Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ozark's List 10/7-10/13/15 BY CATEGORY

Sorry for the delay!  My wonderful husband fixed our home network just in time for me to get this posted!  Yay, Nick!  If you see him, tell him THANK YOU!  I'm sure it'll confuse him, but it'll be fun.

CM-HSNBakingBC Cake Mixes16.5 oz0.79
DGBakingCrisco Veg Oil48 oz2.75
Hudson'sBakingJiffy Corn Muffin Mix8.5 oz0.59
CM-HSNBakingPilsbury Cake mix15.25 oz1
EdwardsBread - Refrid.BC Texas Style or Layerd Biscuits12 oz0.79
EdwardsBread - Refrid.Grand's Biscuits22.1 - 31.8 oz2.79
CM-HSNBread - Refrid.Pilsbury Frozen Biscuts22-25 oz2.5
HudsonsBreakfastBelvita Breakfast Biscuits5 ct2.5
CM-HSNBreakfastPilsbury Buttermilk Pancakes16.4 oz1.99
CM-HSNBreakfastPilsbury Toaster Scramblers4ct1.67
CM-HSNBreakfastPilsbury Toaster Strudel6 ct1.67
Fred'sBreakfastPop Tarts8 ct$2.00
WalgreensCanned - MeatChicken of the Sea Chunk White Tuna5 oz.69 LIMIT 3
WalgreensCanned - MeatChicken of the Sea Pink Salmon14.75 oz2.49 LIMIT 2
Fred'sCanned - MeatHormel Corned Beef Hash15 oz2.25
CM-HSNCanned - MeatStarKist Chunk Light Tuna5 oz0.79
Fred'sCanned - SauceHunt's Spaghetti Sauce20.56 oz1
Fred'sCanned - SauceManwich Sloppy Joe Sauce15.5 oz1.5
Hudson'sCanned - SaucePrego Pasta Sauce14.5 - 24 oz jar3/$5.00
WalgreensCanned - SoupCampbells Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup10.75 oz.79 LIMIT 3
Fred'sCanned - SoupHormel Chili w/beans15 oz1.85
EdwardsCanned - SoupProgresso Classic Soups18.5-19 oz10/$10.00
Fred'sCanned - SoupProgresso Soup16-19 oz1.75
Fred'sCanned - SoupSweet Sue Chicken & Dumplings20 oz2.25
CM-HSNCanned - Veg/FruitDelmonte Veggies14-15 oz0.59
Hudson'sCanned - Veg/FruitLibby's Vegetables green beans, corn14.5 - 15 oz0.59
Hudson'sCanned - Veg/FruitRed Gold Tomatoes14.5 - 15 oz0.99
Hudson's CerealBC Instant Oatmeal8 - 12 ct1.29
Hudson'sCerealBC Jumbo Biscuits16 oz4/$5.00
Fred'sCerealCascade Dish Detergent75 oz gel or 12-20 ct pks3.75
Hudson's CerealFroot Loops9.3-12.2 oz2/$5.00
Hudson's CerealFrosted Flakes10.5 oz2/$5.00
Fred'sCerealKellogg's Cereal, Fruit Loops, Cron Flakes, Apple Jacks12.2 - 18 oz$2.00
WalgreensCerealKelloggs Frosted Flakes or Raisin Bran23.5 - 26.8 oz3.49
Hudson'sCerealKrave, CornPops, or Apple Jacks11 - 12.5 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsCerealPost Bran Flakes or Raisin Bran16 oz flakes, 20 oz RB4/$10.00
EdwardsCerealPost Honey Bunches of Oats11 - 18 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsCerealPost Shredded Wheat15 - 20 oz4/$10.00
Fred'sCleaningDawn Ultra Dish Detergent18oz2.45
Fred'sCleaningLysol Disinfectant Spray19 oz4.75
WalgreensCleaningLysol Wipes or Toilet Bowl Cleaner35 pk wipes or 24 oz bowl cleaner2/$4.00
DGCleaningMean Green Orange Champ64 oz2.5
Fred'sCleaningPalmolive or Ajax Dish Detergent 28 oz$2.00
CM-HSNCondimentsBC Ketchup24 oz0.59
WalgreensCondimentsHellman's Mayo20-30 oz2/$6.00
CM-HSNCondimentsKraft Dressing8 oz1
Fred'sCondimentsKraft Salad Dressing16 oz2
EdwardsDairy - ButterBC soft Margarine15 oz0.99
EdwardsDairy - ButterShedd's Spread Country Crock Spread15-16 oz1.69
