Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ozark's List 12/16-12/23/14 BY CATEGORY!

Don't forget, this will be the last list before Christmas!  We will be taking off next week to enjoy some time with our families!   From all of us at Couponers of the Ozarks, we wish you a safe & Merry Christmas!    God Bless!

Save-A-Lot***= 12/19-12/20/14 ONLY

HH hollADULT (21+)Barefoot bubbly or Beringer select wines750ml6.99
CVSADULT (21+)Barefoot wine1.5 L9.99
HH hollADULT (21+)Bud, miller lite, coors24pk cans17.99
Price CutterADULT (21+)Budweiser "Ritas"12pk cans/btls10.49
Price CutterADULT (21+)Cayman Jacks/Mikes12pk 8oz cans10.99
HH hollADULT (21+)Keystone, miller high life, natural lite30pk cans15.99
walgreensBabyHuggies diapers48-68ct21.99
MarvinsBabyLuvs Diapers21-48ct5.99
walgreensBabyPampers diapers18-37pk2/$20
HH sprgfldBakingBakers angel flake coconut14oz1.99
HudsonsBakingBakers flake coconut14oz1.99
Edwards BakingBC Almond Bark20oz1.99
CM HSNBakingBC cake mixes16.5oz0.69
CHH hollBakingBC canole or veg oil48 oz1.99
Edwards BakingBC Chicken Broth14oz2/$1
CM HSNBakingBC cranberrry sauce14oz0.79
CM HSNBakingBC evap milk12 oz0.78
Edwards BakingBC Evaporated Milk12oz0.79
CM HSNBakingBC flake coconut7oz1.29
FredsBakingCrisco Shortening16oz2.OO
HudsonsBakingDaVinci Xtra virgin olive oil17oz3.99
Rhodes Price ChopperBakingDuncan Hines Cake Mix16.5oz0.97LM5
Price CutterBakingHershey's baking chips8-12oz2/$4
CM HSNBakingJet puffed marshmallows3-10oz0.99
Price CutterBakingJet puffed marshmallows3-10oz0.99
CM HSNBakingJiffy corn muffin mix8.5oz2/$1
Price CutterBakingKeebler ready crust9 inch3/$5
Price CutterBakingLucky Leaf Pie Filling apple or cherry21oz1.99
harpsBakingNestle baking chips10-12oz1.98
Rhodes Price ChopperBakingNestle Morsels10-12oz1.88
HH sprgfldBakingNestle toll house morsels10-12oz2/%5
CM HSNBakingPET evap milk12 oz0.99
Edwards Bakingsweetened condensed milk-BC14oz1.29
Rhodes Price ChopperBakingWesson Oil48oz2.37
CM HSNBread - BunsOzark brown N serve rolls12ct0.98
Hudsons (ONLY)Bread - BunsOzark Hearth brown & serve rolls12ct0.88
HudsonsBread - LoafIron Kids Bread24oz2/$3
HH hollBread - LoafOazark white/wheat bread16oz0.99
HudsonsBread - LoafSara Lee Classic 100% Wheat20oz2/$3
Price CutterBread - LoafSunbeam old fashioned bread/Wonder white/Natures own Hny Wheat20-24oz1.99
MarvinsBread - Refrid.Grands biscuits 16.3-17.3oz0.98
HudsonsBread - Refrid.Grands biscuits 16.3-17.3oz0.99
HH sprgfldBread - Refrid.Pillsbury grand biscuits16.3-17.3oz0.99
harpsBread - Refrid.Sister schubert dinner rolls11-15.8oz2/$5
Edwards BreakfastCovered Wagon Bacon10lb box16.99
Edwards BreakfastFarmland Bacon24oz4.99
Edwards BreakfastFarmland sliced bacon12-16oz2.99
harpsBreakfasthormel lil sizzlers12oz0.99
MarvinsBreakfastJC potter rolled sausage16oz2.99
Rhodes Price ChopperBreakfastTyson sliced bacon16oz2.97
walgreenCanned - MeatChick of the sea chnk lite tuna5oz0.69 Lmt 3
HH hollCanned - SidesBC kidney or chili beans15oz0.39
CM HSNCanned - Soup, Canned - SoupBC broth13.7oz0.59
HH hollCanned - Soup, Canned - SoupBC broth32oz1.75
HH hollCanned - Soup, Canned - SoupBC crm of chick or mshroom10.25oz0.69
Rhodes Price ChopperCanned - Soup, Canned - SoupCampbell's Cream soup10.75oz0.88
harpsCanned - Soup, Canned - Soupcampbell's crm of chick or mshrm10.75oz0.88
