Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ozark's List 8/24-8/30/2016 *Please Read*

As I've said before, putting together this list & posting it takes a lot of time & energy.  Something that is already scarce with a full time job & family. 
 Over the past 2 or 3 months, we've had 2, maybe 3 people donate.  To me, that is a little hurtful.  I have chalked it up to tight back to school budgets.  I really hope this improves.  If not, we really may have to look at other avenues, or shut this site down.  If you can, please consider contributing.  Every contribution is greatly appreciated.   
Thank you & God bless!

ALL contributions are greatly appreciated.
You can donate 2 ways:
                                                      <BY CLICKING THIS LINK>

EdwardsProduce - VeggiesAcorn, Butternut or Spaghetti Squashlb0.79
Hudson's DrinksAllways Save Corn or Green Beans14.75-15 oz.39 HUDSON'S ONLY LIMIT 10
Dollar GeneralPaperAngel Soft Bath Tissue24 big rolls7.95
WalgreensPaperAngel Soft Bath Tissue9 big rolls2.99
EdwardsDrinksAquafina Water24 pk .5 liter3.99
EdwardsProduce - FruitArkansas Blackberries6 oz2.49
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkBaby Back Pork Ribslb2.99
AldisProduce - VeggiesBaby Bella Mushrooms8 oz pk0.99
Hudson'sMeat - MiscBar S Meat Franks12 oz0.88
EdwardsDrinksBC Apple Juice64 oz0.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryBC Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast or Tenders3 lbs6.99
Hudson'sDairy - ButterBC Butter Quarters16 oz3.49
CM HarrisonMisc ItemsBC Cider Vinegar64 oz2.29
CM HarrisonDrinksBC Cranberry Juice64 oz1.19
Hudson'sBread - Refrid.BC Crescent Rolls8 oz2/$3.00
CM HarrisonFrozen - SweetBC Frozen Whipped Topping8 oz0.79
CM HarrisonBread - BunsBC Hamburger or Hamburger Buns8 ct0.88
Hudson'sFrozen - SweetBC Ice Cream5 qt pail3.99
Hudson'sEggsBC Large Eggsdz.67 limit 2
CM HarrisonCanned - Veg/FruitBC Peaches or Fruit Cockatail15.25 oz1.19
CM HarrisonCondimentsBC Squeeze Ketchup24 oz0.59
EdwardsSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC Sugar10 lbs3.99
EdwardsFrozen - SweetBC Waffles or Pancakes10 or 12 ct2/$3.00
CM HarrisonMisc ItemsBC White Vinegar64 oz1.79
WalgreensSchool SuppliesBic Atlantis Pens3 or 4 pk2
EdwardsDairy - MiscBlue Bonnet regular or light Spread 16 oz quarters0.79
EdwardsMeat - PorkBone in Pork Roastlb1.39
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefBoneless Beef Bottom Round Steakfamily pk per lb2.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkBoneless lean pork cutletsfamily pk per lb1.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefBoneless Ribeye Steakfamily pk per lb7.99
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefBoneless Ribeye Steakfamily pk per lb6.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkBoston Butt whole bag 2 pkper lb1.28
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesBroccoli Crownslb0.89
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesCabbagelb0.49
EdwardsProduce - FruitCalifornia Cantaloupeslg2/$4.00
Hudson'sProduce - FruitCalifornia Lemonsea0.69
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitCalifornia Strawberrieslb2.49
HarpsCanned - PastaCampbell's SpaghettiOs14.14.2 oz0.98
AldisProduce - FruitCantelopeeach0.99
FredsCanned - PastaChef Boyardee Pasta7.5 - 15 oz0.88
WalgreensCanned - MeatChicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna5 oz.69 Limit 4
HarpsCanned - MeatChicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna5 OZ0.88
Hudson'sCanned - MeatChicken of the Sea Pink Salmon14.75 oz can2.99
Dollar GeneralSnacksChips Ahoy Cookies9.5 - 13 oz2
AldisProduce - VeggiesCucumberseach0.39
HarpsProduce - VeggiesCucumbers or Green Bell Pepperseach0.5
WalgreensDrinksDasani Water24 pk 16.9 oz3.99 Limit 2
WalgreensCerealDawn Dish Liquid9 oz0.99
Dollar GeneralDrinksDr. Pepper, 7 Up, A & W, Sunkist2 liter0.95
Hudson'sMeat - BeefEye of Round Roast bonelesslb3.49
HarpsMeat - PorkFresh Thick Cut Bnlss Pork Chopsper lb2.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryFryer Drumsticksfamily pk per lb0.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryFryer Leg Quarters10 lb bag0.49
