Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ozark's List 7/29-8/4/15 BY CATEGORY

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!    Sorry the list is posted a few hours late.   My work schedule the past week has been crazier than usual!
Also, there was a ton of buy 3 get 1 free deals at Country Mart that I did not include.   It's worth checking out!

WalgreensADULT (21+)Coors, Miller, Budweiser Beer30 pk, 12 oz cans21.99
WalgreensADULT (21+)Heineken or Corona12 pk 12 oz bottles13.99
WalgreensBabyPampers Jumbo Pack Diapers18-37 pk9.99
Dollar GeneralBakingBetty Crocker Family Size Brownie Mix18.3 oz1.25
Hudson'sBread - BunsBall Park Hot dog or Hamburger Buns12 oz pk2/$3.00
Hudson'sBread - BunsOzark Hearth Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns20 oz pk0.98
Hudson's Bread - BunsThomas English muffins6ct2.69
Hudson's Bread - LoafOzark Hearth Texas Toast20 oz loaf0.98
Hudson'sBread - LoafSara Lee Sandwich Bread24 oz loaf1.99
Hudson'sBread - Refrid.Pillsbury Biscuits4 ct cans1.99
EdwardsCanned - SauceHunt's Pasta Sauce24 oz0.88
CMCanned - SauceOld El Paso Enchilada Sauce10 oz1.25
WalgreensCanned - SoupButterball Chicken Broth14.5 oz2/$1.00
CMCanned - Veg/FruitBC Mushroom Peices/Stems4 oz0.5
WalgreensCanned - Veg/FruitHunt's Tomato Sauce8 oz2/$1.00
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitRed Gold Tomatoes10-15 oz10/$10.00
Dollar GeneralCerealGeneral Mills Cereal10.7-13 oz3/$6.00
WalgreensCerealKellogg's Cereal14.7-18.2 oz2/$5.00
Hudson's CerealKellogg's Raisin Bran18.7 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsCerealPost Cereal10-20.5 oz4/$10.00
WalgreensCerealPost Cereal11-20.5 oz2/$5.00
Dollar GeneralCleaningCascade Action Pacs10 ct complete or 8 ct platinum3
WalgreensCleaningCascade Action Pacs10-15 ct4.49
WalgreensCleaningCascade Dishwasher Detergent60 oz4.49
FredCleaningClorox Disenf BR Cleaner16 oz1.75
FredsCleaningClorox Tb Cleaner24 oz1.75
WalgreensCleaningDawn Dish Detergent9 oz0.99
Dollar GeneralCleaningPurex Liquid Laundry Detergent50 load/75 oz4
WalgreensCleaningScrubbing Bubbles20 or 22 oz2/$6.00
EdwardsCondimentsBC Syrup24 oz2/$3.00
EdwardsCondimentsHersheyChocolate Syrup24 oz2.29
EdwardsCondimentsHunt's Ketchup24 oz0.89
Hudson's CondimentsKikkoman Soy Sauce10 oz2.49
Dollar GeneralCondimentsWelches Concord Grape Jelly20 oz squeeze or 30 oz jar1.75
EdwardsDairy - ButterBest Choice Margarine Spread5 lb3.99
EdwardsDairy - ButterBlue Bonnet Spread Quarters16 oz0.79
Hudson's Dairy - ButterHiland Butter1 lb quarters2/$5.00
EdwardsDairy - CheeseBest Choice American Single Cheese8 oz1.79
EdwardsDairy - CheeseBest Choice Chunk Cheese8 oz2/$3.00
EdwardsDairy - CheeseBest Choice Pimento Spread12 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsDairy - CheeseBordon Shredded or Sliced Cheese6-8 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsDairy - CheeseCracker Barrel Natural Cheese7-8 oz2.99
Hudson's Dairy - CheeseKraft American Singles24 slces16 oz2.99
CMDairy - CheeseKraft Cheese (Cheddar or Colby Jack)32 oz4.99
hudson'sDairy - CheeseKraft Cracker Barrel Cheddar Cheese7-8 oz chunks or cuts2/$6.00
Hudson's Dairy - MiscHiland Cottage Cheese24 oz1.78
WalgreensDairy - MiscMilkgallon3.29 LIMIT 2
WalgreensDrinks7 Up, Sunkist, A & W, Hawaiian Punch2 Liter1.00 LIMIT 3
EdwardsDrinksAquafina Water24 pk .5 ltr bottles3.99
Hudson's DrinksBC Apple Juicegallon2.69
Dollar GeneralDrinksCoke or Sprite2 liter3/$3.00
CMDrinksCoke Products2 L1
Hudson's DrinksCoke Products20 pk 12 oz cans6.49
Dollar GeneralDrinksFolger's Classic Roast Coffee22.6 oz5.95
CMDrinksFolgers Country Roast34.5 oz5.99
EdwardsDrinksGatorade Thirst Quencher8 pk, 20 oz bottles2/$10.00
Hudson's DrinksHiland Almond or Soy MilkHalf Gallon1.99
EdwardsDrinksMaxwell House Wake Up Roast Coffee30.65 oz5.99
Hudson's DrinksMinute Maid Orange Juice59 oz carton2.99
EdwardsDrinksOzarka Natural Spring Water3 liter0.99
Dollar GeneralDrinksPepsi or Mt. Dew12 pk 12 oz cans3/$10.00
