Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ozark's List 9/10-9/16/14 BY CATEGORY!

Hope everyone is have a FABULOUS week!   I know I'm in vacation countdown mode!  T-minus 7 days!   We've got over 300 items on the list this week with some pretty good deals.  Maybe even a few stock up prices.  Remember, you can use coupons along with price matching and/or sales which equals even MORE savings!!!!!  


Limited Day Sales: 
Hyvee***=9/11-9/12/14 ONLY

Rhodes Price ChopperADULT (21+)Arbor Mist wine750ml2.89
CVSADULT (21+)Barefoot wine1.5L10.99
Rhodes Price ChopperADULT (21+)Barefoot Wine750ml4.99
Rhodes Price ChopperADULT (21+)Bud/Bud Select/Light/Ice/Select 5512pk 12oz cans/btls8.69
HH hollADULT (21+)Budweiser or miller24pk cans16.99
CVSADULT (21+)Budweiser, miller, coors18pk 12oz cans11.99
HH hollADULT (21+)Coors24pk cans16.99
KrogerBabyGerber Graduates SNacks1.6-17oz1.57
walgreensBabyhuggies diapers18-44ct8.99
DillonsBabyHuggies DiapersNB-6, 18-44ct7.99
fredsBabyLUVS baby wipe refill144ct3.25
HH sprgfldBabyPampers assort. diapers21-44ct8.88
HyVee***BakingBetty Crocker Brownie Mix18.3-20.5oz5/$5
HH hollBakingBetty crocker traditional brownies18.3oz0.99
kmartBakingProgresso italian style bread crumbs15oz1.64
CM HSNBread - Loafbc wheat bread24oz0.69
Rhodes Price ChopperBread - LoafIron Kids Bread24oz1.99
Price CutterBread - LoafNatures Own Honey Wheat20 oz1.99
HH hollBread - LoafOzark split top wheat 20 oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperBread - LoafSara Lee 100% Wheat20 oz1.99
DillonsBread - LoafSara Lee Honey Wheat20 oz1.49
HudsonsBread - Loafsplit top wheat-BC20 oz0.99
edwardsBread - Refrid.bc biscuits-homestyle/buttermilk7.5oz3/$1
edwardsBreakfastbanquet brown n serve sausage links6.4oz0.99
edwardsBreakfastfarmland bacon12-16oz3.99
edwardsBreakfastfarmland bacon24oz6.99
CVSBreakfastFolger cntry roast/Maxwell wake up roast coffee30.65oz/34.5oz5.99
targetBreakfastGreen Mtn K cups16-18ct9.99
CM HSNBreakfasthill country sliced bacon16oz3.99
HH hollBreakfastHormel black label bacon16oz3.99
DillonsBreakfastkroger fully cooked bacon2.1oz2.99
HH hollBreakfastMaxwell house wake up roast coffee28-31oz5.99
walgreensBreakfaststarbucks ground coffee/Kcups12oz/10pk7.99
DillonsBreakfastThomas English muffins6ct1.49
HyVee BreakfastWaffles-HyVee9.9-12.3oz5/$5
walgreensCanned - Meatbumblebee chnk lite tuna5oz0.79 lmt 3
walgreensCanned - Meatchick of the sea pink salmon14.75oz1.99 lmt 3
walgreensCanned - Meatspam12oz2/$5
DillonsCanned - PastaChef boyardee7.25-15oz0.88
edwardsCanned - Saucebc tomato sauce8oz4/$1
HyVee***Canned - SauceHunts pasta sauce24oz0.68
walgreensCanned - SaucePrego sauces24-26oz3/$5 lmt 3
HartsCanned - SauceTomato Sauce-BC8oz4/$1
HH hollCanned - SidesVan camp pork N beans15oz0.39
targetCanned - SoupCampbell's chunky soups18.6-19oz4/$6
walgreensCanned - SoupProgresso soups18.5-19oz4/$5 lmt 4
HyVee***Canned - SoupTomato/Chkn Noodle-HyVee10.75/10.5oz0.39
HH hollCanned - Veg/FruitBC vegs-corn or peas15oz0.39
HyVee Canned - Veg/FruitCorn/Green Beans-HyVee14.5-15.25oz0.39
harpsCanned - Veg/FruitRed Gold tomatoes14.5-15oz0.88
CVSCerealcheerios11.25-13.1oz1.88 lmt 6
DillonsCerealGeneral Mills9-13oz1.49
HyVee***CerealGldn Grms/Cnmn Tst crnch/Cookies & Crm/Cherio/10.7-14.1oz1.88
DillonsCerealKashi Go Lean13.1-14oz1.99
HH hollCerealMalt O meal boxed cereal12-14oz1.49
