Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ozark's List 4/22-4/29/14 BY CATEGORY

It looks like we have some really good sales this week!   Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL week!   I know I'm enjoying this weather!  It finally feels like spring!  Yay!!  

Limited Day Sales:
CM HSN***=4/25-4/27/14 ONLY
Marvins***=4/24-4/26/14 ONLY
Hyvee***=4/24-4/25/14 ONLY

CVSADULT (21+)Barefoot Wine1.5L10.99
CVSADULT (21+)Bud, Miller, Coors24pk 12oz cans16.99
CVSADULT (21+)Carlo Rossi Wine4L10.99
CVSADULT (21+)Miller, Budweiser, Coors18pk 12oz cans11.99
KrogerBabyBeech Nut Baby Food3.5-4oz0.99
DillonsBabyDiapers-PampersSz NB-6, 18-44ct7.99
DillonsBabyPampers Wipes168-216ct4.99
allensBakingBC instant pudding3.5oz0.69
MarvinsBakingBetty Crocker Brownie/Cookie/Muffin Mix6.25-10.25oz10/$10
HudsonsBakingVegetable Oil-BC48oz2.39
CM HSN***Bread - BunsBC hamburger or hot dog buns8ct0.88
Price CutterBread - LoafNatures Own Honey Wheat20 oz1.99
DillonsBread - LoafSara Lee Bread12-20 oz1.49
Price CutterBread - LoafSara Lee Honey Wheat20 oz1.99
MurfinsBread - LoafSara Lee Whole Grain White20 oz1.99
HudsonsBread - LoafWheat Sandwich-BC24oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperBread - LoafWhite Sandwich-BC20 oz0.99
EdwardsBread - Refrid.BC biscuits12oz0.69
allensBread - Refrid.BC frozen garlic bread16oz2.29
walgreensBreakfastDunkin donuts ground coffee12oz5.49
KrogerBreakfastEggo Waffles20-24ct3.99
HudsonsBreakfastEnglish Muffins-BC6ct0.99
HH-SpgfldBreakfastFarmland Bacon16ozBOGO@6.19
walgreensBreakfastFolgers cntry roast/Maxwell house wake up roast34.5oz/30.65oz5.99
walgreensBreakfastFolgers Kcups12pk5.49
DillonsBreakfastHormel Black Label Bacon12-16oz3.99
HH-HollisterBreakfastJC Potter Bacon3lb pkg5.99Lm2
HH-SpgfldBreakfastTennessee Pride Breakfast Entrees12.75-19.2oz4.79
CM HSN***Canned - MeatArmour chili with beans15oz0.88
walgreensCanned - Meatbumble bee chnk white tuna5oz0.89 Lmt 8
HH-HollisterCanned - PastaHormel Beef Tamales15oz0.99
HH-HollisterCanned - PastaRavioli-BC15oz0.79
DillonsCanned - SauceClassico Pasta Sauce8.1-24oz0.99
Hudsons(only)Canned - SaucePasta Sauce-Hunts 24oz0.89Lm3 w/$10pc
harpsCanned - SauceRagu pasta sauce16-24oz1.68
HudsonsCanned - SidesBaked Beans-BC28oz1.29
HH-HollisterCanned - SidesVan Camps Pork n Beans15oz0.59
CM HSN***Canned - SidesVancamps pork N Beans15oz0.58
CM HSN***Canned - Veg/FruitBC Vegs-corn, peas, cut grn beans15oz0.44
Rhodes Price ChopperCerealCap'n Crunch12.5-14.5oz1.99
HyVee CerealCherio/lky chrm/rees pfs/cky crsp/total14/11.5/13/11.25/10.6oz5/$10
targetCerealGen Mills10.9-13oz2.75
HH-HollisterCerealPost Pebbles11oz1.99
walgreensCerealQuaker 13-14.5oz1.99
DillonsCerealSpecial K11-13.1oz1.99
walgreensCleaningAjax dish liquid14oz0.89 Lmt 3
DillonsCleaningCascade Gel/Action Paks75oz/14-20ct2.99
DillonsCleaningDish Soap-Dawn20-24oz1.99
DillonsCleaningFebreze Air Effects9.7oz1.99
walgreensCleaningGlad trash bags 13gal/30gal34-80ct/25-28ct6.99
targetCleaningSwiffer dry sweeper starter kit/dry cloth refillsea/37ct refills8.99
DillonsCondimentsBBQ Sauce-KC Masterpiece28oz1.49
CM HSN***CondimentsBC hamburger dill pickle slices32oz1.09
CM HSNCondimentsBC ketchup24oz0.69
allensCondimentsBC ranch drsg36oz1.99
CM HSNCondimentsBC squeeze mustard20oz0.49
