Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ozark's List 2/3-2/9/16 BY CATEGORY

A huge THANK YOU to my mom, Joy.   With me being out of town, she has put together 90% of the list this week!

As I've said before, putting together this list & posting it takes a lot of time & energy.  Something that is already scarce with a full time job & family.  Any and all donations are GREATLY appreciated.  Also, I am keeping a list of those that donate & if we ever decide to convert to a subscription type service, those people will be 'grandfathered' in.
Thank you & God bless!

ALL contributions are greatly appreciated.
You can donate 2 ways:
                                                      <BY CLICKING THIS LINK>

WalgreensBabyPampers Super Pack Diapers66 - 104 pk25.99
EdwardsBakingBC Cookie Dough16-18 oz3/$5.00
CM HarrisonBakingBetty Crocker Brownie MixFamily Size 19.9 oz10/$10.00
CM HarrisonBakingBetty Crocker Supermoist Cake Mix15.25 oz10/$10.00
WalgreensBakingGold Medal Flour5 lb1.99 LIMIT 3
EdwardsBakingPam Spray Coating5-6 oz2/$5.00
CM HarrisonBread - BunsBC Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns8 ct0.99
Hudson'sBread - BunsBC Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns8 ct0.77
Hudson'sBread - BunsKing's Hawaiian Dinner Rolls12 count3.29
Hudson'sBread - LoafSara Lee White Sandwich Bread24 oz 2/$3.00
EdwardsBread - Refrid.BC Crescent Rolls8 oz2/$3.00
CM HarrisonBread - Refrid.Pillsbury Grands Flakyy Biscuits5 ct 10.20 oz10/$10.00
HarpsCanned - SauceHunt's Tomato Sauce8 oz0.43
EdwardsCanned - SauceHunts Manwich or Sloppy Joe Sauce15-15.5 oz0.99
CM HarrisonCanned - SauceRed Gold Sloppy Joe15 oz.49 must buy 5
CM HarrisonCanned - SauceRed Gold Tomato Sauce15 oz.49 must buy 5
WalgreensCanned - SoupCampbell's Chunky Soup or Chili15.25-19 oz2/$3.00
Dollar GeneralCanned - SoupHormel Chili15 oz3/$3.00
CM HarrisonCanned - SoupHormel Chili W Beans15 oz0.88
CM HarrisonCanned - Veg/FruitBush's Baked Beans28 oz2/$4.00
Fred'sCanned - Veg/FruitHunt's Diced Tomatoes14.5 oz0.99
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitHunt's Tomatoes14.5 oz0.89
CM HarrisonCanned - Veg/FruitRed Gold Dices Tomatoes w green chilis10 oz.29 must by 5
CM HarrisonCanned - Veg/FruitRed Gold Tomatoes14.5 oz.49 Must vuy 5
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitRo Tel Tomatoes10 oz10/$10.00
HarpsCanned - Veg/FruitRo Tel Tomatoes10 oz0.98
Hudson'sCanned - Veg/FruitRo-Tel Diced10 oz0.99
Fred'sCanned - Veg/FruitRotel tomatoes & Green Chilis10 oz0.99
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitTaco Bell Refried Beans16 oz5/$5.00
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitVan Camp's Pork & Beans15 oz0.79
HarpsCanned - Veg/FruitVan Camps Pork & Beans15 oz0.58
WalgreensCerealCheerios8.9 - 14.1 oz2/$5.00
Hudson'sCerealCheerios, Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch12-12.2 oz1.79
Hudson'sCerealCookie Crisp or Reee's Puffs Cereal11.25-13 oz1.79
CM HarrisonCerealFinish Dish Powerball32 ct4.99
EdwardsCerealGeneral Mills Cereal11.25-13 oz2.79
Dollar GeneralCerealGeneral Mills Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp11.25-12.25 oz3/$6.00
Dollar GeneralCerealKellogg's Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops10.5 - 12.2 oz3/$6.00
Fred'sCleaningDawn Dish Detergent34.2 oz4
Fred'sCleaningMean Green Cleanergallon4.5
Fred'sCleaningSun Dish Detergent40 oz1.75