family dollarCerealSpecial K11.2-12.4oz2/$5
walgreensCleaningAjax cleanser14oz2/$1
CM HSNCleaningbc liq hand soap7.5oz0.89
DillonsCleaningCascade action pacs14-20ct2.99
fredsCleaningcascade dishwasher detergent14-20ct3.75
family dollarCleaningDawn dish liq20oz2.5
walgreensCleaningdawn dish soap9oz0.99 lmt 3
DillonsCleaningDish Soap-Dawn 20-24oz1.99
DillonsCleaningFebreze air effects9.7oz1.99
CM HSNCleaningglade air fresheners6oz0.79
fredsCleaningHefty trash bags 13, 30, 39 gallon12-27ct4.5
kmartCleaningLysol toilet bowl cleaner24oz2.14
family dollarCleaningMr Clean Muscle gel16oz2.5
CVSCleaningswiffer sweeper wet/dry cloth refills12-16ct3.99
CVSCleaningSwiffer wet jet refill1.25L3.99
kmartCondimentsHeinz coctail sauce12oz1.74
kmartCondimentsHormel real bacon bits3oz2.14
HH hollCondimentsHunt's ketchup24oz0.99
HyVee CondimentsKetchup-Hunts24oz0.69
HH hollCondimentsKJraft salad drsg 16oz0.99
HH hollCondimentsKraft BBQ sauce18oz0.99
CM HSNCondimentskraft bbq sauce-burger or rib only18oz0.99
CM HSNCondimentskraft mayo/miracle whip30oz1.99
CM HSNCondimentskraft salad drsg14-16oz0.99
harpsCondimentsKraft salad drsg15.8-16oz3/$5
harpsCondimentsPace picante or salsas15-24oz2/$5
edwardsDairy - Butterblue bonnet sticks16oz0.79
MarvinsDairy - ButterBlue Bonnet Tub3lb1.99Lm1
Hudsons(only)Dairy - ButterHiland Butter Quarters8oz3/$5
edwardsDairy - Cheesebc shredded8oz2/$4
allensDairy - CheeseHiland cottage cheese24oz2/$5
CM HSNDairy - Cheesekraft american chz singles16oz2.99
CM HSNDairy - Cheesekraft cheese cubes, blocks, shreds, crumbles, cuts6-8oz1.49
CM HSNDairy - Cheesekraft deli fresh cheese slices7-8oz1.99
DillonsDairy - CheeseSargento Cheese5-8oz2.29
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - CheeseShred Cheese-BC6-8oz2/$4
HudsonsDairy - CheeseShred Cheese-BC6-8oz3/$5
HH hollDairy - MiscBC 2% milkgallon3.69
HH hollDairy - MiscBC skim milkgallon3.39
DillonsDairy - MiscBlue Diamond Almond Breeze 1/2 gal2.99
HudsonsDairy - MiscButtermilk-Hilandquart1.29
MarvinsDairy - MiscHiland Almond/Soy Milk1/2gal2/$5
HyVee Dairy - MiscPhiladelphia Soft Cream Cheese8oz2/$4Lm2
HyVee Dairy - MiscYogurt-Yoplait4/6oz10/$5
KrogerDairy - MiscYoplait Yogurt multipk2-8ct1.88
allensDeliJohn Morrell hamper lb2.69
CM HSNDeliresers potato/macaroni salads or cole slaw15-16oz0.98
HyVee***Drinks7UP Products2liter0.68
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinks7Up/RC cola products12pk3/$9
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinks7Up/RC cola products2liter0.99
walgreensDrinksA&W, 7UP, Sunnkist, canada dry2L1
walgreensDrinksaquafina bottled water24pk3.99 lmt 2
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksBC Apple Juice/Cider64oz1.49
HH hollDrinksBC soda12pk cans1.99
harpsDrinksCapri sun10pk1.68
DillonsDrinksCapri sun 10pk1.49
DillonsDrinksCoke6pk 16.9oz btls1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksCoke Products24pk2/$12
HH hollDrinksCoke products24pk cans5.99
HyVee DrinksCoke Products6pk 16.9oz btls4/$10
DillonsDrinksCoke/Dr Pepper/Pepsi/7UP2liter1
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksDole Juice Blends59oz2.49
DillonsDrinksDr Pepper24pk5.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksDr Pepper2liter0.99
CVSDrinksgatorade 32 oz0.88 lmt 10
CM HSNDrinkshiland oj64oz2/$3
harpsDrinksHiland OJhalf gal1.79
CM HSNDrinkskoolaid, cntry time, or tang6-8qt1.5
