliners20ct0.89
CM HSNFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBC veggie12oz0.99
HudsonsFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBirdseye Veggies10-16oz0.99
HH-HollisterFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesFries/Tots/Hashbrowns-BC28-32oz1.5
HudsonsFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesFrozen Fries-BC2lbs3/$5
HudsonsFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesFrozen Fruit-BC16oz1.99
HyVee Frozen - Fruits/VeggiesVeggies-Birds Eye10-16oz0.59
harpsFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesWestpac veggies14-16oz1
harpsFrozen - MealsTyson tenders, fingers, nuggets, steaks, or breast patties20-32oz4.49
Save a LotFrozen - SnacksHot Pockets2ct 9oz2/$3
hartsFrozen - SweetBC whip topping8oz0.79
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - SweetCool Whip8oz0.79
HyVee Frozen - SweetCool Whip8oz0.59Lm1
HudsonsFrozen - SweetCool Whip8oz0.89Lm3
DGFrozen - Sweetedy's icr cream48oz2/$7
EdwardsFrozen - SweetIce cream-BC5qt3.64
HudsonsFrozen - SweetIce cream-BC5qt 4.99
MarvinsFrozen - SweetIce Cream-Blue Bell1/2 gal4.49
HudsonsFrozen - SweetMrs Smith Cobbler32oz3.49
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - SweetMrs Smith Fruit Pies32-40 oz2.99
EdwardsFrozen - SweetMrs Smith Fruit Pies35-37oz3.64
harpsFrozen - SweetMrs Smiths fruit pies35-48oz3.98
EdwardsFrozen - SweetWhip topping-BC8oz0.79
HudsonsHealth & Beauty3M Nexcare Waterproof Bandaids20-30ct1.99
FredsHealth & BeautyBar Soap-Dial3 bar pk1.85
HudsonsHealth & BeautyQ Tips Cotton Swabs170ct1.99
FredsHealth & BeautyShampoo/Cond-Suave22.5oz1.5
WalgreensHealth & BeautyTresemme Shamp/Cond32oz3.99
Family DollarLaundryDowny Unstoppables/Gain Fireworks9.7oz4.45
Family DollarLaundryGain Flings/Tide Pods14ct4.45
FredsLaundryGain powder/liquid63-80 ld/48-64 ld10
DGLaundryxtra liq det144oz3.95
krogerMeat - Beefbeef tenderloinper lb12.99
krogerMeat - Beefboneless sirloin top roastper lb3.79
krogerMeat - Beefboneless strip steaksper lb8.99
HH-HollisterMeat - BeefCorned Beef Pointsper lb1.99
CM HSNMeat - Beefground beef10lb tube2.29/lb
allensMeat - Beefground beef 80% lean10lb tube2.79/lb
allendMeat - Beefground beef 80% leanper lb2.99
dillonsMeat - Beefribeye roast or steakper lb6.99
HudsonsMeat - BeefRump Roastper lb2.98
hartsMeat - Beefrump roastper lb2.99
aldiMeat - Beefsirloin tip roastper lb3.49
CM HSNMeat - Lunch / SlicedArmour lunchmakers2.5-3.3oz0.99
allensMeat - Lunch / SlicedCarl Buddig lunchmeat-turkey, ham, or chicken8oz1.79
krogerMeat - Lunch / Slicedhillshire farm lunch meat7-9oz2.99
hartsMeat - Lunch / SlicedHillshire farm lunchmeat7-9oz2/$5
HudsonsMeat - MiscBar S Meat Franks12oz0.78Lm3
HH-HollisterMeat - MiscHormel Rev Wrapspkg0.99
allensMeat - MiscJohn Morrell Cocktail smokies12oz1.89
krogerMeat - MiscLeg of Lambper lb5.99
allensMeat - PorkBC reg or thick cut bacon1 lb3.29
Price CutterMeat - PorkBC Spiral Cut Hamper lb1.79
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - PorkBC Spiral Cut Hamper lb1.89
HudsonsMeat - PorkBC Spiral Cut Hamper lb1.98
Murfins(ONLY)Meat - PorkBC Spiral Cut Hamper lb1.69LM1 w/$10pc
allensMeat - Porkboneless sirloin pork roast per lb2.49
Price CutterMeat - PorkCooks Shank/Butt Portion Hamper lb1.49
Price CutterMeat - PorkHormel Cure 81 spiral cut hamper lb;2.69
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - PorkHormel Pork Tenderloins1.1-1.7lb5.99
HudsonsMeat - PorkKretschmar Boneless Hamper lb2.58
dillonsMeat - Porkkrog brand spiral bone in hamper lb1.79
