Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunday Coupon Preview 8/24/14

Only 1 insert this weekend.....

8-24 Smartsource Coupon Preview

Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected!
(/X) after coupon = expiration date
() before coupon = multiple of same coupon
ETS = excludes trial sizes
DND5 = coupon states Do Not Double, but barcode starts w/a 5
Aveeno $1/1 product excluding cleansing bars, moisturizing bars, trial sizes and 2.5oz body lotion sizes (9/30)
Aveeno $2/2 product excluding cleansing bars, moisturizing bars, trial sizes and 2.5oz body lotion sizes (9/30)
BIC $2/1 disposable razor (9/21) ETS
Carefree $.50/1 product (10/5)
Cheerios $1/2 boxes all flavors (10/4)
Clairol $2/1 hair color (9/30) excludes age defy and trial size
Clairol $3/2 hair color (9/30) excludes age defy and trial size
Claritin $10/1 70ct (8/31)
Claritin $4/1 30ct+ (9/21)
Colgate $1/1 enamel health, total, optic white, max fresh or sensitive toothpaste 3.4oz+ (9/6)
Coppertone $2/1 suncare product 2oz (9/14) 
Dannon $1/1 danimals smoothie pack (9/24)
Dole $.75/1 smoothie shakers (10/19)
Dreyer’s $1/2 slow churned light ice cream or grand ice cream products 1.5qt+ (10/5)
Fiber One $.50/1 soft-baked cookies 6ct+ (10/18)
Fiber One $.75/1 streusel bars (10/18)
Franks $.35/1 redhot sauce (10/31)
French’s $.50/1 French fried onions (10/31)
General Mills $1/3 big g cereals (10/4)
Glade $1/1 plugins scented oil twin or 2 single refills (10/4)
Glade $1/1 plugins scented oil warmer or starter kit (10/4)
Nature Valley $.50/1 breakfast biscuits (10/18)
Nature Valley $.75/1 protein crunchy granola (10/4)
Pace $.60/2 products (10/31)
Planters $1/2 nuts or peanut butter (10/15) DND
Playtex $1/1 gentle glide or sport tampons (10/5)
POM $.50/1 juice bottle (9/30)
Popchips $.55/1 3-4oz bag (10/15) DND
Purina $5/2 11lb+ dry dog food, 24ct fancy feast wet cat food, 35lb tidy cats cat littler, 6lb_ dry cat food or 25oz+ beggin strips dog treats (10/4) TARGET COUPON
Reynolds $.55/2 baking cups products (11/30)
RoC $3/1 anti-aging product (9/30)
Sargento $.50/1 natural blends cheese snack 5oz+ (11/2)
Sargento $.50/1 natural cheese snack 5oz+ (10/5)
Sargento $.50/2 natural cheese slices (10/5)
Scrubbing Bubbles $.50/1 all purpose cleaner with fantastik (10/4)
Scrubbing Bubbles $.50/1 mega shower foamer (10/4)
Solo $1/2 products (10/18)
Speed Stick $.50/1 antiperspirant/deodorant or and lady antiperspirant/deodorant2.3oz+ (9/13)
Speed Stick $1.50/1 gear antiperspirant/deodorant or body spray (9/13) excluding 1.8 and .5oz trial size
Stayfree $1/1 product (10/5)
Trojan $1/1 4oz gel lubricants product (11/24)
Trojan $2/1 premium lubricants product (11/24)
Zegerid OTC $3/1 14ct (9/28)
Zegerid OTC $8/1 42ct (9/7)
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Ozark's List 8/20-8/26/14 by CATEGORY!

We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who understood why we needed to take last week off & supported our decision in doing so.  We greatly appreciate all of our members & viewers!  And, it looks like we're coming back with a BANG!!!!   There's over 350 items this week!!!!!!!    Better get to shopping!!!