edwardsDrinkslipton tea 12pk bottles4.99
DillonsDrinksOJ-Minute Maid 59oz1.99
Save a LotDrinksOld Orchard lemonade644oz0.79
targetDrinksOzarka bottled water24pk3.5
CVSDrinkspepsi products12ok cans3/$10 lmt 3
allensDrinksPepsi products24pk6.99
HH sprgfldDrinksPowerade32oz0.79
DillonsDrinksPowerade8pk 20oz 3.49
HH sprgfldDrinksRed diamond teagallon2/$5
HudsonsDrinksRed Diamond Tea/Lemonade57oz0.99
CM HSNDrinksV8 fusion/splash46oz/64oz2.29
MarvinsDrinksWater-Nestle Pure Life24pk2.99
DillonsDrinksWelch's 100% juice60-64oz1.99
edwardsEggsbc large eggsdozen2/$3
HudsonsEggsLarge BCdozen1.29Lm2
HyVee***EggsLarge HyVeedozen0.99Lm2
walgreensElectronicsCaptain America The Winter SoldierDVD16.99
harpsFeminine CareAlways Infinity & Radiant pads and liners12-64ct3.5
HarpsFeminine CareTampax pearls and radiant tampons12-64ct3.5
HyVee***Frozen - Fruits/VeggiesOre Ida Potatoes19-32oz1.98
HudsonsFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesPotatoes-BC28-32oz3/$5
harpsFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesWestpac veggies14-16oz0.79
harpsFrozen - MealsEl Monterey chimis or burritos32oz3.29
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - MealsFreschetta Pizza14.54-23.38oz3.99
harpsFrozen - MealsMarie Callendars dinners10-19oz2/$4
HyVee Frozen - MealsWeight Watchers Smart Ones4.4-11.5oz6/$10
HH hollFrozen - SnacksBC fries & tots32oz1.99
edwardsFrozen - Sweetblue bunny ice cream56oz2.99
fresHealth & Beautyadvil24ct3
fredsHealth & BeautyArm& Hammer or Arrid deodorant1oz0.85
CM HSNHealth & Beautybc cottonballs300ct0.99
DillonsHealth & BeautyBody Wash-softsoap15-18oz1.99
walgreensHealth & BeautyMitchium or lady mitchium1.5-3.4oz2.99
fredsHealth & BeautyNexium 14ct10.5
CM HSNHealth & Beautyright gaurd deodorant3oz10/$10
CM HSNLaundryarm&hammer liq det60 oz2/$5
Family dollarLaundryDown fabric softener64oz3
Rhodes Price ChopperLaundryEra 2x liquid26-32 use4/$10
fredsLaundrygain liq det48-64 load8.95
HyVee***LaundryPurex128-150 oz3/$10
CVSLaundrytide or gain liq det19-32 load5.94
family dollarLaundryTide simply clean40oz3
DillonsLaundryTide/Gain liquid46-50 oz4.99
HH hollMeat - BeefAngus beef brisketper lb5.99
allensMeat - Beefboneless bottom round rump roastper lb3.99
allensMeat - Beefboston burger 60%pork 40%beefper lb2.49
HH hollMeat - Beefboston burger 80%leanper lb2.99
DillonsMeat - BeefBottom Round Roastper lb3.49
allensMeat - Beefground beef10lb roll2.89/lb
CM HSNMeat - Beefground beefwhole tube approx 10lbs2.58/lb
allensMeat - Beefground beef per lb2.99
AldiMeat - BeefGround Beef 73%per lb2.79
HyVee***(only)Meat - BeefGround Beef 85/1516oz roll2.99
harpsMeat - Beefground roundper lb4.29
DillonsMeat - BeefOM Beef Franks14-16oz2.99
CM HSNMeat - Beefribeyeper lb7.99
Rhodes Price Chopper(only)Meat - BeefTop Sirloin Steakfamily pk per lb4.99
HH hollMeat - Beeftri tipsper lb5.99
AldiMeat - BeefTyson Beef Pot Roast Kit2.75lb8.99
HH sprgfldMeat - Lunch / SlicedArmour lunchmakers2.5-3.3oz0.89
harpsMeat - Lunch / SlicedLand O Frost Bistro6oz2/$5
HH hollMeat - Lunch / SlicedOM fun pk lunchables8-10oz0.99
edwardsMeat - Mischormel fully cooked meats15-17oz3.99
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - MiscOM Angus Hot Dogs16oz2.99
CM HSNMeat - Miscom hotdogs14-16oz1.5
Price CutterMeat - MiscRev Wraps3oz1
allensMeat - Porkbone in sirloin roastper lb1.69