krogerMeat - Porksmithfield shank half hamper lb1.29
Save a LotMeat - PorkSugardale Shank Portion Hamper lb1.09
aldiMeat - PoultryButterball turkeyper lb1.19
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - PoultryChicken Breast-BC3lb bag5.99
EdwardsMeat - PoultryChicken breast/tenders bnls sknlsper lb1.99
Edwards (ONLY)Meat - PoultryFrozen Turkey-BCper lb$.64/lb Lm1 while supply last
TargetMeat - PoultryGrade 1 Large Eggsdozen0.99
EdwardsMeat - PoultryHoneysuckle Bone IN Turkey Brstper lb1.29
Price CutterMeat - PoultryHoneysuckle Bone IN Turkey Brstper lb1.29
Price CutterMeat - PoultryHoneysuckle frozen turkeyper lb0.99
HH-HollisterMeat - PoultryHoneysuckle White Fresh Dressed Turkeyper lb1.49
Rhodes Price Chopper(ONLY)Meat - PoultryTurkey-BCper lb0.79
dillonsMeat - Seafoodking crab legsper lb8.99
dillonsMeat - Seafoodlobster tail4-5oz ea5.99
DGMisc Itemsarmor all protectant10oz3
HH-HollisterMisc ItemsCoffee Filters-BC100ct0.69
HH-HollisterMisc ItemsCoffee Filters-BC500ct2.99
EdwardsMisc ItemsCountry Crock Sides20-24oz1.99
dillonsMisc ItemsEnergizer batteries-AA/AAA4-16ct9.99
dillonsMisc ItemsFrench's friend onions6oz2.99
Price CutterOral CareToothpaste-Aquafresh6-6.4oz2/$4
EdwardsPaperAluminum Foil-BC25 Ft0.79
DGPaperangel soft TP12 big rolls4.5
MarvinsPaperGlad Press n Seal Wrap70 Ft1.99
dillonsPaperKleenex tissue50-160ct1
EdwardsPaperPlastic Wrap-BC100 Ft0.99
DGPapersparkle PT6 roll4.5
FredsPaperTP-Charmin Basic12dbl roll5
WalgreensPaperViva Paper Towels6 rolls5.99
CM HSNPasta - DryBC Mac & CHz7.254/$1
CM HSNPasta - DryBC pasta16oz0.69
Save a LotPasta - DryBetty Crocker Suddenly Pasta Salad5.9-8.3oz0.99
HH-HollisterPasta - DrySpaghetti-BC16oz0.69
DGPetscats pride cat litter9lb4
harpsPetsFresh Step litter 25lb9.98
CM HSNPetsGravy Train 16lb7.99
HH-HollisterProduce - FruitApples-Golden Deliciousper lb0.99
Price CutterProduce - FruitApples-Red Deliciousper lb0.99
HH-HollisterProduce - FruitCantaloupeeach1.89
HudsonsProduce - FruitCantaloupeeach2.38
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitCantaloupeeach2/$4
krogerProduce - FruitD'Anjou pearsper lb0.99
Save a LotProduce - FruitFresh Pineappleeach1.69
HudsonsProduce - FruitLemonseach2/$0.89
HudsonsProduce - FruitMangoeseach0.89
aldiProduce - Fruitnaval oranges4lb bag1.99
krogerProduce - Fruitpineappleea1.88
HyVee Produce - FruitPineappleeach1.98
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitPineappleeach2.49
aldiProduce - Fruitpineapple ea1.29
allensProduce - Fruitred or grn seedless grapesper lb2.99
aldiProduce - Fruitstrawberries16oz1.29
dillonsProduce - Fruitstrawberries16oz1.48
HH-HollisterProduce - FruitStrawberries1lb1.49
EdwardsProduce - FruitStrawberries2lb3.64
HH-HollisterProduce - FruitWatermelon-seedlesseach3.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesArtichokes each1.49
krogerProduce - Veggiesasparagusper lb1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesAsparagusper lb1.99
Save a LotProduce - VeggiesAsparagusper lb1.99
HH-HollisterProduce - VeggiesAvocadoseach0.79
aldiProduce - Veggiesbaby carrots16oz0.69
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesBaby Carrots2lb1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesBroccoli Crownsper lb1.19
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesBrussel Sproutsper lb1.69
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesCauliflowereach1.79
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesCauliflowereach1.99