HH hollisterADULT (21+)Keystone30pk cans14.99
aldi onlyBabyEasy home walk through baby gateea29.99
walgreensBabyhuggies diapers/pullups48-68ct/38-52ct18.99
kmartBabyJohnson&Johnson baby shampoo15oz3.14
kmartBabyJohnson&Johnson no more tears baby wash15oz3.14
aldi onlyBabyLullabies baby wash15oz0.99
aldi onlyBabyLullabies moist wipes56ct0.85
fredsBabypampers diapers sz 1-521-35ct8.95
CM HSNBakingBetty Crocker brownie mix18.4oz0.99
CM HSNBakingWesson oil-veg canola, best blend veg, or corn48oz2.79
HH sprgfldBread - BunsToufayan pita bread12oz0.99
HyVee Bread - LoafHyvee sandwich bread24oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperBread - LoafIron Kids Bread24oz1.59
Price CutterBread - LoafNatures Own 100% Whole Wheat20oz1.99
DillonsBread - LoafSara Lee Honey Wheat20 oz1.79
Price CutterBread - LoafSara Lee Honey Wheat20oz1.99
HudsonsBread - LoafSara Lee Whole Grain White20 oz2/$4
HudsonsBread - LoafWheat bread-BC24oz0.99
harpsBread - Refrid.Pillsbury biscuits4pk1.98
HH sprgfldBread - Refrid.Pillsbury crescents, cinn. rolls, biscuits4-12oz0.99
CM HSNBread - Refrid.Pillsbury Grands Jr10ct1.09
Rhodes Price ChopperBread - Refrid.Plsbury biscuits/cnmn rolls/crescents4-12oz0.99
EdwardsBreakfastFarmland Bacon16oz3.99
MarvinsBreakfastHormel Black Label Bacon16oz4
DillonsBreakfastKroger bacon16oz2.88
HH hollisterBreakfastMrs Buttersworth syrup24 oz2/$5
DillonsBreakfastPillsbury strudels/eggo waffles2-6ct/6-10ct3/$5
HH hollisterBreakfastWilliams smkd bcon16oz3.99
walgreensCanned - MeatBumblebee white tuna or chick5oz0.89 lmt 3
murfins Canned - Meatchick of the sea tuna5oz0.69
harpsCanned - MeatStarksit chnk lite tuna5oz0.88
EdwardsCanned - MeatTuna-Chicken of the Sea5oz0.79
Price CutterCanned - PastaChef boyardee15oz0.88
HH hollisterCanned - SauceHunt's spag sauce24oz0.99
Price CutterCanned - SauceHunts pasta sauce24oz0.88
HH hollisterCanned - SauceRed Gold tomato juice48oz0.99
CM HSNCanned - SauceRed Gold Tomato sauce5oz2/$0.79
HH hollisterCanned - SidesRed Gold salsa16oz1.25
Price CutterCanned - SidesVan Camps Pork n Beans15oz0.48
HH hollister Canned - SidesVan Camps pork N beans15oz0.59
CM HSNCanned - SidesVan De Camps baked beans-orig15oz0.88
targetCanned - SoupCampbell's chunky soups/bowls18.6-19oz3/$5
HH hollisterCanned - Veg/FruitBC veggies-corn or peas14.5oz0.69
HH hollisterCanned - Veg/FruitBC vegs-corn or peas14.5oz0.39 correct sale price
harpsCanned - Veg/FruitDole fruit bowls4pk 2.25
DillonsCanned - Veg/FruitKroger veggies14.25-15.25oz0.44
harpsCanned - Veg/FruitLibbys-corn, peas, grn beans14.5-15oz0.68
HH hollisterCanned - Veg/FruitRed Gold tomatoes14-15oz0.89
walgreensCerealGen Mills8.9-16.2oz2/$5
HH hollisterCerealGM Cherrios9-13oz1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperCerealHnycomb/Raisin Bran/Hny Bunches oats12-29oz2.88
HyVee CerealKellogg's10.8-18.7oz1.97
CVSCerealKellogg's mini wheats, coco/rice krispies9-18oz1.99
targetCerealKellogg's or Gen Mills9.2-17oz2.5
harpsCerealMalt O Meal bagged cereal22-36oz2/$5
CVSCerealSpecial K 11-19.5oz1.99 Lmt 6
targetCleaningCascade action paks23-32ct5.99
targetCleaningClorox disinfecting wipes3pk or 1pk 105ct4.99
walgreensCleaningclorox toilet bowl cleaner24oz2/$5
