Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ozark's List 5/18-5/24/16 by CATEGORY

It looks like there are super amazing sales this week!   Make sure you get them before they're gone!

As I've said before, putting together this list & posting it takes a lot of time & energy.  Something that is already scarce with a full time job & family.  Any and all donations are GREATLY appreciated.  Also, I am keeping a list of those that donate & if we ever decide to convert to a subscription type service, those people will be 'grandfathered' in.
Thank you & God bless!

ALL contributions are greatly appreciated.
You can donate 2 ways:
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Dollar GeneralADULT (21+)Bud Light or Budweiser8 pk 16 oz cans7.5
Dollar GeneralADULT (21+)Miller High Life6 pk 7 oz bottle2.5
WalgreensBakingGold Medal Flour5 lb bag1.89
HudsonsBread - BunsBest Choice Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns8 ct0.78
EdwardsBread - Refrid.BC Jumbo Biscuits10 oz0.99
EdwardsBread - Refrid.Sister Schuberts Frozen Rolls11 - 15.8 oz2/$5.00
CM HarrisonCanned - MeatArmour Chili w beans15 oz0.99
CM HarrisonCanned - PastaBeefaroni15 oz0.79
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitBush's Best Baked or Grillin' Beans22 or 28 oz3/$5.00
HarpsCanned - Veg/FruitBush's Grillin' or Baked Beans22-28 oz1.88
CM HarrisonCanned - Veg/FruitVan Camp Pork & Beans15 oz0.59
WalgreensCerealRaisin Bran or Rice Crispies8.7-13.7 oz1.99
Fred'sCleaningAjax or Palmolive Dish Detergent12.6 oz1
WalgreensCleaningCascade Dishwasher60 oz or 12-16 ct Action Paks4.49
WalgreensCleaningPalmolive Dish Liquid10 oz0.99
EdwardsCondimentsFrench's Mustard or Ketchup12-20 oz2/$3.00
CM HarrisonCondimentsmaull's BBQ Sauce24 oz1.79
CM HarrisonCondimentsSweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce18 oz0.99
CM HarrisonCondimentsVlassic Pickles24 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsCondimentsWish Bone Salad Dressing16 oz3/$5.00
EdwardsDairy - ButterParkay Squeeze Spread12 oz2/$3.00
EdwardsDairy - CheeseBC Shredded Cheese12 oz2/$5.00
HarpsDairy - CheeseKraft Chunk or Shredded Cheese5-8 oz1.88
WalgreensDairy - MiscMilkgallon3.29 Limit 2
CM HarrisonDrinksBC Water24 pk .5 ltr bottles4/$10.00
Dollar GeneralDrinksCoke or Sprite Products12 pk 12 oz cans2/$5.00 Limit 4
FredsDrinksCoke Products12 pk cans3.75
Dollar GeneralDrinksDasani Water24 pk 16.9 oz3.95
WalgreensDrinksDasani Water24 pk, 16.9 oz3.99
Dollar GeneralDrinksDr. Pepper, Canada Dry, Sunkist, A & W2 liter0.95
Dollar GeneralDrinksFolgers Classic Roast Coffee22.6 oz5.95
HarpsDrinksGatorade32 oz0.88
EdwardsDrinksGatorade Sports Drink32 oz0.88
EdwardsDrinksJuicy Juice64 oz2/$4.00
CM HarrisonDrinksKool Aid Jammers10 pk1.89
Dollar GeneralDrinksLuzianne Tea Bags24 ct2/$3.00
CM HarrisonDrinksMinute Maid Orange Juice59 oz2/$5.00
CM HarrisonDrinksNestle Pure Life Water28 pk .5 ltr3/$10.00
WalgreensDrinksPepsi Products12 pk, 12 oz cans3/$10.00 limit 3
HarpsDrinksPepsi-Cola Products12 pk cans3
HarpsDrinksPowerade32 oz0.79
HudsonsDrinksPowerade Sports Drink32 oz0.88
EdwardsDrinksTropicana Lemonade59 oz1.99
Dollar GeneralDrinksV8 Splash Beverages46 oz smoothies 64 oz regular2
Fred'sFeminine CareAlways Infinity Pads14-18 ct3.95
EdwardsFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesPagoda Express Egg Rolls or Appetizers4.8-12.27 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsHot, Lean, or Breakfast Pockets9-9.3 oz2/$4.00
Dollar GeneralFrozen - MealsTombstone Pizza12"3.5
EdwardsFrozen - MealsTombstone Pizza17.8-28.4 oz3/$10.00
EdwardsFrozen - SnacksFresh Blueberries or Raspberries1 pint or 6 oz2.99
Fred'sHealth & BeautyScope Mouthwash Outlast500 ml3
Dollar GeneralLaundryAll Liquid Laundry Detergent94.5 oz7
Dollar GeneralLaundryXtra Liquid Laundry Detergent48 loads, 75 oz2
HarpsMeat - Beef73% Lean Ground Beefper lb2.69
HudsonsMeat - BeefBoneless Tri-Tip Roastper lb3.99 (lm 3)
EdwardsMeat - BeefFlat Iron Steaklb8.99
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefGround BeefWhole Tube per lb1.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefGround ChuckFamily Pack per lb2.69
HarpsMeat - BeefGround Chuckper lb3.29
EdwardsMeat - BeefSirloin Tip Steak Bonelesslb3.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefTri Tip Beeflb4.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefVoneless KC Strip SteakFamily Pack Per Lb9.99