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesCeleryeach0.64
aldiProduce - Veggiesceleryper pk0.69
HH-HollisterProduce - VeggiesCucumberseach3/$1
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesDole Classic Iceberg/Coleslaw12-14oz0.98
allensProduce - VeggiesDole Cole slaw mixper bag0.99
harpsProduce - Veggiesgreen beansper lb0.99
Price CutterProduce - VeggiesGreen Beansper lb0.99
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesGreen Leaf Lettuceeach1.09
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesGreen onions5.5oz0.79
Price CutterProduce - VeggiesLettucehead0.99
krogerProduce - Veggieson the vine tomatoesper lb0.78
krogerProduce - Veggiesonionsper lb0.78
Price CutterProduce - VeggiesRed Bell Pepperseach2/$1
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesRed Potatoes5lbs2/$3
HH-HollisterProduce - VeggiesRoma Tomatoesper lb0.89
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10lb2.64
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10lb bag2.39
aldiProduce - Veggiessweet potatoes3 lb bag0.99
krogerProduce - Veggiessweet potatoesper lb0.49
allensProduce - Veggiessweet potatoesper lb0.69
Save a LotProduce - VeggiesSweet Potatoes per lb0.39
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesTomatoes on the vineper lb0.99
allensSeasonalBC hardwood charcoal9lb4.33
HudsonsSeasonalCharcoal-BC18lb bag4.99
EdwardsSeasonalCranberry Sauce-BC14oz0.99
WalgreensSeasonalHershey's/Nestle/Cadbury Easter Candy7.1-10 oz2
KmartSeasonalHersheys'/Mars/Nestle pkgd Easter Chocolate8-12.6oz2/$5Lm10
Family DollarSeasonalLifesaver/Starburst Jelly Beans14oz1.50Lm4
TargetSeasonalPaas Egg Decor Kiteach1.5
WalgreensSeasonalPeeps1-5 pk.67 lm 3
KmartSeasonalRussel Stover molded bunnies3oz1.99
HH-HollisterSeasonalStove Top Stuffing6oz0.99
CVSSnacksHershey's Spreads13 oz2.99
krogerSnacksLay's chips or cheetos8.75-10oz1.99
HyVee SnacksLays Chips9-12oz1.88
EdwardsSnacksLays Chips9.5-10 oz2/$4
Save a LotSnacksLil Debbies(sws roll/nty bar/cosmic brwny/oatml crm pie/hny bun)10.6-16.2oz2/$3
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksPop Tarts6-8ct1.88
Save a LotSnacksQuaker Chewy Granola BArs6.5-6.72oz1.99
AllensSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC gran sugar4lbs2/$3
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC seasonings2.5oz0.88
HH-HollisterSpices, Sugar, Ect...brown/powder sugar- BC2lb0.99
HudsonsSpices, Sugar, Ect...brown/powder sugar- BC2lb1.19
Rhodes Price ChopperSpices, Sugar, Ect...Flour-BC5lb0.99LM1
Hudsons(only)Spices, Sugar, Ect...Gold Medal Flour4.25-5lb1.98Lm2 w/$10pc
HudsonsSpices, Sugar, Ect...Kentucky Kernel Seasoned flour10 oz1.29
EdwardsSpices, Sugar, Ect...McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract1oz2/$4
HudsonsSpices, Sugar, Ect...Morton Ice Cream Salt4lb1.49
HudsonsSpices, Sugar, Ect...Reese Ham Glaze9oz1.99
HudsonsSpices, Sugar, Ect...Sugar-BC4lb1.29Lm2
Rhodes Price ChopperSpices, Sugar, Ect...Sugar-C&H4lb1.49Lm2
EdwardsSpices, Sugar, Ect...Sugar-Crystal4lb1.99
HH-HollisterSpreadsPeanut Butter-Planters 28oz1.99
KmartToysDisney Planes Aircraft Carrier/Cars Dbl Decker Speedwayeach20
KmartToysJakes Magical Tiki Hideouteach19.99
KmartToysLalaloopsy Babieseach16.99
KmartToysLittle Tykes Jump & Slide Bouncereach199.99
KmartToysMickey Mouse Clubhouse/Doc MCstuffins Clipboardeach19.99
KmartToysMinnie's Pampering Pet Saloneach19.99
KmartToysNERF Rebelle Heartbreaker Boweach14.99
KmartToysNERF Zombie Strike Crossfire Boweach14.99
KmartToysPlay Doh Dbl Desserts Playseteach9.99