CM-HSNDairy - CheeseBC Chunk or Shredded Cheest8 oz1.39
EdwardsDairy - CheeseBC Deluxe American Singles16 oz2.99
EdwardsDairy - CheeseCracker Barrel Natural Cheese8 oz2.99
CM-HSNDairy - CheeseKraft American Singles12 oz2.5
EdwardsDairy - CheeseKraft American Singles12 oz1.99
CM-HSNDairy - CheeseKraft Cheese (shrd,crmb,cubes,chunks,cracker)2-8 oz2
Fred'sDairy - CheeseVelveeta Cheese16 oz3.75
Fred'sDairy - CheeseVelveeta Cheese Sauce8 oz1
Fred'sDairy - CheeseVelveeta Shredded Cheese8 oz3
EdwardsDairy - MiscBC Cookie Dough16 - 18 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsDairy - MiscBC Cottage Cheese16 oz2/$3.00
EdwardsDairy - MiscDaisy Cottage Cheese24 oz2.99
HudsonsDairy - MiscHiland Cottage Cheese16 oz1.28
EdwardsDairy - MiscKraft Dip, Onion or Ranch8 oz0.99
EdwardsDairy - MiscYoplait Plenti Greek Yogurt5.5 oz10/$10.00
WalgreensDrinksAquafina Water24 pk, 16.9 oz3.99 LIMIT 2
WalgreensDrinksAriona Tea or Drink1 gallon2/$5.00
Hudson's DrinksBC Apple Juice64 oz bottle2/$3.00
EdwardsDrinksBC Frozen Orange Juice12 oz2/$3.00
Fred'sDrinksCoke Products2 liter4/$5.00
CM-HSNDrinksDr Pepper12 pk cans3.34
Fred'sDrinksFolger's Instant Cappuccino16 oz4
WalgreensDrinksLipton Tea22 - 100 pk2.99
WalgreensDrinksMaxwell House Coffee10.5 - 11.5 oz2.99 (decaf 11 oz 3.99)
Fred'sDrinksMaxwell House Coffee Pods12 pk7
WalgreensDrinksMaxwell House Instant Coffee8 oz2/$8.00
Fred'sDrinksMaxwell House Wake Up Roast Coffee11.5 oz3.5
Fred'sDrinksMott's Apple juice64 oz2.5
Fred'sDrinksNestle Coffee Mate Creamer 35.3 oz5.5
Hudson'sDrinksNestle Pure Life Water24 pk, 16.9 oz2.99
Fred'sDrinksPepsi or Mt Dew Products12 pk 12 oz cans3/$11.00
EdwardsDrinksPepsi Products2 liter0.88
EdwardsDrinksPepsi Products6 pk 16.9 oz bottes5/$10.00
Fred'sDrinksPepsi Products2 liter0.99
WalgreensDrinksPepsi, Coke, Mt Dew, Dr. Pepper Products12 pk 12 oz cans3/$12.00 LIMIT 3
HudsonsDrinksRed Diamond Teagallon2.29
Fred'sDrinksSwiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix6 pk$1.00
Fred'sDrinksWelch's Grape Juice64 oz3.5
CM-HSNFeminine CareAlways Feminine Pads14-20 oz3.29
CM-HSNFeminine CareCarefree Pantiliners20 ct0.89
EdwardsFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBC Frozen Crinkle Cut French Fried Potatoes80 oz3.99
EdwardsFrozen - MealsBanquet Family Size Entrees24 - 28 oz2.99
CM-HSNFrozen - MealsFarmrich Appetizers & Meatballs17-28 oz4.99
EdwardsFrozen - MealsFreschetta Frozen Pizza14.54 - 30.88 oz4.99
EdwardsFrozen - MealsJack''s Original Pizza14.5 - 16.9 oz3/$9.00
Fred'sFrozen - MealsRed Barron Clasic or Dee[ Dish Single PizzasEA2/$7.00
EdwardsFrozen - SweetHiland Ice Creamgallon pail5.99
EdwardsFrozen - SweetNorth Star Old Fashioned Ice Cream Cones6 ct3.39
EdwardsFrozen - SweetPillsbury Pet-Ritz Pie Crusts2 ct regular or deep dish2/$4.00
Fred'sHealth & BeautyAleve Tablets or Caplets50 ct6
Fred'sHealth & BeautyAlka Seltzer Plus Cold20 effervescent tablets4.5
WalgreensHealth & BeautyArm & Hammer or Arrid Antiperspirant Deodorant2.5 - 2.8 oz0.99
Fred'sHealth & BeautyBayer Aspirin 81 mg120 count6
WalgreensHealth & BeautyBenedryl Allergy Relief24 ct or 4 oz children's4.99