CVSCleaningDawn dish soap 9oz0.99 lmt 10
DillonsCleaningFinish powder/gel/pods750z/12-20ct2.99
targetCleaningGlad trash bags 13gal/30gal45-106ct/34-36ct9.99
fredsCleaningHefty 13, 30, or 39 gal12-30ct4.5
HH sprgfldCleaningO'Cedar Angler broom with dustpanea9.99
walgreensCleaningPalmolive dish liq10oz0.99
DillonsCleaningScotch Brite scrub spongeeach10/$10
HH hllisterCondimentsBC ketchup24 oz0.89
CM HSNCondimentsBC ketchup/mustard24oz/20oz0.99
HH sprgfldCondimentsHellman's mayo16.5-30oz3.49
HyVee CondimentsKetchup-Hunts24oz0.49Lm2
CM HSNCondimentskraft BBq sauce18oz0.89
CM HSNDairy - ButterBC spread45oz tub2.09
CM HSNDairy - ButterBlue Bonnet sticks16oz0.89
Price CutterDairy - ButterBlue Bonnet Tub3lb tub1.98
EdwardsDairy - CheeseDeli Sliced Cheese-BC6oz1.89
CM HSNDairy - CheeseHiland cottage cheese24oz2.79
Hudsons(only)Dairy - CheeseHiland Shredded Cheese8oz3/$5
HyVee Dairy - CheeseKraft Singles16ct1.99
DillonsDairy - CheeseKroger bar/shredded cheese6-8oz2/$4
EdwardsDairy - CheeseShred Cheese-BC16oz3.99
HudsonsDairy - MiscAlmond Breeze Almond Milk64oz2.99
HH hollisterDairy - MiscBC 2% milkgallon3.69
HH hollisterDairy - MiscBC skim milkgallon3.39
HudsonsDairy - MiscCoffeemate creamer16oz1.99
Hudsons(only)Dairy - MiscCottage Cheese-Hiland16oz3/$5
MarvinsDairy - MiscCottage Cheese-Hiland24oz2/$5
HyVee Dairy - MiscCottage Cheese-HyVee24oz1.99
targetDairy - MiscFage greek yogurt5.3-7oz10/$10
harpsDairy - MiscGreek Gods yogurt24oz2.98
harpsDairy - MiscHiland cottage chz24oz2.69
HH sprgfldDairy - MiscHiland dip/sour crm16oz1.79
DillonsDairy - MiscMilk-Dillons 1/2 gal1.89
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscSour Cream/Dip-Hiland16oz1.69
HudsonsDairy - MiscSour Cream/Dip-Hiland8oz0.89
HyVee Dairy - MiscYogurt-Yoplait4-6oz10/$5
HudsonsDairy - MiscYogurt-Yoplaiteach10/$5
targetDairy - MiscYoplait gogurt8pk2/$3
Price CutterDairy - MiscYoplait Greek Yogurt5.3oz0.89
HH hollisterDrinks7UP, RC, Sunkist, A&W, diet rite12pk cans2.99
HH hollisterDrinks7UP, RC, Sunkist, A&W, diet rite2L0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinks7Up/RC cola products12pk3/$9
CM HSNDrinksBC bottled water24pk4/$10
CM HSNDrinksBC juice64oz2.19
HH hollisterDrinksBC soda2L0.69
HyVee DrinksCoke Products12pk4/$12Lm4
targetDrinksCoke products12pk cans3/$10
DillonsDrinksCoke/7UP6pk 16.9oz btls5/$10
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksCoke/Dr Pepper2liter0.99
HH hollisterDrinksCrystal lite drink mix10-12qt1.99
HH hollisterDrinksGatorade64oz1.89
CVSDrinksGatorade 32oz0.99
HH sprgfldDrinksgatorade 8pk bottles4.88
harpsDrinksgatorade 8pk bottles4.98
HH sprgfldDrinksHiland OJgallon2.99
murfins Drinkshiland ojhalf gal1.69
EdwardsDrinksK Cup Singles12ct4.99
HH sprgfldDrinksKool Aid Jammers drink pouches10pk1.89
walgreensDrinksLipton green tea12pk bottles4.5
targetDrinksLipton teas12pk bottles3.99
EdwardsDrinksLuzianne Tea Bags24ct2/$4
HyVee DrinksMio/Crystal light water enhancer1.62oz2/$5LM2
HH hollisterDrinksOcean spray cranberry juice32oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksOJ-Hiland1/2 gal1.49
Price CutterDrinksOJ-Minute Maid pure squeezed59oz2/$5
walgreensDrinksPepsi products12pk cans4/$11 Lmt 4