walgreensCanned - Soup, Canned - SoupCampbell's crm of chick or mshrm10.75oz0.75 Lmt 3
HyVeeCanned - Soup, Canned - SoupCampbells crm of mushrm/crm of chkn10.75oz0.48LM4
HH hollCanned - Veg/FruitBC tomatoes14.5oz0.39
CM HSNCanned - Veg/FruitBC vegs-peas, corn, cut grn beans15oz0.39
Edwards Canned - Veg/FruitCranberry Sauce-BC14oz0.79
HH holllCanned - Veg/FruitDel Monte pineapple15.25oz0.89
CM HSNCanned - Veg/FruitDel Monte Pineapple15oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperCanned - Veg/FruitDel Monte Veggies14.5-15oz0.39LM6
HH hollCanned - Veg/FruitDel monte vegs-corn, peas, grn beans15oz0.49
HyVeeCanned - Veg/FruitHyVee green beans/Corn14.5-15.25oz0.29LM6
HyVeeCanned - Veg/FruitOcean Spray Cranberry Sauce14oz1.38
Edwards Canned - Veg/FruitPumpkin-BC15oz0.79
Edwards Canned - Veg/FruitSweet Potatoes-BC15oz0.79
Price CutterCanned - Veg/FruitVeggies-BC11-15.25oz0.39LM6
walgreensCerealquaker 13-16oz1.88
Rhodes Price ChopperCleaningCascade action pks14-20ct3.47
FredsCleaningClorox Smart Seek Bleach64oz2.OO
walgreensCleaningDawn dish soap9oz0.99 lmt 4
FredsCleaningDish Soap-Sun40oz2/$3
FredsCleaningGlad Trash Bags13gal 25-45ct5.OO
DGCleaningPalmolive/ajax dish soap12.6oz/14oz0.95
CM HSNCondimentsBC chili sauce 12oz0.99
CM HSNCondimentsClaussen pickles20-32oz2/$5
CM HSNCondimentsKraft miracle whip or mayo30oz1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperCondimentsKraft salad dressing15-16oz1.58
CM HNSCondimentsKraft salad drsg16oz3/$5
CM HSNCondimentsVlasic pickles24-32oz2.29
Edwards Dairy - ButterBC Butter quarters16oz2/$5
allensDairy - Butterblue bonnet45oz tub1.39
harpsDairy - Butterblue bonnet marg16oz0.88
Edwards Dairy - ButterBlue Bonnet Stix16oz0.69
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - ButterBlue Bonnet tub45oz2.37
aldi onlyDairy - Buttercntryside crmry butter16oz2.29
HudsonsDairy - ButterHiland Butter1lb2.58
HH sprgfldDairy - ButterHiland butter1lb2.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - ButterHiland Butter 1lb2.47
CM HSNDairy - ButterImperial sticks16oz0.69
Save a LotDairy - ButterImperial stix16oz0.69
Price CutterDairy - ButterLand O Lakes Butter16oz2/$6
HH sprgfldDairy - ButterMove Over butter10.5oz tub0.89
HudsonsDairy - ButterMove over butter10.5oz tub0.89
Edwards Dairy - CheeseBC Cream Cheese8oz0.79
CHH sprgfldDairy - CheeseBC crm chz8oz0.89
CM HSNDairy - CheeseBC shredded8oz1.99
HyVeeDairy - CheeseKraft Grated Parmesan8oz2.99
HH hollDairy - CheeseKraft shredded chnk cube 8oz3/$5
Edwards Dairy - CheeseKraft shreds, cubes, Chunk, crumbles5-8oz3/$5
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - CheeseKraft shreds, cubes, Chunk, crumbles6-8oz1.88
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - CheesePhiladelphia Cream Cheese8oz1.37
HyVeeDairy - CheesePhiladelphia Cream Cheese8oz bar0.99LM2
harpsDairy - Cheesesargento chnk or shredded3.5-8oz2.28
HH hollDairy - MiscBC 2% milkgallon3.69
harpsDairy - Miscdaisy cottage chz or sour crm16oz1.98
HH sprgfldDairy - MiscDaisy cottage chz or sour crm16oz1.99
Hudsons (ONLY)Dairy - MiscHiland Cottage Cheese16oz2/$3
HH sprgfldDairy - MiscHiland dips/sour crm16oz1.79
harpsDairy - MiscHiland Nog64oz3.99
allensDairy - Mischiland whipping crn1/2 pint2/$3
HudsonsDairy - MiscSour cream/dip-Hiland16oz3/$4