WalgreensHealth & BeautyClaritin Allergy Relief30 ct Redi Tabs, tablets, or liquigels19.99
Fred'sHealth & BeautyDayquil or Nyquil24 ct caplets or 12 oz liquid9.1
DGHealth & BeautyDial Body Wash16 oz3.5
DGHealth & BeautyDove® Invisible Solid DeodorantTwin Pack 1.6 oz each3
WalgreensHealth & BeautyFlonase Allergy Relief120 sprays22.99
WalgreensHealth & BeautyGarnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner10.2 - 13 oz2/$6.00
Fred'sHealth & BeautyHall's Cough Drops25 - 30 ct1.75
DGHealth & BeautyIvory Bar Soap3ct1.25
Fred'sHealth & BeautyIvory Bar Soap10 bars2.95
WalgreensHealth & BeautyL'Oreal Shampoo or Conditioner12.6 oz3.99
DGHealth & BeautyLever 2000® Bar Soap4ct2
WalgreensHealth & BeautyLubriderm Lotion16 oz5.99
EdwardsHealth & BeautyMotrin Liquid Gels20 ct3.49
WalgreensHealth & BeautyMucinex Children's4 oz or 12 ct9.99
Fred'sHealth & BeautyOlay Bar Soap4 bars3.25
WalgreensHealth & BeautyOld Spice Antiperspirant/deodorant2.6-3 oz2/$8.00
Fred'sHealth & BeautyOld Spice Body Wash or Soap6 bars or 16-18 oz wash3.25
DGHealth & BeautyRicola Cough Drops19-24 ct1.5
Fred'sHealth & BeautyRobitussin Cold Medicine3 oz8
DGHealth & BeautySt. Ives® Lotion21 oz4.5
DGHealth & BeautySt. Ives® Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash13.5 oz2
WalgreensHealth & BeautyTriaminic4 oz2/$13.00
WalgreensHealth & BeautyTylenol Children's/infants4 oz childrens, .5 oz infant drops5.99
WalgreensHealth & BeautyTylenol Extra Strength24 ct3.99
WalgreensHealth & BeautyZantac Acid Reducer75 mg 30 ct or 150 mg 24 ct8.99
WalgreensHealth & BeautyZyrtec 24 hr allergy relief30 ct tables, 24 ct dissolve tabs18.99
Fred'sLaundryAll Laundry Detergent46.5 oz liquid or 22-24 ct pks4
Fred'sLaundryClorox Bleach121 oz3.7
Fred'sLaundryDowny Fabric Softeer48 - 60 oz or 105 sheets3.95
Fred'sLaundryGain Fabric Softener52-60 oz or 120 sheets3.95
DGLaundryGain Flings or Tide Pods10-14 ct3.95
Fred'sLaundryGain Laundry Detergent31 ct flings, 48 - 64 load liquid8.95
DGLaundryGain Liq Detergent48-64 load8.95
Fred'sLaundryPurex Laundry Detergent150 oz6.5
DGLaundryShout Trigger22 oz2.75
Fred'sLaundrySnuggle Fabric Softener48-100 oz or 120 ct sheets4
Fred'sLaundryTide Liquid laundry detergent75 oz8.95
WalgreensLaundryTide Liquid laundry detergent48 or 64 loads12.99
WalgreensLaundryX-Tra Liquid Laundry Detergent30 loads1.49
Hudson'sMeat - BeefBeef Stew Meat Bonelesslb4.88
EdwardsMeat - BeefChuck Steak, Bonelesslb4.49
Hudson'sMeat - BeefGround ChuckFamily pak per lb3.68
Hudson'sMeat - BeefRib Eye Steak12 oz EACH8.98
EdwardsMeat - BeefT Bone Steaklb6.99
EdwardsMeat - Lunch / SlicedOscar Mayer Beef Bologna or Cotto Salami16 oz3.99
EdwardsMeat - MiscArmour Meatballs original or Italian14 oz2/$4.00
Hudson'sMeat - MiscJohnsonville Brats or Italian Sausage19 oz4.79
EdwardsMeat - MiscLloyd's Shredded Beef, pork or chicken15 oz2.99
Hudson'sMeat - PorkBaby Back Pork Ribslb3.98
EdwardsMeat - PorkBC Spiral Cut Half Hamlb1.99
CM-HSNMeat - PorkBoston Butt Roastper lb1.49
Hudson's Meat - PorkCountry Syle Pork Ribsbone in per lb2.38
Hudson'sMeat - PorkFarmland Premium Bacon16 oz3.99
CM-HSNMeat - PorkHormel Lil Sizzlers Maple or Original12 oz1