HyVee DrinksPepsi Products24pk2/$12Lm2
fredsDrinkspepsi products2L0.99
HyVee DrinksPepsi Products8pk mini cans2/$5LM2
HyVee DrinksPowerade32oz0.58
DillonsDrinksStarbucks coffee /k cups11-12oz/10ct6.99
targetDrinksStarbucks frappucinno4pk bottles3.99
CM HSNEggsLarge eggsdozen1.48
targetElectronicsOnce upon a time Season 3DVD29.99/39.99Bluray
targetElectronicsThe Amoazing Spiderman 2 DVD16.99
targetElectronicsThe Walking Dead Season 1DVD14.99
targetElectronicsWii U Lego Marvel superheroesgame ea19.99
walgreensFeminine CareAlways discreet pads/pantyliners12-20pk/30-48ct4.99
walgreensFeminine CareAlways discreet pads/underwear28-66pk/15-21pk11.99
targetFeminine CareAlways radiant pads32ct6.99
targetFeminine CareKotex U tampons/pads36ct/56ct6.99
harpsFeminine CarePlaytex gentle glide or sport tampons16-20ct3.96
targetFeminine CareStayfree ultra thin pads36ct2/$5
targetFeminine CareTampax pearl tampons36ct6.99
CM HSNFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBC steamables-grn beans, corn, mix vegs, peas12oz0.99
HudsonsFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBirdseye veggies10-16oz0.89Lm6
harpsFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesPictsweet veggies10-12oz0.88
EdwardsFrozen - MealsBanquet Dinners4.9-10.5oz/2ct0.79
Price CutterFrozen - MealsBanquet fruit/pot pies5-7oz0.68
murfins Frozen - Mealsbanquet meals4.9-10.5oz0.79
harpsFrozen - MealsBanquet meals4.9-10.5oz0.88
HH sprgfldFrozen - MealsHealthy choice complete meals9.5-12.33oz2/$5
Price CutterFrozen - MealsHealthy choice dinner/steamer/bake9.5-12.3oz1.88
HH sprgfldFrozen - MealsHealthy choice entrees8.5-9.8oz1.99
Price CutterFrozen - MealsKid Cuisine dinners7-10.6oz1.88
HyVee Frozen - MealsLean Cuisine simple favorites5.25-11.5oz6/$10
Price CutterFrozen - MealsMarie Callendars entrees/pot pie12-19oz1.98
harpsFrozen - SnacksEl Monterey chimis or burritos32oz3.19
CM HSNFrozen - SnacksOre Ida fries28oz2.99
targetFrozen - SnacksSmuckers uncrustables8oz2/$5
CM HSNFrozen - SweetBC whip topping8oz0.99
harpsFrozen - SweetBreyers ice cream48oz3.98
DillonsFrozen - SweetCool Whip8oz10/$10
harpsFrozen - SweetEggo waffles or pancakes6-40ct2.38
CM HSNFrozen - SweetHiland/prairie farms ice cream56oz2.99
harpsFrozen - SweetMrs Smiths fruit pies35-37oz3.98
HudsonsFrozen - SweetWhip topping-bC8oz0.99
walgreensHealth & BeautyAlways discreet pantyliners24-26ct2.99
MarvinsHealth & BeautyBic Comfort 3/Silky Touch 3 Razors4ct2/$5
harpsHealth & BeautyBic silky touch or mens comfort 3 razors4ct2.96
harpsHealth & BeautyBic twin disposable razors10pk2.96
walgreensHealth & BeautyDepends underwear26-32ct18.99
fredsHealth & Beautydial body wash16oz3.25
HH hollisterHealth & BeautyDove body wash12oz4.75
kmartHealth & BeautyDove deodorant2.6oz2.74
harpsHealth & BeautyHerbal Essence body wash, shamp, or cond10.1-11.7oz2/$5
harpsHealth & BeautyOld Spice or Secret deodorant2.6-3.25oz2.26
walgreensHealth & BeautyPoise/Depends/shields/guards27-66pk/10-21pk/58pk/52pk11.99
HH sprgfldHealth & BeautyPonds facial cleaning towelettes30ct4.49
EdwardsHealth & BeautyQ Tips cotton swabs300-375ct2/$5
walgreensHealth & BeautyQtips Cotton swabs500pk2.79 Lmt 3