Rhodes Price ChopperCondimentsDill Spears-BC24oz1.49
HH-HollisterCondimentsHamburger Dills-BC32oz1.5
MarvinsCondimentsHunt's BBQ Sauce18-21.6oz10/$10
CM HSNCondimentsKraft BBQ sauce18oz0.89
DillonsCondimentsKraft Mayo/Miracle Whip30 oz2.49
DillonsCondimentsLawry's Marinade12oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperCondimentsmustard-bc20 oz0.79
Rhodes Price ChopperCondimentsRelish-BC7-10 oz0.89
HudsonsCondimentsSqueeze ketchup-BC24oz0.79
HyVee Dairy - ButterCountry Crock Spread45oz2.98
HudsonsDairy - ButterHiland Butter Quarters1lb2/$5
HH-HollisterDairy - ButterImperial Stix16oz0.79
CM HSNDairy - CheeseBC shredded8oz1.39
Save a LotDairy - CheeseBorden Cheese Singles12oz1.99
HH-HollisterDairy - CheeseCream Cheese-BC8oz orig0.99
CM HSNDairy - Cheesekraft Am singles12oz1.99
DillonsDairy - CheeseKraft Cheese6-8oz1.99
HH-HollisterDairy - CheeseShred Cheese-BC16oz2.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscAlmond Breeze32oz1.99
EdwardsDairy - MiscBC half&half16oz0.99
DillonsDairy - MiscBlue Diamond Almond/Coconut Breeze32oz3/$5
HH-HollisterDairy - MiscCoffeemate Creamer16oz1.99
DillonsDairy - MiscDannon Greek Yogurt4pk2.99
MurfinsDairy - MiscHalf & Half-BC16oz0.99
Hudsons(only)Dairy - MiscHiland Greek Yogurt6oz6/$5
DillonsDairy - MiscInternational Delight Creamer32oz1.99
HH-HollisterDairy - MiscMilk-BC 2%gallon3.79
DillonsDairy - MiscMilk-Dillons (Vit D, Chocolate)gallon3.59
DillonsDairy - MiscMilk-Dillons 2%, 1%, skimgallon3.49
KrogerDairy - MiscMilk-Kroger1/2 gal1.99
HudsonsDairy - MiscSour cream-BC8oz0.79
HH-HollisterDairy - MiscSour Cream/Dip-Hiland8oz0.89
HudsonsDairy - MiscYogurt-BC6oz3/$1
HH-HollisterDairy - MiscYogurt-Yoplait6oz0.5
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscYoplait Greek Yogurt5.3oz5/$5
allensDeliAmish Classic white american or hot pepper cheeseper lb3.99
HyVee***Drinks7UP Products6pk 16.9oz6/$10
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinks7up/RC Cola Products12pk2.88
targetDrinksA&W, Dr Pepper, 7UP2L5/$5
targetDrinksA&W, Dr Pepper, 7UP 12pk cans4/$11
HH-HollisterDrinksApple Juice-BC64oz1.5
HudsonsDrinksBottled Water-BC24pk2/$5
DillonsDrinksCapri sun 10ct1.49
Price CutterDrinksCapri sun 10ct1.69
walgreensDrinksCoke or Dr Pepper products2L2/$3 Lmt 4
CVSDrinksCoke products12pk cans3/$9 Lmt 6
walgreensDrinksdasani bottle water24pk 3.99 Lmt 3
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksGatorade32oz0.88
DillonsDrinksGatorade8pk 20oz btls3.99
allensDrinkskool aid burst tropicana punch6pk0.99
harpsDrinksLipton tea12pk bottles4.99
CVSDrinksNestle bottle water24pk 2.99 Lmt 3 (Correct price)
CVSDrinksnestle pure life bottle water24pk2.99
MarvinsDrinksNestle Splash Water6pk10/$10
Price CutterDrinksOld Orchard 100% Apple Juice64oz1.89
DillonsDrinksOld Orchard 100% Juice64oz0.99
targetDrinksOzarka bottle water24pk bottles3.33
DillonsDrinksPepsi8pk 12oz btls1.88
EdwardsDrinksPepsi products12pk cans4/$12
CVSDrinksPepsi products2L0.99 Lmt 5
HH-HollisterDrinksPepsi Products2liter0.99
HartsDrinksPepsi/Mtn dew/Dr Pepper12pk4/$12
DillonsDrinksTropicana/Trop50 Juice59-64oz2.49
DillonsDrinksVitaminwater20 oz0.69
HudsonsEggsJumbo BCdozen2/$3LM2
DillonsFeminine CareAlways pads/liners Tampax tampons20-48ct/60-80ct/40ct4.49
harpsFeminine Carecarefree pantyliners20-22ct10/$10