Hudson'sMeat - PoultryFryer Leg Quarters10 lb bag per lb.48 Limit 2
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryFryer Thighsfamly pk per pd0.89
Dollar GeneralLaundryGain Flings or Tide Pods12 - 16 count2.95
Dollar GeneralLaundryGain Liquid Laundry Detergent100 oz7.95
Hudson'sProduce - FruitGala Apples new croplb1.79
WalgreensSpices, Sugar, Ect...Gold Medal Flour5 lb bag1.99 limit 4
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesGreen Bell Peppersea2/$1.00
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesGreen Giant Mini Peeled Carrots16 oz1.19
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesGreen Giant whole carrots16 oz0.65
EdwardsMeat - BeefGround Beeffamily pk per lb1.99
Hudson'sMeat - BeefGround Beef 80% Leanfamily pk per lb2.38
Hudson'sProduce - FruitHaas Avocadosea0.89
HarpsPaperHefty EZ Grip Cups30ct1.98
WalgreensSnacksHershey Kit Kat or Reeses1.1 - 1.85 oz0.69
Hudson'sDairy - CheeseHiland Shredded Cheese8 oz2/$3.00
EdwardsSnacksHunt's SnackPack Pudding4 ct0.89
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesIceberg Head Lettuceea0.88
EdwardsMeat - PorkJohn Morrell smoked or polish sausage7 oz0.99
EdwardsCerealKellogg's Rice Crispies, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops17 - 19 oz2.99
Hudson's Produce - FruitKiwi Fruitea3/$1.00
EdwardsDairy - CheeseKraft American Singles16 oz2.99
EdwardsPasta - DryKraft Mac & Cheese, Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups1.9 - 2.39 oz0.99
Hudson'sDrinksMinute Maid Orange Juice59 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesMissouri Okralb2.99
AldisMisc ItemsMums8 inch2.99
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesNew Red Potatoeslb0.89
Hudson'sDrinksNiagra Purified Water24 pk .5 liter2.88
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesOlathe sweet cornea4/$1.00
AldisProduce - FruitOrganic Bananasper lb0.59
CM HarrisonMeat - MiscOscar Mayer Hot Dogs, turkey, bun length,or meat16 oz0.99
CM HarrisonMeat - Lunch / SlicedOscar Mayer Lean Ham6 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsFrozen - SnacksPagota Express Eggrolls or Appetizers4.8 - 12.27 oz4/$10.00
CM HarrisonDrinksPepsi or Dr. Pepper24 pk cans5.99
Dollar GeneralDrinksPepsi or Mt. Dew12 pk 12 oz cans3/$9.00
Dollar GeneralDrinksPepsi or Mt. Dew2 liter3/$3.00
WalgreensSchool SuppliesPilot pens Precise or Frixion2 pk3
EdwardsMeat - PorkPork Chopsfamily pk per lb1.49
Hudson'sMeat - PorkPork Spare Ribslb1.99
Dollar GeneralDrinksPowerade32 oz0.75
WalgreensLaundryPurex Liquid Laundry Detergent24 - 33 loads1.99
WalgreensPaperQuilted Northern Bath Tissue12 double rolls5.99
CM HarrisonCanned - SauceRagu Spaghetti Sauce24 oz2/$4.00
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitRed & Green Seedless Grapeslb1.68
CM HarrisonFrozen - MealsRed Barron Pizzasclassic, brick oven or thin 14-23 oz3/$10.00
AldisProduce - FruitRed Grapesper lb0.79
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10 lb bag2.99
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes5 lb bag1.79
Hudson'sBread - LoafSara Lee Texas Toast or Ironkids Bread24 oz loaf2.99
Hudson'sBread - LoafSara Lee White Sandwich Bread24 oz loaf1.88
Hudson'sMeat - PorkSirloin End Pork Chops bone-infamily pk per lb.98 Limit 2
WalgreensSpreadsSkippy Peanut Butter16.3 oz1.99
EdwardsSpreadsSkippy Peanut Butter15 - 16.3 oz1.99
EdwardsMeat - PoultrySplit Chicken Breastsfamily pk per lb0.99
Hudson'sMeat - PorkTenderized Pork Cutletsfamily pk per lb1.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkTennessee Pride Sausage, roll, links, patties10-16 oz2/$5.00
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesTomatoes on the Vinelb0.99
EdwardsFrozen - SnacksTotino's Party Pizza9.8 - 10.9 oz8/$10.00
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitVan Camps Pork & Beans15 oz2/$1.00
WalgreensSpreadsWelch's Concord Grape Jelly30 oz1.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryWhole Fryerlb.59 LIMIT 2
Fred'sLaundryXtra Liquid Laundry Detergent75 oz1.98
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesYellow Onions medium3 lb bag1.49
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesZucchini or Yellow Squashlb0.99