EdwardsHealth & BeautyShampoo/Cond-Head & Shoulders14.2oz4.49
kmartHealth & BeautySkintimate shaving cream10oz2.24
CM HSNHealth & BeautySpeed stick/Lady speed deodorant2-3oz1.69
HH hollisterHealth & BeautySuave shampoo12.6oz1.99
walgreensHealth & Beautysure/brut deodorant/antiperspirant2-2.7oz1.49
EdwardsHealth & BeautyWet ones wipes24-40ct2/$4
HH sprgfldLaundryAll laundry det/pacs or fabric softener33-40use, 20-24ct, 80ct2.99
Rhodes Price ChopperLaundryAll liquid/pacs/fabric softener33-40oz/20-24ct/80ct2.99
walgreensLaundryArm&Hammer 2x liq det/power packs25-32lds/22pkBO@6.79G2free
fredsLaundrydowny fab softener64oz3
HH hollisterLaundryEar liq det50oz2.69
EdwardsLaundryEra 2x liquid26-32 use2.99
HH sprgfldLaundrySnuggle liq or sheets fabric softener20-40use, 24-80ct3.49
fredsLaundrysun liq det75oz2.25
Rhodes Price ChopperLaundryTide 2x liquid24-32 use4.88
targetLaundryTide liq det69-75oz7.49
walgreensLaundrytide simply clean&fresh/Era liq det25lds/32lds2.99
CVSLaundryTide simply fresh and clean liq det25lds2.94 Lmt 3
fredsLaundryTide/Gain liq det40oz/50oz4.5
DillonsLaundryTide/Gain liquid92-100oz9.99
HH hollisterLaundryXtra 2x liq det50uze1.99
HyVee LaundryXtra liquid750z5/$10
HH hollisterMeat - BeefBacon wrapped filet mignon8oz5.99 ea
DillonsMeat - BeefBall park beef franks14-15oz2/$6
HH hollisterMeat - Beefboneless beef round steakper lb4.99
DillonsMeat - BeefChuck roastper lb2.99
CM HSNMeat - Beefgound beefwhole tube approx 10lbs2.88/lb
CM HSNMeat - Beefground beef family packper lb3.09
murfins Meat - Beefsirloin tip roastper lb4.79
EdwardsMeat - BeefSirloin Tip Steakper lb4.99
murfins Meat - Beefsirloin tip steakper lb4.99
harpsMeat - Beeftbone steaksper lb8.99
HH hollisterMeat - Lunch / SlicedArmour lunchmakersper pkg0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - Lunch / SlicedLunchables-OM8-11.1oz1.88
EdwardsMeat - Lunch / SlicedLunchables-OM8-11.1oz2/$4
CM HSNMeat - Lunch / SlicedOM dbl chz basic lunchables4-3oz0.79
HyVee Meat - MiscBar S Meat Franks12oz0.77
HyVee Meat - MiscOM Bologna/Salami14-16oz3/$3Lm3
HH hollisterMeat - PorkBoston roastper lb2.69
CM HSNMeat - Porkbutt pork steaksper lb2.19
CM HSNMeat - PorkCneter cut pork steaksper lb2.39
CM HSNMeat - Porkcounrty style ribsper lb2.59
KrogerMeat - PorkHillshire Farm Smoked Sausage13-14oz2.99
HH hollisterMeat - Porkpork sirloin chopsper lb2.99
HartsMeat - PorkSirloin chops-bonelessfamily pk per lb2.49
murfins Meat - Poultrybc chick breast/tenders3lb bag5.99
EdwardsMeat - PoultryChicken breast/tenders-BC3lb5.99
HartsMeat - PoultryChicken breast/tenders-BC3lb bag5.49
DillonsMeat - PoultryChicken leg quarters10lb bag5.9
EdwardsMeat - PoultryChicken wings-BC3lb4.99
HH hollisterMeat - PoultryHoneysuckle bone in white turkey breastper lb1.49 Lmt 2
hrpsMeat - PoultryJenni-O turkey bacon12oz1.99
harpsMeat - PoultryJenni-O turkey franks12oz0.99
CM HSNMisc ItemsBC sandwich/snack bags50ct0.99
HH sprgfldMisc ItemsBetty crocker potatoes3.7-6.6oz5/$5
harpsMisc ItemsBob Evans side dishes12-24oz2.99
harpsMisc ItemsCrystal lite drink mix2qt1.88
harpsMisc ItemsCrystal lite liquid enhancers1.62oz2.99
harpsMisc ItemsDuracell batteries-AA/AAA, C/D, 9V4ct, 2ct, 1ct2/$6
