Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ozark's List 10/26-11/1/2016

I hope everyone is having an AMAZING week!  I"m loving this weather!  It finally feels like fall!  I've got all of my pumpkins and mums out.   I was able to do a really neat craft with the girls that they LOVED.   We bought some little white pumpkins & the girls picked out their favorite color crayons.  We then secured them to the top of the pumpkin & melted them with a blow dryer.  They turned out SUPER cute!  Even the one that we did with the 'left over' crayons which just so happened to be reds & oranges.  It looked like dripping blood!   It's a bit gory for what I normally do for decoration, but still AWESOME!  The girls loved it & had so much fun!

**NOTICE**  We have BIG things on the horizon!  We're looking at doing something special for yall for the holiday season.  Stay tuned & keep checking back!  Big things are COMING!

As I've said before, putting together this list & posting it takes a lot of time & energy.  Something that is already scarce with a full time job & family & there haven't been any contributions in a few weeks. 
 Any & all donations are greatly appreciated!  
Thank you & God bless!

ALL contributions are greatly appreciated.
You can donate 2 ways:
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CM HarrisonBakingPillsbury Plus Cake Mixes15.25 oz0.99
CM HarrisonBakingKaro Corn Syrup or Waffle Syrup16 oz2.49
EdwardsBakingHershey Baking Chips7-14 oz2/$4.00
harpsBakingPAM Cooking Spray5-6 oz2.68
Hudson'sBakingPillsbury Flour5 lb bag2.29
WalgreensBakingBetty Crocker Fudge Brownie ix15.25 - 18.3 oz2/$2.00
WalgreensBakingBetty Crocker Frosting16 oz2/$2.00
CM HarrisonBread - BunsBC Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns8 ct0.99
Hudson'sBread - BunsBC Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns8 ct0.77
Hudson'sBread - LoafSara Lee Cinnamon Raisin Bread16 oz Loaf2.29
CM HarrisonCanned - MeatStarkist Chunk Light Tuna5 oz0.65
Dollar GeneralCanned - MeatArmour Potted Meat or Vienna Sausagepotted 3 oz Vienna 4.75 oz2/$1.00
EdwardsCanned - SauceHunt's Pasta Sauce24 oz1
EdwardsCanned - SaucePrego Pasta Sauce14.5 - 24 oz2/$4.00
Dollar GeneralCanned - SoupCampbell's Cream of Chicken or Mushroom Soup10.5 oz0.75
EdwardsCanned - SoupCampbells Home Style Soup18.6 - 18.8 oz4/$6.00
HarpsCanned - SoupProgresso Soup18-19 oz1
WalgreensCanned - SoupButterball Chicken Broth14.5 oz2/$1.00
CM HarrisonCanned - Veg/FruitVanCamps Original Baked Beans15 oz0.88
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitRanch Style Beans15 oz0.89
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitLibby Corn, Green Beans, Sweet Peas14.5 - 15 oz5/$3.00
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitRed Gold Tomato Sauce15 oz0.79
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitRed Gold Salsa15.5 - 16 oz2/$3.00
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitRed Gold Crushed or Diced Tomatoes28 oz2/$3.00
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitREd Gold Tomatoes & Chillies or Chipolte10 oz0.79
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitRed Gold Tomatoes14.5 - 15 oz0.79
HarpsCanned - Veg/FruitLibby's Cut Green Beans, Sweet Peas, Whole Kernel or Cream Corn14.5-15 oz0.68
Hudson'sCanned - Veg/FruitBC Chili or Kidney Beans15 oz5/$3.00
CM HarrisonCleaningCascade Action Pacs12-20 pk3.59
EdwardsCondimentsHunt's Ketchup24 oz1
EdwardsCondimentsNestle Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer16 oz2/$4.00
Hudson'sDairy - ButterHiland or Prarie Farm Butter8 oz box2/$3.00
EdwardsDairy - CheeseBC Shredded Cheese6-8 oz0.99
EdwardsDairy - CheeseVelveeta Cheese Loaf32 oz6.99
EdwardsDairy - CheeseBC Chunk Cheese8 oz2/$3.00
Hudson'sDairy - CheeseHiland Hard Cheese16 oz2.99
CM HarrisonDairy - MiscKraft Cool Whip Aerosol7 oz1.99