EdwardsMeat - PorkJ.C. Potter Sausage Roll16 oz2/$6.00
Hudson'sMeat - PorkPork Butt Roastlb1.68
EdwardsMeat - PorkSirloin Pork Chops Boneless Family pak per lb1.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkSirloin Pork Roast Bonelesslb1.79
Hudson's Meat - PorkTennessee Pride Sausage Patties18 ct4.99
Hudson'sMeat - PoultryChicken Leg Quarterslb0.88
Hudson'sMeat - PoultrySplit Chicken Breastlb1.68
EdwardsMeat - PoultryWhole Chicken Fryerlb0.99
Hudson'sMisc ItemsBC Dry Great Northern Beans16 oz pk0.99
EdwardsMisc ItemsBC Frozen Biscuits25 oz1.99
Hudson'sMisc ItemsBC Saltine Crackers16 oz1.19
CM-HSNMisc ItemsBC Stuffing6 oz0.88
Fred'sMisc ItemsFebreze Air Freshener1 pk car vent, melts, 9.75 aerosol2.5
CM-HSNMisc ItemsHormel Side Dishes21-24 oz2.99
Hudson'sMisc ItemsMcCormick Slow Cooker or Skillet Sauces1.2 - 9 oz2/$3.00
CM-HSNMisc ItemsMinute Rice Cups4.4 oz1.67
Fred'sMisc ItemsOscar Mayer Bacon Bits3 oz2
EdwardsMisc ItemsPillsbury Cookie Dough or Dessert Melts11.5 - 16.5 oz2/$500
EdwardsMisc ItemsPillsbury Toaster Strudel or Scrambles7.2 - 11.7 oz3/$5.00
Hudson'sMisc ItemsPompeian Olive Oil8 oz bottle3.99
Fred'sMisc ItemsPremium Saltine Crackers16 oz2.5
Hudson's Misc ItemsSwanson Chicken Broth32 oz box1.99
Fred'sMisc ItemsTaco Bell Dinner Kitbox2.5
WalgreensOral CareCrest Pro Health Toothpast or Select Mouthwash6 oz TPaste or 16.9 oz mouthwash2/$6.00
WalgreensOral CareOral B Floss Picks or Glide Floss75 pk picks or 38.2-54.6 yard floss2/$6.00
WalgreensOral CareOral B Select Toothbrushesea2/$6.00
Fred'sPaperAngel Soft Bath Tissue24 big rolls9
Fred'sPaperBounty Basic Paper Towels8 rolls4.95
WalgreensPaperBrawny Paper Towels6 rolls5.99
Fred'sPaperBrawny Pick-a-Size Paper Towels2 roll pk3.75
Fred'sPaperCharmin Basic Bath Tissue12 Double Rolls4.95
Fred'sPaperCharmin Ultra Bath Tissue6 Mega or 12 Double Rolls7
WalgreensPaperQuilted Northern Ultra Tissue12 Double Rolls5.99
WalgreensPaperScott Extra Soft Bath Tissue12 Double Rolls5.99
WalgreensPaperViva Paper Towels6 rolls5.99
HudsonsPasta - DryAmerican Beauty Pasta12-16 oz0.99
Fred'sPasta - DryBarilla Pastapk1.5
CM-HSNPasta - DryBC Pasta (spag,ling,fet,angel,elbow)16 oz0.79
Hudson'sPasta - DryKraft Easy Mac or Velveeseeta Shells & Cheese1.9 - 2.39 oz cup0.99
Fred'sPasta - DryKraft Mac & Cheese14 oz box2.25
CM-HSNPasta - DryMinute Rice14 oz1.67
Fred'sPasta - DryNissin Chow Mein4 oz pk1
Hudson'sPasta - DryRice A Roni or Pasta Roni4.3-6.9 oz box0.99
Fred'sPasta - DryVelveeta Shells & Cheesebx2.25
Fred'sPetsArm & Hammer Cat Liter9-20 lb7.95
DGPetsBeneful Dry Dog Food (orig or Healthy Weight) 13lb13.5
Fred'sPetsFriskies Cat Food16 lb13.95
WalgreensPetsFriskies Cat Food3.15 lb4.99
Fred'sPetsGravy Train35 lb17.95
DGPetsKibbles & Bits (Orig or Homestyle)13 lb bag8.5
Fred'sPetsMeow Mix Cat Food10 lb bag8.95
Fred'sPetsPedigree Dog Food13.5 lbs9.95
WalgreensPetsPedigree Dog Food3.5 lb4.99
Fred'sPetsPurina Cat Chow16 lb13.95
Fred'sPetsPurina Puppy Chow16.5 lb12.95
Fred'sPetsTidy Cat or Arm & Hammer Lightweight8.5-9 lb11.95
HudsonsProduce - FruitAssorted Gourds or Mini Pumpkinseach1.19