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesOrange Juice-BC12oz1.49
HyVee Frozen - Fruits/VeggiesVeggies-HyVee10-16oz0.79
HyVee***Frozen - MealsBanquet Dinners3.2-10.25oz0.69Lm5
CM HSNFrozen - Mealsbanquet pot pies7oz0.69
DillonsFrozen - MealsBanquet Pot Pies7oz10/$5
HudsonsFrozen - MealsFreschetta Pizza14.54-30.09oz2/$9
HyVee***Frozen - MealsTotino's Party Pizza9.8-10.9oz0.98
harpsFrozen - MealsTysons bagged chicken20-22oz6.99
Save a LotFrozen - SnacksHot Pockets2ct 9oz2/$3
harpsFrozen - SweetBlue bunny ice cream56oz2.98
HudsonsFrozen - SweetHiland Ice crm squares/Sherbet56oz sqr/1/2 gal2/$5
HudsonsHealth & BeautyBar Soap-Dial3pk1.99
walgreensHealth & BeautyBarbasol shave cream10oz0.99 Lmt 3
CM HSNHealth & BeautyBC nail polish remover6oz0.59
EdwardsHealth & BeautyBlistex lip balm or ointment0.15oz0.99
DillonsHealth & BeautyGillette/Satin care shave gel7-9oz1.19
MarvinsHealth & BeautyMucinex Allergy Relief 10ct8.99
DillonsHealth & BeautyOlay Soap/Body wash4-6 bar/15.2-23.6oz3.99
walgreensHealth & BeautyPure silk shave cream8oz0.99 Lmt3
walgreensHealth & BeautySecret, Old spice, or Gilletee deodorant/antiperspirant2.6-3.25oz2/$5
DillonsHealth & BeautyShampoo/Cond-Pantene12.6oz2.89
KrogerHealth & BeautyShampoo/Cond-V0512.5oz0.79
walgreensHealth & BeautySinful Colors nail polish0.5oz0.99
harpsLaundryArm&Hammer liq det100-120use6.98
HH-HollisterLaundryEra 2x detergent32use2.99
HyVee LaundryEra Liquid150oz7.98
kmartLaundryTide Simply liq det60oz4.99
DillonsLaundryTide/Gain liquid46-50/50oz4.99
walgreensLaundryXtra liq det30loads1.99
HyVee***LaundryXtra liquid75oz1.77
DillonsMeat - BeefBall Park Beef Franks14-15oz2.99
CM HSNMeat - Beefboneless beef ribeyeswhole bag6.99/lb
allensMeat - Beefground beef10lb tube2.59/lb
CM HSNMeat - Beefground beef10lb whole tube2.19/lb
allensMeat - Beefground beeffamily pk per lb2.79/lb
MurfinsMeat - BeefGround Chuckfamily pk per lb2.89
EdwardsMeat - Beefground chuckper lb2.99
CM HSN***Meat - Beefribeyewhole bag6.48/lb
HH-HollisterMeat - BeefRump Roastper lb2.99
allensMeat - BeefTBone steaksper lb7.99
KrogerMeat - Lunch / SlicedArmour Lunchmakers2.5-2.9oz0.88
harpsMeat - Lunch / SlicedCarl Budding lunchmeat7-9oz1.99
DillonsMeat - Lunch / SlicedOM Bologna/Salami16oz1.29
walgreensMeat - Lunch / SlicedOM lunchables or Deli fresh meats8.9-10.7oz2/$5
walgreensMeat - Lunch / SlicedOM lunchables or Deli fresh meats8.9-10.7oz2/$5
Price CutterMeat - MiscBall Park Meat Franks15-16oz2/$3
CM HSN***Meat - MiscBar S franks12oz0.78
Hudsons(only)Meat - MiscBoston Grind 60%bf 40%prkfamily pk per lb2.68
HH-HollisterMeat - MiscHormel Rev Wrapspkg0.99
EdwardsMeat - MiscJohn Morrell hot dogs12oz0.64
EdwardsMeat - MiscJohn Morrell Smoke sausage9oz0.64
harpsMeat - MiscOM franks14-16oz2/$3
harpsMeat - Porkcntry style ribsper lb2.19
DillonsMeat - PorkHillshire Farm Smoked Sausage12-14oz2/$5
aldiMeat - Porkhormel fresh always tender butt roastper lb1.79
DillonsMeat - PorkPork Loin bonelessper lb1.99
CM HSNMeat - Porkpork loin-bonelesswhole bag2.19/lb
Save a LotMeat - PorkSugardale Shank Portion Hamper lb1.09
EdwardsMeat - Porktenderloinper lb2.99
DillonsMeat - PoultryChicken Breast bonelessper lb1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - PoultryChicken Breast-BC3lb bag5.99