EdwardsDairy - MiscDaisy Sour Cream24 oz2/$5.00
WalgreensDairy - MiscMilk1 gallon3.29 Limit 2
CM HarrisonDrinksBC Apple Juice64 oz1.39
Dollar GeneralDrinksPepsi or Mt Dew Products2 liter3/$3.00
Dollar GeneralDrinksCoke Products12 pk 12 oz cans3/$9.00
Dollar GeneralDrinksMaxwell House Original Coffee30.6 oz5.5
EdwardsDrinksPepsi Products24 pk 12 oz cnas5.99
EdwardsDrinksV8 Vegetable or V Fusion Juices16 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsDrinksGevalia Ground Coffee10 or 12 oz2/$10.00
Hudson'sDrinksBC Apple Cider64 oz1.69
WalgreensDrinksCoke, Dr. pepper, Sprite A& W, Sunkist or Canada Dry12 pk 12 oz cans3/$10.00 Limit 3
HarpsFeminine CareAlways Pads, Liners & Tampax Tampons14-50 ct2.96
HarpsFeminine CareU by Kotex Pads, Liners & Tampons14-64 ct2.96
CM HarrisonFrozen - Fruits/Veggiesbc Frozen Vegetables16 oz0.59
Hudson'sFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBird's Eye Steamfresh or Frozen Vegetables10-16 oz.69 Limit 5
Hudson's Frozen - Fruits/VeggiesBC Diced Tomatoes 14.5 - 15 oz can5/$3.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsKid's Cuisine Meals6.65 - 10.6 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsHealthy Choice Cafe Steamers9.5 - 10.3 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsTotino's Party Pizza9.8 - 10.9 oz10/$10.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsTombstone Pizza17.8-28.4 oz3/$9.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsRed Baron Pizza14.76 - 23.45 oz3/$9.00
Hudson'sFrozen - MealsRed Barron 12" Pizza14.76 - 23.45 oz4/$10.00
EdwardsFrozen - SweetHiland Old Recipe Ice Cream56 oz3.99
CM HarrisonLaundryPurex Triple Action Liquid Laundry detergent150 oz4.99
Dollar GeneralLaundryTide Pods or Gain Flings12-16 ct2.5
Dollar GeneralLaundryPurex Laundrid Liquid100-150 load6
Dollar GeneralLaundryClorox Regular Scent Bleach64 oz1.75
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefBoneless Beef Bottom Round Roastlb2.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefGround Beeffamily pack per lb1.79
EdwardsMeat - BeefChuck Roast Bonelesslb3.49
EdwardsMeat - BeefBoneless Chuck Steaklb3.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefKC Strip Steakfamily pack per lb5.99
HarpsMeat - BeefTop Sirloin Steaksper lb5.99
HarpsMeat - Beef80% Lean Certified Fresh Ground Chuckper lb2.99
Hudson'sMeat - BeefBoneless Top Sirloin Steaklb4.88
Hudson'sMeat - BeefBoneless Arm Pot Roastlb2.98
Hudson'sMeat - BeefGround Beef 73% Lean5 - 10 lb tubes per lb1.98
Hudson'sMeat - BeefGround Chuckfamily pack per lb2.78
Hudson'sMeat - BeefBoneless Beef Stew Meatlb4.88
EdwardsMeat - MiscBar S Franks16 oz0.79
AldisMeat - PorkSt louis style Spare ribsper lb1.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkBoston Butts Whole Bag2 pk per lb0.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkWilliams Pork Sausage1 lb2/$5.00
EdwardsMeat - PorkBoneless Sirloin Pork Roastlb1.79
EdwardsMeat - PorkSirloin Pork Chops Bonelessfamily pack per lb1.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkTennessee Pride Sausage Roll, Links or Patties10 - 16 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsMeat - PorkBC Smoked Bacon24 oz4.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkSmithfield Bone In Pork Chops11.5 - 17 oz4.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkSmithfield Boneless Chopslb3.49
HarpsMeat - PorkWhole Pork Butt Roastper lb1.79
HarpsMeat - PorkLean-N-Tender Center-Cut Pork Chopsper lb2.79
HarpsMeat - PorkJohnsonville Fresh Bratwurst19 oz3.99
HarpsMeat - PorkPork Spare Ribsper lb2.49
Hudson'sMeat - PorkBone In Sirloin Pork Chopsfamily pack per lb.98 LIMIT 2 PK
Hudson'sMeat - PorkCountry Style Pork Ribsfamily pack per lb1.38
Hudson'sMeat - PorkWilliams Pork Sausage Patties36 oz box5.99
AldisMeat - Poultrychicken drumsticksper lb0.69