EdwardsDrinksPepsi Products12 pk 12 oz cans3/$12.00
WalgreensDrinksPepsi, Coke, or Dr Pepper Products12 pk 12 oz cans3/$11.00 LIMIT 3
Dollar GeneralDrinksPowerade32 oz0.65
WalgreensDrinksPowerade32 oz0.79
Hudson's EggsEggland Large Eggsdz2.69
WalgreensEggsNice Grade A Large Eggsdz1.99 LIMIT 2
Hudson's Feminine CareBoneless Tenderized Chricken Fried SteakFamily pak per lb4.48
Hudson's Frozen - Fruits/VeggiesGreen Giant Vegetables7-10 oz1.19
EdwardsFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesPictSweet Vegetables6-10 oz10/$10.00
EdwardsFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesRed, green, or black seedless grapeslb1.49
EdwardsFrozen - MealsDiGiorno Pizza14-34.3 oz2/$10.00
WalgreensFrozen - MealsDiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza12 inch5.49
Dollar GeneralFrozen - MealsDiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza28.3-31.5 oz5
EdwardsFrozen - MealsEggo Waffles or Pancakes5-40 ct or 8.7-9.3 oz2/$4.00
WalgreensFrozen - MealsHot or Lean Pockets2 pk4/$10.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsHungry Man Dinners13.1-17 oz2/$6.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsMarie Callender's Meals or Pot Pies11-19 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsRed Baron Pizza14.76-23.45 oz3/$9.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsWeight Watchers Smart Ones Entrees9-10.5 oz2/$4.00
Hudson's Frozen - SweetBC Ice Cream5 qt pail4.99
EdwardsFrozen - SweetBlue Bunny Ice Creamgallon4.99
Hudson's Frozen - SweetEggo Waffles or Pancakes6-40 ct2/$4.00
EdwardsFrozen - SweetMrs. Smith's cobbler32 oz3.99
WalgreensHealth & BeautyBenadryl Allergy Relief24 ct or 4 oz childrens4.99
FredsHealth & BeautyOral B Floss Pics90 ct30 ct
FredsHealth & BeautyOral B Plus Toothbrush2pk1.5
WalgreensHealth & BeautyPantene Hair Care12-12.6 oz3/$12,00
WalgreensHealth & BeautyTresemme Hair Care28 oz or 32 oz3.99
WalgreensHealth & BeautyTylenol regular strength100 Ct7.99
WalgreensLaundryBounce Dryer Sheets70-80 sheets4.49
Dollar GeneralLaundryDowny Unstoppables9.7 oz3.95
Dollar GeneralLaundryGain Flings or Tide Pods10-14 ct4.45
FredsLaundryPurex Packs26 ct4
FredsLaundryTide Liquid75 oz7.45
WalgreensLaundryTide Liquid Laundry Detergent24 or 32 Loads4.99
Hudson's Meat - BeefBeef Steak Fingers tenderizedper lb5.88
EdwardsMeat - BeefBoneless Chuck Roastlb3.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefBoneless Chuck Steaklb4.49
EdwardsMeat - BeefBoneless Ribeye SteakFamily pak per lb8.99
Hudson'sMeat - BeefBoneless Rump or Botom Round Roastlb3.98
EdwardsMeat - BeefGround Beeffamily pak per lb2.49
Hudson'sMeat - BeefRibeyes12 oz 8.98 per 12 oz
EdwardsMeat - MiscBar S Jumbo Franks16 oz0.99
Hudson'sMeat - PorkBC Sliced Bacon24 oz package4.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkBoneless Sirloin Pork ChopsFamily pak per lb2.99
Hudson's Meat - PorkJohnsonville Grilling Brats19 oz4.29
Hudson'sMeat - PorkJohnsonville Ground Italian Sausage16 oz3.49
Hudson's Meat - PorkPork Steaks or RibsFamily pak per lb1.78
Hudson'sMeat - PorkWilliam's Premiu Sliced Bacon16 oz3.69
Hudson'sMeat - PoultryBoneless Chicken Breastlb1.88
WalgreensMeat - PoultryButterball Turkey Bacon6 oz1.99
EdwardsMeat - PoultryChicken drumsticks or thighsFamily pak per lb0.69
EdwardsMeat - PoultryFryer Leg Quarters10 lb bag2/$7.00
CMMeat - PoultryTysons Boneless Breast Tendersper lb2.99
Hudson'sMeat - PoultryWhole Fryers Springer Mt all naturallb1.68
Dollar GeneralMisc ItemsEnergizer Max BatteriesAA or AAA 4 pk3.75
EdwardsMisc ItemsWesson Oil48 oz2/$5.00
WalgreensPaperAngel Soft bath tissue9 rolls3.49
Dollar GeneralPaperBounty Paper Towels6 big rolls4.95
EdwardsPaperBounty Paper Towels6 rolls6.99
WalgreensPaperBounty Paper Towels8 rolls8.99
Hudson's PaperBrawny Paper Towels6 rolls6.99
WalgreensPaperCharmin Bath Tissue16 double rolls8.99
Dollar GeneralPaperCharmin Ultra Soft or Strong8 mega rolls8.5
WalgreensPaperCottenelle Bath Tissue12 large rolls4.99