CM HSNMeat - Porkcntry style ribsper lb2.39
allensMeat - Poultryfamily favorites boneless chick breast2.5lb bag3.99
Price CutterMeat - PoultryWhole Chickenper lb0.99
allensMeat - Poultrywhole frozen fryersper lb0.89
edwardsMeat - Seafoodtilapia filletsper lb3.99
allensMisc ItemsBC coffee filters100ct0.99
HH hollMisc ItemsBC soft tortillas 10ct0.99
Price CutterMisc ItemsCountry Crock Side Dishes20-24oz2/$5
walgreensMisc ItemsGum-Dentyne, wrigley, extra, trident white, or stride14-16ct0.69 lmt 3
kmartMisc ItemsLipton soups&dips mix1.8oz1.44
CM HSNMisc Itemsmelitta coffee filters100ct0.79
DillonsMisc ItemsOld El Paso Dinner kits8.4-14oz1.49
HH hollMisc ItemsVelveeta cheese32oz5.99
fredsOral Carecolgate toothpaste2.7-2.8oz0.85
harpsOral CareCrest 3D white or Pro Health5.8-6oz3.24
DillonsOral CareToothpaste-Crest 5.8-6.2oz1.49
fredsPaperangel soft TP12 big rolls4.5
family dollarPaperBounty basic PT8 reg rolls5
fredsPaperBounty basic PT8 roll4.5
fredsPaperBounty PT2 rolls2.95
fredsPaperCharmin basic TP12 dbl rolls4.5
fredsPapercharmin basic TP24 big rolls9
fredsPaperCharmin ultra strong9 big rolls4.5
targetPapercottonelle TP18 dbl or 12 trple rolls9.99
CVSPaperKleenex reg/with lotion/upright85ct/70ct/55ct0.99
HyVee PaperPaper Towels-Scott6 mega roll4.98
HyVee PaperPaper Towels-Sparkle6 pik a sz/8 reg roll4.99
fredsPaperquilted northern TP6 dbl roll4.5
walgreensPaperQuilted notrthern TP12 dbl rolls6.99
walgreensPaperscott TP12 rolls6.99
targetPaperScott TP24 dbl pk or 15 pk9.99
fredsPaperscott TP extra soft12 dbl roll5
fredsPaperSparkle or Bounty basic PT1 roll0.9
fredsPaperSparkle PT6 rolls4.5
HyVee PaperTP-Angel Soft8tripl/12dbl/24reg roll4.99
Save a LotPaperTP-Charmin Basic12dbl roll4.99
wlagreensPaperViva PT6 rolls5.99
targetPaperViva Vantage/Viva8 giant rolls9.99
DillonsPasta - DryKraft Easy mac4pk2.49
CM HSNPasta - Drykraft/velveeta mac N chz9-12oz1.49
HudsonsPasta - DryRice-BC16oz0.59
CM HSNPasta - Dryvelveeta casseroles or skillet dinners9-11oz1.5
HH hollPasta - DryVelveeta Skillets9-13oz0.99
HudsonsPasta - DryWhole Wheat Pasta-BC12oz0.89
kmartPetsArm&Hammer clumping cat litter4olbs13.74
KrogerPetsCat food-iams2.9-4lb4.99
kmartPetsFriskies party mix orig crunch treats2.1oz1.34
DillonsPetsiams dog food9.3-15lb15.99
MarvinsPetskibbles n bits15-16lb9.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitApples-Galaper lb0.99
MurfinsProduce - FruitApples-Jonathan3lb1.99
DillonsProduce - FruitApples-Jonathanper lb0.99
HH hollProduce - FruitBananasper lb0.49
Save a LotProduce - FruitBananasper lb0.49
DillonsProduce - FruitBartlett pearsper lb0.99
edwardsProduce - Fruitblackberries or raspberries6oz1.99
DillonsProduce - FruitCantaloupeeach0.99
harpsProduce - Fruitclementine oranges3lbs4.99
AldiProduce - FruitGrapes2lb pk1.58
allensProduce - Fruitgreen seedless grapesper lb1.79
Price CutterProduce - FruitNavel orangeseach6/$3
DillonsProduce - FruitRaspberries6oz4/$5
HyVee Produce - FruitRed Grapesper lb0.99
CM HSNProduce - Fruitred or grn seedless grapesper lb1.48
Save a LotProduce - FruitWatermelon-seedlesseach2.99
allensProduce - Fruitwatermelonsea2.99
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesAcorn/Butternut/Spaghetti Squashper lb0.69
AldiProduce - VeggiesAvocadoseach0.33
Save a LotProduce - VeggiesAvocadoseach0.79
HH hollProduce - Veggiesbaby carrots1lb0.99