walgreensMisc ItemsNestle candy bars0.77-2.1oz2/$1 Lmt 4
DGMisc ItemsRubbermaid easy find lids containers22pk10
targetMisc ItemsSodastream Jet soda maker in blackea49.99
CVSMisc ItemsZiploc food storage bags15-100ct2/$6
harpsMisc ItemsZiplock freezer storagge bags8-24ct2/$5
harpsOral CareArm&Hammer toothpaste4.5-6.3oz3.24
CM HSNPaperAngel Soft TP12rolls4.19
CM HSNPaperBC napkins120ct0.89
targetPaperBounty Basic PT12 big rolls8.99
targetPaperBounty PT 8 giant rolls8.99
harpsPaperBrawny PT6-8 rolls7.28
HH sprgfldPaperCharmin Big roll ultra soft/strong9 rolls4.83
MarvinsPaperKleenex 85ct3/$3
targetPaperKleenex tissue long box3-4pk5.49
EdwardsPaperPaper Towels-Bounty Basic6mega roll6.99
DillonsPaperPaper Towels-Brawny6-8 roll5.99
HyVee PaperPaper Towels-Sparkle6pik a sz/8reg roll4.99
CVSPaperPuffs pop ups/plus with lotion/car cup tissues96ct/48-68ct/30ct0.99
walgreensPaperpuffs tissue56ct0.99
walgreensPaperQuilted northern TP12 dbl rolls5.99
walgreensPaperScott TP16 big rolls7.99
fredsPaperScott TP4 rolls3.5
fredsPapersparkle PT8 giant rolls 7.75
HyVeePaperTP-Angel Soft8tripl/12dbl/24reg roll4.99
DillonsPaperTP-Quilted Northern12dbl roll5.99
CM HSNPaperViva Big PT6 rolls8.99
walgreensPaperViva PT6 rolls5.99
HH sprgfldPasta - DryAm beauty or ronzoni pasta12-16oz0.99
CM HSNPasta - DryBC-spag, thin spag, angel hair, ling, fettuc16oz0.79
CM HSNPasta - DryBetty Crocker helpers-hamb, tuna, chick5.6oz0.99
HyVee Pasta - DryKraft Mac & Chz orig 5ct2.47
fredsPasta - DryKraft Mac&chz7.25oz0.75
HH hollisterPasta - DryMaruchan Ramen noodles3oz0.2
HudsonsPasta - DryPasta-BC16oz0.79
MarvinsPasta - DryPasta-BC16oz3/$2
CM HSNPasta - DryRonce pasta12-16oz0.99
targetPetsArm&Hammer cat litter40lbs13.49
HH hollisterPetsKibbles N bits dog food13-16lbs9.99
targetPetsMeow Mix16lb bag10.99
HH hollisterPetsMeow mix16lbs9.99
Rhodes Price ChopperPetsMeow mix/kibbles n bits13.5-16lb10.99
targetPetsScoop away cat litter34lbs10.99
aldiProduce - Fruitblueberries1 pint1.25
aldiProduce - Fruitcantaloupeea0.99
Price CutterProduce - FruitCantaloupeeach2/$3
HudsonsProduce - FruitCantaloupeeach2/$4
EdwardsProduce - FruitClementines3lb4.99
HH hollisterProduce - Fruitclementines3lb bag4.99
HyVee Produce - FruitColorado peachesper lb0.88
KrogerProduce - FruitGreen Grapesper lb1.28
DillonsProduce - FruitHoneydew Meloneach2/$5
HH hollisterProduce - Fruitnaval oranges3lb bag3.49
DillonsProduce - FruitRaspberries6oz0.99
harpsProduce - Fruitred delicious applesper lb0.99
HH sprgfldProduce - Fruitred, black, or grn seedless grapesper lb1.69
aldiProduce - Fruitstrawberries16oz1.25
KrogerProduce - FruitStrawberries16oz1.68
aldiProduce - Fruitwatermelonea2.99
DillonsProduce - FruitWatermelon-seedlesseach3.99
aldiProduce - Veggiesavocadoesea0.33
MarvinsProduce - VeggiesBaby Carrots1lb1
HartsProduce - VeggiesBroccoli Crownsper lb0.99
HH hollisterProduce - Veggiesbroccoli crowns per lb0.99
HH hollisterProduce - Veggiescabbageper lb0.39
CM HSNProduce - VeggiesCabbageper lb0.48
HH hollisterProduce - VeggiesCeleryea0.99
HH hollisterProduce - Veggiescucumbersea2/$1
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesDole Caesar SAlad kits10 oz2/$4