KrogerMeat - PoultryChicken leg quarters10lb bag5.9
DillonsMeat - PoultryChicken leg quarters10lb bag6.9
KrogerMeat - PoultryHoneysuckle Ground Turkey16oz2.99
Price CutterMeat - PoultrySplit Chicken Breasts Bone Infamily pk per lb0.99
CM HSN***Meat - PoultryTyson boneless skinless chick breast or tenders2.5lb bag4.99
EdwardsMisc ItemsBC bagged coffee filters200ct0.99
CM HSNMisc ItemsBC great northern dry beans16oz0.99
MarvinsMisc ItemsIce Cream CAke Cones-BC12ct10/$10
walgreensMisc ItemsMars Candy1.14-2.17oz0.59 Lmt 6
HH-HollisterMisc ItemsOld El Paso Taco Shells12ct0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperMisc ItemsSabra Hummus10 oz2.99
DillonsOral CareToothpaste-Crest Complete/Pro Health4-6.2oz1.99
harpsPaperAngel soft TP6-12rolls3.88
EdwardsPaperAngel soft TP8-24rolls4.99
CM HSN***PaperBC Paper Towelsingle rolls0.69
harpsPapercharmin big roll TP9roll5
wlagreensPaperCharmin Ultra TP6 dbl rolls3.99 Lmt 3
walgreensPaperCottonelle TP12rolls4.99
DillonsPaperPaper Towels-Bounty 6 big/8 reg roll5.99
HyVee***PaperPaper Towels-Brawny6 big roll4.98
walgreensPaperPuffs tissue56ct0.99 Lmt 3
walgreensPaperScott natural PT6rolls4.99
EdwardsPaperSparkle PT6-8ct4.99
DillonsPaperTP-Charmin 6 mega/12dbl roll5.99
HyVee***PaperTP-Quilted Northern12dbl roll4.98
Price CutterPasta - DryAmerican Beauty12-16oz0.89
EdwardsPasta - DryAmerican beauty12-16oz0.99
CM HSNPasta - DryBC pasta16oz0.69
MarvinsPasta - DryBetty Crocker Helper Meals4.4-12.2oz10/$10
Save a LotPasta - DryBetty Crocker Suddenly Pasta Salad5.9-8.3oz0.99
HartsPasta - DryMac & Chz-BC7.25oz4/$1
Price CutterPasta - DryMac & Chz-BC7.25oz5/$1
HyVee***Pasta - DryMac & Chz-Kraft5.5-7.5oz0.69
EdwardsPasta - Dryronzoni pasta12oz0.99
EdwardsPetsAlpo dog food-come&get it/prime cuts16lb bag7.99
targetPetsArm&Hammer clump & seal litter19lb box9.99
DillonsPetsCat Food-Iams4.4-5lb7.99
Price CutterPetsDog Food-Beneful15.5lb13.99
DillonsPetsIams Dog biscuits24oz1.79
EdwardsPetsKit & Kaboodle cat food16lb bag9.99
targetPetsLitter Genie ea9.99
harpsPetsWhisker lickins treats2.1-3oz10/$10
MurfinsProduce - FruitApples-Red Deliciousper lb0.99
EdwardsProduce - Fruitblackberries6oz1.99
HH-Hollister(only)Produce - FruitBlackberries6oz pkg1.49
HudsonsProduce - FruitCantaloupeeach2/$4
DillonsProduce - FruitD'Anjou Pearsper lb0.99
Save a LotProduce - FruitFresh Pineappleeach1.69
HH-HollisterProduce - FruitGrapefruiteach3/$1
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitHoneydew Meloneach2.99
HudsonsProduce - FruitLemonseach2/$0.89
HudsonsProduce - FruitMangoeseach0.89
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitMangoeseach5/$2
allensProduce - Fruitred delicious applesper lb0.79
EdwardsProduce - Fruitred ripe watermelonsea4.99
HudsonsProduce - FruitStrawberries1lb3/$5
CM HSNProduce - Fruitstrawberries3lbs4.98
KrogerProduce - FruitWatermelon-seedlesseach3.77
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitWatermelon-seedlesseach3.99
aldiProduce - VeggiesArtisan lettuce4ct pk1.29
Save a LotProduce - VeggiesAsparagusper lb1.99
aldiProduce - Veggiesbaby carrots16oz0.69
CM HSNProduce - VeggiesBC russet potatoes10lb bag2.88
allensProduce - VeggiesBC russet potatoes10lb bag2.99
Marvins***Produce - VeggiesBi Color Corneach5/$2
HH-HollisterProduce - VeggiesBi Color Cornear3/$1