EdwardsCondimentsA-1 Steak Sauce10 oz2.99
HarpsCondimentsBC Salad Dressing16 oz2/$3.00
CM HarrisonCondimentsHeinz Ketchup38 oz1.99
Dollar GeneralCondimentsHeinz Ketchup38 oz2.25
HarpsCondimentsHeinz Yellow Squeeze Mustard14 oz1.68
Dollar GeneralCondimentsHellmann's Mayo30 oz2.95
Dollar GeneralCondimentsHiddin Valley Ranch Dressing16 oz2.25
CM HarrisonCondimentsHunt's Squeeze Ketchup24 oz10/$10.00
HarpsCondimentsKC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce21 or 28 oz2.48
EdwardsCondimentsKraft BBQ Sauce17.5-18 oz0.99
Dollar GeneralCondimentsKraft Mayo or Miracle Whip30 oz2.95
EdwardsCondimentsKraft Mayonaise or Miracle Whip30 oz2.99
HarpsCondimentsKraft Miracle Whip or Mayo30 oz2.98
EdwardsCondimentsKraft Salad Dressing15.8 - 16 oz1.89
WalgreensCondimentsPace Picante Salsa16 oz2/$3.00
CM HarrisonCondimentsRed Gold Ketchup32 oz1.39 must buy 5
CM HarrisonCondimentsRed Gold Salsa16 oz.99 must buy 5
AldisCondimentsSweet Baby Ray's BBQ28 oz1.95
Dollar GeneralCondimentsSweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce18 oz2/$2.00
HarpsDairy - ButterBlue Bonnet Margerine45 oz2.98
EdwardsDairy - ButterBlue Bonnet Spread Quarters16 oz0.79
EdwardsDairy - ButterCountry Crock Spread45 oz3.49
EdwardsDairy - CheeseBC Singles12 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsDairy - CheeseCracker Barrel Natural Chunk or Cracker Cuts Cheese7-8 oz2/$6.00
EdwardsDairy - CheeseKraft American Singles12 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsDairy - CheeseKraft Chunk, shredded, crumbles or cubes cheese5 - 9.6 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsDairy - CheeseKraft Natural or Cracker Barrel Slices7-8 oz2.49
HarpsDairy - CheeseKraft Velveeta32 oz5.98
CM HarrisonDairy - CheeseVelveeta Loaf2 lb5.99
Dollar GeneralDairy - CheeseVelveeta Loaf16 oz3.95
EdwardsDairy - CheeseVelveeta Loaf32 oz5.99
Fred'sDairy - CheeseVelveeta Shredded Cheese8 oz3
EdwardsDairy - MiscBC Sour Cream24 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsDairy - MiscDaisy Cottage Cheese24 oz2.99
HarpsDairy - MiscDaisy Sour Cream or Cottage Cheese24 oz2.98
Hudson'sDairy - MiscHiland Sour Cream or Dip16 oz tub2/$3.00
EdwardsDairy - MiscKraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese8 oz2/$3.00
CM HarrisonDairy - MiscPhilly Cream Cheese8 oz2/$3.00
EdwardsDeliKretschmar Colby or Colby Jack Cheeselb4.99
EdwardsDeliKretschmar hard salamilb4.99
Hudson'sDrinksBC Water24 pk .5 liter2.49
Fred'sDrinksCoke or Sprite Products2 liter0.98
Fred'sDrinksCoke Products12 pk 12 oz cans3/$9.00
HarpsDrinksCoke, Sprite Products12 pk 12 oz cans3/$11.00
Dollar GeneralDrinksDr. Pepper Products12 pk 12 oz cans3/$9.00
Dollar GeneralDrinksFolger's Classic Roast or Gourmet Supreme30.5 oz6.75
Dollar GeneralDrinksFolger's Country Roast Coffee34.5 oz5.98
Hudson'sDrinksHiland Chocolate MilkHalf Gallon2/$5.00
EdwardsDrinksMawell House or Yuban Coffee28-31 oz6.49
Fred'sDrinksOcean Spray Cranberry Juice60 oz3.25
Dollar GeneralDrinksPepsi or Mt. Dew Products12 pk 12 oz cans3/$9.00 LIMIT 6
EdwardsDrinksPepsi Products4/$12.004/$12.00
HarpsDrinksPepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mt Dew12 oz 12 pk4/$13.00
Hudson'sDrinksRed Diamond Iced Teagallon2.29
EdwardsDrinksSwiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix8 or 10 ct4/$5.00
CM HarrisonDrinksV8 Vegetable or Fusion Juice46 oz2/$5.00
Fred'sDrinksWelch's Grape Juice64 oz3.5