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesDole Classic iceberg salad mix12oz1.19
HyVee Produce - VeggiesDole Premium Classic Salad8-12oz3/$5
HH sprgfldProduce - Veggiesgrape tomatoes10oz1.79
HH sprgfldProduce - Veggiesgreen beansper lb0.89
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesGreen Beansper lb0.99
HH hollisterProduce - VeggiesGreen bell peppersea2/$1
KrogerProduce - VeggiesGreen Bell peppers/cucumberseach2/$1
murfins Produce - Veggiesgrn bell peppersea0.79
HH sprgfldProduce - VeggiesGrn giant mini peeled carrots1lb0.99
CM HSNProduce - VeggiesGrn Giant whole mushrooms8oz2/$5
HyVee Produce - VeggiesHatch chili peppersper lb0.98
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesIceburg Lettucehead0.99
harpsProduce - Veggiesred onionsper lb0.79
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesRed onionsper lb0.79
harpsProduce - Veggiesred, grn, or black seedless grapesper lb1.79
KrogerProduce - VeggiesRoma Tomatoesper lb0.99
DillonsProduce - VeggiesRomaine/Red/Green Leaf Lettuceeach0.99
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10lb2.79
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10lb bag2.49
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10lb bag2.99
aldiProduce - Veggiessweet corn4pk1.25
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesSweet Cornear3/$1
KrogerProduce - VeggiesTomatoesper lb0.98
HH hollsiterProduce - Veggiestomatoes on the vineper lb0.99
walgreensSchool Suppliesbic brite liner highlighters5pk0.79 lmt 2
DillonsSchool SuppliesCrayola Colored Pencils12ct0.99
walgreensSchool SuppliesCrayola colored pencils/markers/crayons12pk/8-10pk/24pk0.99
targetSchool SuppliesElmers classroom pk disappearing purple glue sticks18pk5.99
DillonsSchool SuppliesElmers Glue sticks6ct1.99
DGSchool SuppliesExpo dry erase markers2pk1.5
DGSchool SuppliesPapermate ink joy pens8pk2
walgreensSchool Suppliespapermate mechanical pencils or stick pens10pk0.49
DGSchool SuppliesPapermate pencils5pk2
kmartSchool SuppliesRoseart crayons24ct0.75
DGSchool SuppliesSharpie fine markers2pk1
DGSchool SuppliesSharpie permanent markers with bonus twin tip5pk3
DillonsSchool SuppliesTop Flight Filler Paper150ct0.79
DillonsSchool SuppliesTop Flight Spiral Notebook70 sheets0.19
walgreensSchool Supplieswexford index cards 3x5in100ct0.29 Lmt 3
DillonsSnacksBlue Diamond Nut thins4.25oz2/$4
fredsSnacksChips Ahoy cookies11.75-13oz2.5
Price CutterSnacksDoritos10-11oz1.99
harpsSnacksFrito lay multi pack20ct2/$10
harpsSnacksHunt's snack paks4ct0.88
Price CutterSnacksHunts snack pk pudding/gel4pk0.88
Price CutterSnackskeebler vanilla wafers12oz1.89
CVSSnacksKellogg's nutrigrain bars5-10ct1.99
HH hollisterSnacksMama lupez tortilla chips10oz0.99
CM HSNSnacksNabisco Cheese Nips10-11oz1.69
EdwardsSnacksPlanters Peanuts16oz2.99
HH hollisterSnacksPlanters peanuts16oz2.99
CVSSnacksSpecial K bars5-10ct1.99 Lmt 6
HyVee SnacksSunchips, Fritos, Cheetos7-9.75oz3/$6Lm3
Price CutterSnacksTostitos9-13oz2/$5
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC seasonings2.5oz0.89
HyVee SpreadsPeanut Butter-HyVee16-18oz0.99Lm2
Price CutterSpreadsPeanut Butter-Peter Pan13-16.3oz1.68
MarvinsSpreadsPeanut Butter-Peter Pan15-16.3oz2/$4