Hudson's Produce - FruitBartlett Pearslb1.39
Hudson's Produce - FruitCalifornia Lemonsea0.89
Hudson'sProduce - FruitFresh Blackberries6 oz2.48
EdwardsProduce - FruitJack-O-Lantern Pumpkinsea3.99
EdwardsProduce - FruitRed Delicous Apples5 lb bag2/$5.00
CM-HSNProduce - FruitRed or Green Grapesper lb1.59
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesAcorn, Butternut, or Spaghetti Squashlb0.69
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesAvacadoseach0.99
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesBroccoli Crownslb2.19
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesCauliflowerea2.99
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesDecorative Gourds or Mini Pumpkinslb1.19
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesDole Salad Romaine, American or Italian9-12 oz2/$3.00
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesGreen Giant Sliced Mushrooms8 oz1.99
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesHass Ripe Avocadosea0.99
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesJalepeno Pepperslb0.99
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesKale, Turnip, Collard or Curly Mustard Greensea0.89
CM-HSNProduce - VeggiesRed Potatoes20 lb bag2.99
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesRed, Yellow, Orange Bell Peppersea0.99
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10 lb2.69
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10 lb2.48
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesSweet Onionslb0.89
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesTomatoes on the Vinelb0.99
CM-HSNProduce - VeggiesYellow Onions3 lb bag0.99
Hudson's Produce - VeggiesYellow Onions3 lb bag2/$3.00
EdwardsSnacksBetty Crocker Fruit Snacks6-10 count2/$4.00
WalgreensSnacksBrach's Autumn Candy9 or 11 oz2/$4.00
Fred'sSnacksBrach's Bagged Candy corn or pumpkins11 oz1.35
EdwardsSnacksCheetos, Doritos, or Funyuns6 - 11.5 oz2/$6.00
Fred'sSnacksChex Mix 8.75 oz2
WalgreensSnacksDoritos or Ruffles Chips9 - 11.5 oz2/$6.00
EdwardsSnacksFiber One or Nature Valley Bars5-10 Count4/$10.00
Fred'sSnacksHershey Candy Bar6 pk4
WalgreensSnacksHershey Candy Bar1.4 - 2 oz.69 LIMIT 6
WalgreensSnacksHershey Miniatures19 - 19.75 oz5.49
Fred'sSnacksHershey Snack Size Bagged Candy10.5 - 11.6 oz3.25
Fred'sSnacksHershey Snack Size Candy Bars5 pk$1.00
Fred'sSnacksHoneyMaid Graham Crackers14.4 oz3
Fred'sSnacksJack Link's Jerky3.25 oz5
DGSnacksLay's Chips7.75-8 oz2.5
Fred'sSnacksLay's Potato Chips7.75 - 8. oz$2.00
WalgreensSnacksMar's Fun Size Candy- Snickers, Milky Way9.2-11.5 oz3/$9.00
Fred'sSnacksSkttles or Starburst Fun Size8.67 -- 11.18 oz3
Fred'sSnacksTootsie Pops Mini80 ct3
Fred'sSnacksWelch's Snack Size Fruit Snacks22 ct3
CM-HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC Chili or Taco Seasoning1.25 oz0.34
WalgreensSpices, Sugar, Ect...Domino Sugar4 lbs1.99 LIMIT 2
Fred'sSpices, Sugar, Ect...McCormick Chili Mix1.25 oz1.25
Fred'sSpices, Sugar, Ect...Sweet & Low Sweetener100 count Pkts2
CM-HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...Williams Chili Seasoning1 oz0.99
Fred'sSpreadsNutella Spread13 oz3.5