WalgreensEggsLarge Eggsdozen2.49 LIMIT 2
CM HarrisonFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesOre-Ida Golden Crinkles or Tator Tots32 oz1.99
EdwardsFrozen - MealsBanquet Family Size Entrees24-28 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsBanquet Pot Pies7 oz0.79
Dollar GeneralFrozen - MealsDiGiorno Pizza28.3-31.5 oz4.5
EdwardsFrozen - MealsDiGiorno Pizza18-31.5 oz3.99
HarpsFrozen - MealsDiGiorno Pizza12.6-34.2 oz2/$10.00
HarpsFrozen - MealsFreschetta Pizza14.54 - 30.9 oz2/$9.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsMichelina's Entrees5-9 oz0.79
Hudson'sFrozen - MealsRed Baron 12" Pizzas14.76-23.45 oz2.99 LIMIT 5
CM HarrisonFrozen - MealsRed Baron Pizza14-23 oz3/$9.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsRed Baron Pizza14.76-23.45 oz2.99
HarpsFrozen - MealsRed Baron Pizza12.16-23.45 oz3/$9.00
EdwardsFrozen - SweetHiland Ice Creamgallon5.49
Fred'sHealth & BeautyCalgon Bath Beads or Bubble Bath30 oz3
Fred'sHealth & BeautyDial Body Wash16 oz3
Fred'sHealth & BeautyHead & Shoulder's Hair Care12.8 - 14.2 oz4
Fred'sHealth & BeautyJergen's Lotion10 oz3.5
Fred'sHealth & BeautyOne A Day Men's or Women's Vitamins100 ct7.65
Fred'sHealth & BeautySecret or Old Spice Deodorant2.6 oz3.5
WalgreensHealth & BeautySpeed Stick or Lady Speed Stick2.3 - 3 oz1.99
Fred'sLaundryAll Laundry Detergent46.5 powder 22-24 pks4
Dollar GeneralLaundryBounce or Downy Dryer Sheets90-105 oz4.5
Fred'sLaundryGain Fabric Softener Sheets120 ct3.95
Fred'sLaundryGain Laundry Detergent63-80 ld Powder or 48-64 ld liquid8.75
Fred'sLaundryGain, Downy, or Bounce Laundry Scent Booster9.7 oz3.95
WalgreensLaundryPalmolive Dish Detergent10 oz.99 LIMIT 4
WalgreensLaundryPurex Laundry Detergentliquid 24-33 loads or 18 pk ultra packs1.99
Dollar GeneralLaundryTide Laundry Detergent69-75 oz 5.95
Fred'sLaundrytide Laundry Detergent69-75 oz7.95
Dollar GeneralLaundryTide Pods or Gain Flings23-31 count5.95
Fred'sLaundryTide Pods or Gain Flings31 count7.95
Dollar GeneralLaundryUltra Downy Liquid41-51 oz4.5
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefBoneless Beef Arm Roastlb3.89
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefBoneless Beef Stew Meatlb3.99
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefBoneless New York Strip Steakfamily pk per lb6.99
Hudson'sMeat - BeefBoneless Ribeye Steak12 oz8.98
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefBoneless Top Round Roastlb3.89
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefBoneless Top Round Roast or Arm RoastLb3.89
Hudson'sMeat - BeefBoneless Tri-Tip Roastlb4.88
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefFresh Ground Beeffamily pk per lb3.29
EdwardsMeat - BeefGround Chuckfamily pk per lb2.99
HarpsMeat - BeefHebrew National Beef Franks12 oz4.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefKC Boneless Strip Steakfamily pk per lb7.99
HarpsMeat - BeefTop Sirloin Steaklb5.99
HarpsMeat - MiscBall Park Meat or Turkey Franks15 oz2.29
EdwardsMeat - MiscBar S Franks16 oz0.99
CM HarrisonMeat - MiscJohn Morrell Cocktail Smokies12 oz1.99
HarpsMeat - MiscJohnsonville Brats19 oz3.99
Hudson'sMeat - MiscJohnsonville Brats19 oz3.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkBaby Back Pork Ribslb2.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkBaby Back Pork Ribslb2.49