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryBC Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast & Tenders3 lb bag5.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryWhole Fryerslb0.79
EdwardsMeat - PoultryBoneless Skinless Breast5 lb bag6.99
EdwardsMeat - PoultryChicken Wingsfamily pack per lb1.99
Hudson'sMeat - PoultryFryer Leg Quarters10 lb bag per lb0.38
HarpsMeat - SeafoodSea Best Cooked Cocktail Shrimp Ring10 oz5.99
CM HarrisonMisc ItemsPremium Saltine or Soup Crackers9 and 16 oz2/$4.00
CM HarrisonMisc ItemsHungry Jack Mashed Potatoes15.3 oz1.69
CM HarrisonMisc ItemsBC Saltine Crackers16 oz1.19
Dollar GeneralMisc ItemsCarnation Evaporated Milk12 oz1
Hudson'sMisc ItemsBC Cooking Oil Vegetable or Canola48 oz1.99 Limit 2
Hudson'sMisc ItemsBC Hardwood Charcoal8.3 lb bag2.99
Hudson'sMisc ItemsCrisco Shortening3 lb can3.99
Dollar GeneralPaperQuilted Northern Bath Tissue12 Double rolls Ultra Soft & Strong5.5
WalgreensPaperBrawny or Sparkle Paper Towels6 rolls5.99
CM HarrisonPasta - DryBC Pasta16 oz0.79
Dollar GeneralPasta - DryBarilla Pasta16 oz1
HarpsPasta - DryAmerican Beauty or Ronzoni Pasta16 oz1
Dollar GeneralPetsAlpo Prime Cuts or Come & Get It14 lb7.95
Dollar GeneralPetsFriskies Seafood Sensations3.15 lb3.95
AldisProduce - FruitGreen Grapesper lb1.99
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitRed Delicious, Gala, Jonathan, Macintosh or Jonagold Apples3 lb bag1.99
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitClementines3 lb bag4.99
EdwardsProduce - FruitRed Delicious, Gala, Jonathan, Macintosh or Jonagold Apples3 lb bag2/$4.00
EdwardsProduce - FruitRed Green or Black Grapesseedless per lb1.49
EdwardsProduce - FruitCalifornia Strawberrieslb2.99
EdwardsProduce - FruitAnjou or Red Pearslb1.29
EdwardsProduce - FruitPomegranatesea0.99
Hudson'sProduce - FruitLimesea3/.69
Hudson'sProduce - FruitLemonsea0.59
AldisProduce - VeggiesBaby Carrotsper lb0.49
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes15 lb3.88
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesIceberg Head Lettucehead0.99
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesDole Cole Slaw mix14 oz0.99
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesYellow or Zucchini Squashlb0.69
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesJack O lantern Pumpkinsea3.99
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesCabbagelb0.49
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesSweet Potatoeslb0.89
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesJumbo Yellow Onionslb0.69
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesDole Iceberg or Coleslaw Mix12 or 14 oz0.98
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesWholly Guacamole8 oz pk1.99
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesBroccoli Crownslb1.49
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesCauliflowerea2.99
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesCeleryea0.99
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesGold Potatoes5 lb bag2.79
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesMild Yellow Onions3 lb bag1.79
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesGreen Bell Peppersea0.65
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesBC Dried Pinto Beans4 lb bag2.29
Dollar GeneralSnacksFrito Lay Multi Pack Chips20 ct5.95
Dollar GeneralSnacksKraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows10 - 10.5 oz2/$2.00
EdwardsSnacksHershey's Snack Size Candy Pieces10.35 - 11.06 oz2/$5.00
Hudson'sSnacksChex Mix Original6.25 - 8.75 oz bag0.99
CM HarrisonSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC Sugar4 lb1.69
CM HarrisonSpreadsBC Peanut Butter16 oz0.99
CM HarrisonSpreadsJiff Peanut Butter16 oz1.99
Dollar GeneralSpreadsSkippy Peanut Butter16.3 oz1.75