EdwardsProduce - Veggiescabbageper lb0.39
Price CutterProduce - VeggiesCauliflowereach1.99
HH-HollisterProduce - VeggiesCeleryeach0.89
allensProduce - Veggiescherry tomatoes10.5oz1.79
aldiProduce - Veggiescucumberea0.29
EdwardsProduce - Veggiescucumberea0.39
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesFresh Cilantroeach0.79
aldiProduce - Veggiesgrape tomatoes10oz0.99
HH-HollisterProduce - VeggiesGreen Bell Pepperseach2/$1
MurfinsProduce - Veggiesgreen cabbageper lb0.39
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesHead lettuceea0.64
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesIceburg/Green/Red Leaf Lettucehead0.88
MurfinsProduce - VeggiesLettucehead0.69
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesLettucehead0.88
aldiProduce - Veggiesmulti colored peppers3ct1.49
aldiProduce - Veggiesmushrooms 8oz0.99
EdwardsProduce - Veggiesred radishes6oz0.39
MurfinsProduce - VeggiesRoma Tomatoesper lb0.79
EdwardsProduce - Veggiesroma tomatoesper lb0..79
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10lb bag2.48
HyVee***Produce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes5lb bag0.99
MurfinsProduce - VeggiesSlicing cucumberseach0.39
HH-HollisterProduce - VeggiesSweet Onionsper lb0.89
Save a LotProduce - VeggiesSweet Potatoes per lb0.39
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesTomatoesper lb0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesTomatoes on the vineper lb0.98
HH-HollisterProduce - VeggiesWhole White Mushrooms8oz1.19
HH-HollisterProduce - VeggiesYellow/Zucchini Squashper lb0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperSeasonalCharcoal-BC21.6lb bag4.99
HudsonsSnacksBlue Diamond Nut thins4.25oz2.29
HyVee***SnacksChips Ahoy/Newton cookies8-14oz1.77
DillonsSnacksFamily Sz oreo/Chips Ahoy18.2-20 oz2.99
DillonsSnacksFrito Lay Variety Packs20ct5.49
HH-HollisterSnacksGreen Giant Veggie Chips5oz0.99
DillonsSnacksKeebler Cookies6-15oz1.49
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksLays STax Chips5.5oz0.98
Save a LotSnacksLil Debbies(sws roll/nty bar/cosmic brwny/oatml crm pie/hny bun)10.6-16.2oz2/$3
Save a LotSnacksQuaker Chewy Granola BArs6.5-6.72oz1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksQuaker Rice Cakes4.5-7.2oz2/$4
HyVee SnacksRold Gold/Munchies/Baked!6.25-16oz2/$5
EdwardsSnacksSun chips, baked lay's, rold gold pretzels6.25-16oz2/$5
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksSun Chips/Baked! Chips5.3-9oz2/$5
allensSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC brwn or cntry gravy mix1.25oz0.61
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC gran sugar4lbs1.39
EdwardsSpices, Sugar, Ect...C&H brown or powdered sugar2lbs3/$5
EdwardsSpices, Sugar, Ect...C&H gran sugar4lbs1.69
HudsonsSpices, Sugar, Ect...Corn Meal-BC2lb1.19
Marvins***Spices, Sugar, Ect...McCormick Grill Mates/Grinders/Rubs.77-8.12oz2/$3
harpsSpices, Sugar, Ect...McKormick Taco seasoning1.12-1.5oz2/$1
HH-HollisterSpices, Sugar, Ect...Sugar-BC4lb1.5
HartsSpices, Sugar, Ect...Sugar-C&H4lb1.69
MurfinsSpices, Sugar, Ect...Sugar-C&H4lb1.79
HH-HollisterSpices, Sugar, Ect...Sweet & Low100ct1.99
HH-HollisterSpreadsPeanut Butter-Planters Creamy28oz family1.99
HyVee SpreadsPeanut Butter-Skippy15-16.3oz1.98
CM HSNSpreadsPlanters PB28oz2/$5