EdwardsMeat - PorkBanquet Brown N Serve Sausage Links6.4 oz0.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkBoneless Center Cut Pork ChopsFamily pack per lb2.39
Hudson'sMeat - PorkBoneless Pork Ribeye Chops or RibsBacon Wrapped lb2.88
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkBoston Butt Pork Roastlb1.29
Hudson'sMeat - PorkCenter Rib Pork ChopsFamily pack per lb1.98
HarpsMeat - PorkCountry Style RibsFamily Valu Pak1.19
EdwardsMeat - PorkHormel Black Label bacon12 or 16 oz3.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkHormel Marinated Pork Loins or Tenderloins1.15-1.7 oz4.99
Hudson'sMeat - PorkKretschmar Half Hamlb1.98
HarpsMeat - PorkNatural Pork Spare Ribslb1.99
HarpsMeat - PorkPork Butt - Wholelb1.79
AldisMeat - PorkSt Louis Style Ribsper lb2.49
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkWhole Boston Buttslb0.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkWhole Pork Buttslb0.89
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkWilliam's Pork Sausage16 oz2.29
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkWilliam's Sliced Bacon16 oz3.59
Hudson'sMeat - PorkWilliams Pork Sausage9.6-16 oz2.19
HarpsMeat - PoultryBanquet Chicken Nuggets24 - 26.5 oz2/$7.00
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryBC Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Tenders3 lb bag4.98
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryBC Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Tenders3 lb4.98
EdwardsMeat - PoultryBC Chicken Wings3 lb6.99
EdwardsMeat - PoultryChicken Wings - Frozenfamily pk per lb1.49
Hudson'sMeat - PoultryChicken Wings Previously frozenFamily pack per lb1.88
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryFryer Leg Quarters10 lb bag per lb0.39
Hudson'sMeat - PoultrySplit Chicken Breast previously frozenfamily pk per lb0.88
Fred'sMeat - PoultryTyson Chicken Wing Sections2 lb6
Hudson'sMeat - SeafoodAll Natural Sockeye Salmon Sides wild-caughtlb6.88
EdwardsMeat - SeafoodBC Cocktail Shrimp Ring16 oz6.99
EdwardsMeat - SeafoodBC Cooked Shrimp tail on16 oz 41-50 ct5.99
EdwardsMeat - SeafoodBC Raw Shrimp Shell On16 oz 41-50 ct4.99
Fred'sMisc ItemsHershey Syrup24 oz2.25
EdwardsMisc ItemsJell-O Instant Pudding & Pie filling.9-3.9 oz4/$3.00
HarpsMisc ItemsMission Fajita Tortillas10 ct1.5
HarpsMisc ItemsPam Cooking Spray5 or 6 oz2.68
EdwardsMisc ItemsTaco Bell Crunchy Taco Shells12 ct5/$5.00
EdwardsMisc ItemsTaco Bell Salsa16 oz2/$3.00
EdwardsMisc ItemsTaco Bell Salsa Con Queso15 oz1.99
EdwardsMisc ItemsTaco Bell Taco Dinner Kit8.85 - 14.6 oz1.99
EdwardsMisc ItemsTaco Bell Taco or Fajita Seasoning Mix1 - 1.4 oz2/$1.00
EdwardsMisc ItemsTaco Bell Taco Sauce7.5- 8 oz5/$5.00
Fred'sOral CareColgate 360 toothbrushea3.5
Fred'sOral CareColgate Total Toothpaste or Mouthwash6 oz tp or 250 ml mouthwash3
Dollar GeneralPaperAngel Soft Bath Tissue24 big rolls8.5
CM HarrisonPaperBC Premium Bath Tissue4 rolls10/$10.00
Fred'sPaperBounty Basic Paper Towels8 rolls4.75
Fred'sPaperCharmin Basic Bath Tissue12 Double Rolls4.75
Fred'sPaperPuff's Facial tissue56-96 ct1.25
Dollar GeneralPaperReynolds Wrap Heavy Duty 42 Sq Ft or Non Stick 30 sq ft2.75
Fred'sPetsAlpo Canned Dog Food13-13.2 oz0.75
Fred'sPetsPurina or Friskies Cat Food16 lb12.95
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitAvocadoea0.89
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitAvocadoJumbo ea0.89
EdwardsProduce - FruitCalifornia Oranges Cara Caraea2/$1.0