WalgreensPaperPuffs tissues48 or 56 oz0.74
WalgreensPaperQuilted Northern Ultra Bath Tissue12 double rolls5.99
Hudson'sPaperQuilter Northern tissue12 rolls6.99
WalgreensPaperScott Naturals Paper Towels6 rolls4.99
EdwardsPaperSparkle Paper towels8 rolls4.99
CMPasta - DryZatarans Rice5-6 oz1
Dollar GeneralPetsAlpo Dog Food or Come & Get It14 lb7.5
WalgreensPetsIam's Pet Food2 - 3.3 Lbs2/$10.00
WalgreensPetsKibbles N/ Bits Dog Food3.5 lb2/$10.00
WalgreensPetsTidy Cat Scoop Litter14 oz2/$10.00
Hudson's Produce - FruitBlack or Red Plumslb1.49
EdwardsProduce - FruitBlueberriespint2.99
Hudson's Produce - FruitCalifornia Lemonsea0.89
Hudson's Produce - FruitCalifornia Liesea8/$1.00
EdwardsProduce - FruitCalifornia Nectarineslb1.99
EdwardsProduce - FruitCantaloupeea1.99
EdwardsProduce - FruitClementines3 lb bag4.99
Hudson's Produce - Fruitdole Golden Pineappleea3.59
CMProduce - FruitGreen or red seedless grapesper lb1.28
Hudson's Produce - FruitHass Avocadosea0.99
Hudson'sProduce - FruitJumbo Navel Orangesea10/$10.00
AldisProduce - FruitNectarineseach0.29
AldisProduce - FruitPeacheseach0.29
Hudson'sProduce - FruitPeaches - Ark or Missourilb1.39
AldisProduce - FruitPlumseach0.29
Hudson's Produce - FruitRaspberries or Blackberries, fresh6 oz pkg2/$5.00
Hudson's Produce - FruitRed Delicious Appleslb0.79
EdwardsProduce - FruitRed or Black Plumslb1.49
Hudson'sProduce - FruitSeedless Watermelon 15 lb average ea4.99
EdwardsProduce - FruitSeedless Watermelon ea4.99
AldisProduce - FruitStrawberries16 oz1.29
Hudson's Produce - FruitStrawberrieslb2/$5.00
Hudson'sProduce - FruitVine Ripe Cantaloupeea2/$3.00
AldisProduce - VeggiesBaby Peeled Carrots16 oz0.69
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesBell Peppers greenea0.99
hudson'sProduce - VeggiesBi Color Sweet Corn4 pk2.99 pk
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesBrocolli Crownslb1.29
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesCucumbersea0.89
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesDole Shredded lettuce8 oz pkg2/$3.00
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesFresh Cilantrobunch0.89
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesFresh Green Beanslb0.99
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesGreen Cabbagelb.49 lb
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesIceberg Lettuceea0.89
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesJalapeno Pepperslb1.29
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesRoma tomatoeslb1.29
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes5 lb bag.98 LIMIT 2
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesSweet Grape Tomatoes 10 oz2.19
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesTomatoes on the Vinelb0.99
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesVidalia Jumbo Sweet Onionslb0.99
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesZucchini Squashlb1.59
Dollar GeneralSchool SuppliesBic Extra Comfort Stick Pens8 ct1
Dollar GeneralSchool SuppliesBic Soft Feel Pens4 ct1.5
Dollar GeneralSchool SuppliesCrayola Crayons24 ct0.5
Dollar GeneralSchool SuppliesCrayola Markers or colored pencils10 ct markers, 12 ct pencils1
Dollar GeneralSchool SuppliesPapermate Inkjoy pens8 ct1.5
Dollar GeneralSchool SuppliesSharpie Hilighters2 ct1
WalgreensSchool SuppliesWexford 2 pocket Paper Folder2 pocket.10 LIMIT 10
Dollar GeneralSnacksFrito Lay Multi Pack Chips20 ct5.95
Dollar GeneralSnacksFritos or Cheetos8-9.75 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsSnacksHershey King Size Candy Bars2.5-3. oz10/$10.00
Hudson's SnacksLay's Kettle cooked chips7-8 oz2/$5.00
Hudson's SnacksLay's Potato Chips10-10.5 oz2/$5.00
Dollar GeneralSnacksNature Valley or Fiber One Bars6 ct2.95
EdwardsSnacksNutri Grain Bars7.4-10.4 oz2.49
Hudson'sSnacksOscar Mayer Lunchables2.25-4.4 oz10/$10.00
WalgreensSnacksPremium Saltines, Ritz, Triscuit, or Wheat Thins8.5-16 oz2.49
Dollar GeneralSnacksReese's Puffs or Lucky Charms Treats6 ct2.5