CM HSNProduce - Veggiesbc russet potatoes10 lb bag1.88
AldiProduce - VeggiesBroccoli16oz pk0.99
DillonsProduce - VeggiesBroccoli Crownsper lb0.99
CM HSNProduce - Veggiescabbageper lb0.39
allensProduce - Veggiescauliflowerea2.39
AldiProduce - VeggiesCauliflowereach0.99
HH hollProduce - Veggiesceleryea0.99
HyVee Produce - VeggiesDole classic iceberg/coleslaw/shredded lettuce12/14/8oz0.88
Save a LotProduce - Veggiesdole premium salad mixes8-12oz2/$3
AldiProduce - VeggiesGrape Tomatoes10 oz pk0.79
HH hollProduce - Veggiesgrape tomatoes10oz1.19
HH hollProduce - Veggiesgreen beansper lb0.99
HH hollProduce - Veggiesgreen bell peppersea3/$1
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesGreen Bell Pepperseach0.59
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesGreen Cabbageper lb0.39
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesGreen Cabbageper lb3lbs/$1
CM HSNProduce - Veggiesgrn giant whole mushrooms8oz1.49
HH sprgfldProduce - Veggiesgrn onionsea2/$1
edwardsProduce - Veggieson the vine/hot house beefsteak tomatoesper lb1.29
HH hollProduce - VeggiesRed bell peppersea0.69
HH hollProduce - Veggiesred or grn leaf lettuceea1.19
Price CutterProduce - VeggiesRed/Green Bell Pepperseach2/$1
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesRoma Tomatoesper lb0.99
DillonsProduce - VeggiesRomaine/Red/Green Leaf Lettuceeach0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10lb bag2.49
HyVee***Produce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes5lb bag0.99Lm1
edwardsProduce - Veggiessquash-acorn, butternut, buttercup, spag., sweet dumplingper lb0.69
HH sprgfldProduce - VeggiesSquash-butternut, spag, sweet dumpling, acorn, or buttercupper lb0.69
Price CutterProduce - VeggiesTomatoesper lb0.89
HH sprgfldProduce - Veggiesvine ripe slicing tomatoesper lb0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesVine Ripe Tomatoesper lb0.99
CM HSNProduce - Veggiesyellow onions3lb bag1.69
edwardsProduce - Veggiesyellow onions3lb bag2/$3
KrogerSeasonalBrachs Candy Corn9-11oz2/$3
HH sprgfldSeasonalLarge pumpkinsea3.99
kmartSeasonalMars mini candy bars17.5oz5.24
DillonsSeasonalMilky Way caramel apple/snickers10.57-11.5oz2/$6
HudsonsSeasonalPumpkins each3.99
HH sprgfldSeasonalSmall (pie size) pumpkinsper lb0.69
HyVee SnacksBetty Crocker Fruit Snacks4.5-8oz3/$5
Save a LotSnacksCheez its7oz1.49
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksFrito Lay party size chips/salsa11.5-24oz2.99
Price CutterSnacksFrito Lay Variety Packs20ct2/$10
HH hollSnacksHunt's snak pudding pak4ct0.99
CM HSNSnacksnabisco chz nips10-11oz3/$5
HH hollSnacksNature valley granola bars6ct0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksOreos10-16oz2/$5
HyVee SnacksParty Sz Tostitos/Ruffles13-24oz2.77
HudsonsSnacksPop Tarts6-8ct3/$5
DillonsSnacksQuaker Granola Bars5-10ct1.19
HudsonsSpices, Sugar, Ect...Brown Sugar-BC2lb 1.39
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...C&H sugar4lb bag2/$4
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...domino sugar4lb bag2/$4
HudsonsSpices, Sugar, Ect...Gold Medal Flour4.25-5lb1.99Lm2
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, medal flour or zip pack flour4.25-5lbs2.29
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...mccormick taco seasonig1.25oz2/$1
CM HSNSpreadsbc PB28oz2/$5
DillonsSpreadsPeanut Butter-Skippy15-16.3oz1.99