Hudson'sProduce - FruitCantaloupesea3.59
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitDel Monte Jet Fresh Pineapplesea0.99
EdwardsProduce - FruitFresh Blueberriespint3.99
Hudson'sProduce - FruitFresh Limeseaa5/$1.00
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitHalo Clementines3 lb bag4.99
EdwardsProduce - FruitHalo Clementines3 lb3.99
Hudson'sProduce - FruitHalo Clementines3 lb3.98
EdwardsProduce - FruitHass Avocadosea0.99
Hudson'sProduce - FruitHass Avocadosea0.89
Hudson'sProduce - FruitJumbo Lemonsea2/$1.00
Hudson'sProduce - FruitJumbo Navel Orangesea3/$1.00
EdwardsProduce - FruitLemons2 lb2.99
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitNavel Oranges4 lb bag3.99
EdwardsProduce - FruitRed Delicious or Jonagold Appleslb0.99
AldisProduce - FruitRed Grapesper lb0.99
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitRed or Green Seedless Grapeslb3.49
AldisProduce - FruitRoma Tomatoesper 16 oz cont0.99
EdwardsProduce - FruitRuby Red Grapefruitea0.69
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitSweet Yellow Onionslb0.89
Hudson'sProduce - FruitWhole Golden Pineapplesea1.39
HarpsProduce - FruitWholly Quacamole12 oz3/$10.0
AldisProduce - VeggiesAvacadoseach0.39
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesBroccoli Crownslb2.29
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesCalifornia Cauliflowerlb2.79
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesDole Salad Mixes5-12 oz2/$3.00
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesFresh Garlic2 oz pk0.59
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesGreen Beans - Freshlb1.59
HarpsProduce - VeggiesGreen Giant Baby Carrots1 lb2/$3.00
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesGreen Giant mini peeled carrots2 lb bag2.29
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesJalapeno Pepperslb1.39
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesJumbo White Onionslb0.99
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesRoma Tomatoeslb0.69
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10 lb bag2.99
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10 lb bag2.99
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10 lb bag2/$5.00
Dollar GeneralSnacksCheetos8-9 oz2.5
Fred'sSnacksDoritos Chips10-11.5 oz1.98
Fred'sSnacksDoritos or Lay's Chips9.5 - 11.5 oz1.99
WalgreensSnacksHershey's, Nestle, or Mars Chocolate36-42 oz9.99
HarpsSnacksLay's Kettle, Baked, or Sun Chips6.25 - 8 0z2/$5.00
Dollar GeneralSnacksLay's Potato Chips9.5 - 11 oz2/$5.00
WalgreensSnacksM & M's 9.9 - 12.6 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsSnacksNature Valley or Fiber One Bars5-10 count4/$10.00
Dollar GeneralSnacksOreo Cookies10.3-15.35 oz3
Fred'sSnacksOreos or Nutter Butter Cookies14.3-16 oz2.95
Dollar GeneralSnacksPremium Saltine Crackers16 oz2.25
AldisSnacksPringles5.68-5.96 oz.1.25
Fred'sSnacksRitz Crackers10.5 oz2.25
Fred'sSnacksTostito's Chips12 oz2/$5.00
Hudson'sSpices, Sugar, Ect...C & H Pure Cane Sugar4 lb1.99
WalgreensSpices, Sugar, Ect...C & H Sugar4 lb1.99 LIMIT 3
CM HarrisonSpices, Sugar, Ect...McCormick Chili Seasoning Mixes1.25 oz0.79
EdwardsSpreadsBetty Crocker Brownie or Super Moist Cake Mix15.25-20.5 oz10/$10.00
Hudson'sSpreadsJif Peanut Butter15.5-16 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsSpreadsPeter Pan Peanut Butter13-16.3 oz2/$4.00