HudsonsMeat - BeefWhole Beef Brisketper lb2.68
EdwardsMeat - MiscBC Corn Dogs42.7 oz4.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkBaby Back Ribslb2.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkBaby Back RibsFamily Pack per lb2.99
AldisMeat - PorkBoneless Butt Roastper lb1.69
EdwardsMeat - PorkBoneless Sirloin Pork Chopslb1.49
EdwardsMeat - PorkCooks Butt Ham Portionslb1.09
EdwardsMeat - PorkCooks Shank Ham Portionslb0.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkJC Potter Regular Sausage Roll32 oz4.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkPork Loin BonelessWhole in bag lb1.69
EdwardsMeat - PorkPork Ribs Country Style Bone-inlb1.39
EdwardsMeat - PorkPork Steakfamily pk per lb1.39
EdwardsMeat - PorkWhole Boneless Pork Tenderloinslb2.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryBC Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast or Tendrs3 lb bag6.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryChicken Fryers Wholelb0.69
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryFryer Leg Quartersper lb 10 lb bag0.49
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryFryer Thighslb0.89
EdwardsMeat - PoultrySplit Chicken BreastsFamily Pack per lb0.99
CM HarrisonMisc ItemsPet Whole Evaporated Milk12 oz2/$1.00
WalgreensMisc ItemsPop Tarts8 pk1.99
Dollar GeneralPaperAngel Soft Bath Tissue12 Family size rolls4.95
Fred'sPaperAngel Soft Bath Tissue8 double rolls3.95
WalgreensPaperBrawny Paper Towels6 rolls5.99
CM HarrisonPaperNorthern BathTissue6 double rolls ultra plush or soft2.99
WalgreensPaperQuilted Northern Tissue12 Double rolls5.99
HudsonsPasta - DryAmerican Beauty Pasta12-16 oz1.19
HarpsPasta - DryMission Fajita Grande10 ct1.5
CM HarrisonPasta - DryRonco Spaghetti, vermicelli, or elbows7 oz2/$1.00
Fred'sPetsFresh Step Cat Litter25 lb10.95
Fred'sPetsKibbles & Bits13 lb9.95
EdwardsProduce - FruitArizona Cantaloupeslarge each1.99
HudsonsProduce - FruitBeefsteak Tomatoesper lb1.29
AldisProduce - FruitBlueberries 1 dry pint1.89
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitHaas Avocadosea2/$1.00
HudsonsProduce - FruitHass Avocadoseach0.55
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitRed Seedless Grapeslb1.99
HudsonsProduce - FruitSeedless Navel Orangeseach0.25
HarpsProduce - FruitSeedless Watermeloneach3.99
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitStrawberries2 lb pkg2.99
WalgreensProduce - FruitSunmaid Dried Raisins or PrunesRaisins 13 oz, Prunes 12 oz2.49
AldisProduce - VeggiesAsperagus16 oz1.49
AldisProduce - VeggiesBlackberries6 oz0.99
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesCalifornia Artichokeseach1.5
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesGreen Bell Pepperseach0.55
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesGreen Cabbagelb0.39
HarpsProduce - VeggiesGreen Giant Baby Whole Mushrooms16 oz3.33
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesGreen Giant Whole Mushrooms1 lb1.99
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesGreen Giant Whole White Mushrooms8 oz tray1.5
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesHot House Beefsteak Tomatoeslb0.99
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesIceberg Lettuceeach1
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes5 lb bag1.39
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10 lb2.49
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10 lb bag2.5
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesSlicer Cucumberseach0.55
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesSweet Onions3 lb bag2.59
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesVidalia Onionslb0.69
Dollar GeneralSeasonalKingsford Charcoal original7.7 lb5.5
HarpsSnacksChips Ahoy!9.5-13 oz1
WalgreensSnacksJack Links Jerky or Bites2.6-4 oz2.99
HarpsSnacksPremium Crackers9, 11 or 16 oz1.5
HarpsSnacksRitz & Wheat Thins Toasted Chips4.5 or 8.1 oz.1.5
HarpsSnacksRitz Crackers6-13.7 oz.1.5
WalgreensSpices, Sugar, Ect...Domino or C & H Sugar4 lb1.89 Limit 4
HudsonsSpices, Sugar, Ect...Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning8 oz1.69
HudsonsSpreadsJif Peanut Butter12-16 oz2.5
WalgreensSpreadsJif Peanut Butter16 oz1.99 Limit 4
CM HarrisonSpreadsSkippy Peanut Butter Creamy16.3 oz1.79
WalgreensSpreadsSmucker's Strawberry Fruit Spread20 oz1.99 Limit 4