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscSour cream/dip-Hiland8oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscYoplait Greek Yogurt5.3oz0.77
HH sprglfdDairy - MiscYoplait greek yogurt5.3oz0.89
HH hollDairy - MiscYoplait yogurt6oz0.49
CM HSNDeliWillowbrook smkd turkey breastper lb2.99
HyVeeDrinks7UP products12pk4/$10Lm4
HH hollDrinksBC soda2L0.69
HyVeeDrinksCoke products12pk4/$11LM4
DGDrinksCoke products12pk can3/$10
CVSDrinksCoke products12pk cans3/$9 lmt 3
DGDrinksCoke, diet coke, or sprite2L3/$3
murfinsDrinkscoke, sprite, DP12pk cans4/$13
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksCoke/Pepsi/Dr Pepper/7UP/RC2liter0.88LM5
DGDrinksDasani water 24pk bottles3.95
Price CutterDrinksDr Pepper12pk2.99
murfinsDrinksHiland OJhalf gal1.49
CM HSNDrinksHiland OJhalf gal1.88
HH sprgfldDrinksHiland OJ gallon3.29
harpsDrinkslipton tea12pk bottles4.99
MarvinsDrinksMaxwell House/Yuban coffee28-31oz5.99
Edwards DrinksMaxwell House/Yuban coffee28-31oz6.99
HyVeeDrinksMaxwell House/Yuban coffee excl decaf28-31oz5.99LM1
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksNestle Hot cocoa6ct0.77
Price CutterDrinksOcean Spray Juice64oz2/$4
Price CutterDrinksOJ-Hiland1/2 gal1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksOJ-Hilandgallon3.29
HudsonsDrinksOJ-Minute Maid 59oz carton2/$5
DGDrinksPepsi or Mtn dew12pk cans3/$10
Edwards DrinksPepsi products12pk4/$10LM10
allensDrinkspepsi products12pk cans4/$10
Edwards DrinksPepsi products2liter0.88LM10
HH hollDrinksPepsi, coke, DP2L0.99
hartsDrinkspepsi, DP, or mtn dew12pk cans4/$12
Price CutterDrinksPowerade32oz0.79
CM HSNDrinkspowerade32oz0.88
HH sprgfldDrinksRed diamond teagallon2/$5
HudsonsDrinksRed Diamond tea/lemonade56oz0.99
KrogerDrinksstarbucks bagged coffee/k cups10-12oz/10ct5.99
KrogerEggsLarge kroger18ct1.99
walgreensElectronicsDuracell AA/AAA coppertop batteries16pk8.99
FredsFeminine CarePoise Pads12-44ct5.OO
CM HSNFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBC frozen veggies16oz0.88
Price CutterFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBirdseye Veggies10-16oz0.77
HyVeeFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBirdseye Veggies10-16oz0.88
Edwards Frozen - Fruits/VeggiesSliced strawberries-BC15-15.5oz1.69
CM HSNFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesWestpac veggies16oz0.89
harpsFrozen - Fruits/Veggieswestpac vegs14-16oz0.88
DillonsFrozen - MealsPizza-Digiorno/Calif Pza Kitchen11.9-34.2oz4.99
Edwards Frozen - MealsReames Egg Noodles16oz2/$4
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - MealsTotinos pizzas6.9-10.9oz0.98
Edwards Frozen - SweetBC Whip Topping8oz0.69
HyVeeFrozen - SweetBlue Bunny Ice cream4qt pail4.99
Edwards Frozen - SweetCool Whip8oz0.89
HyVeeFrozen - SweetCool Whip8oz0.68LM2
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - SweetCool Whip8oz0.69LM2
CM HSNFrozen - SweetCool whip 8oz0.99
DGFrozen - SweetEdy's ice cream48oz3
harpsFrozen - SweetMrs Smith's cobbler32oz2.98
Save a LotFrozen - SweetMrs Smiths apple/cherry pie27oz2.49
Edwards Frozen - SweetMrs Smiths Cobblers32oz2/$5
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - SweetMrs Smiths fruit pies28-37oz3.27
Edwards Frozen - SweetPillsbury Pet Ritz pie crusts10-12oz3/$5
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - SweetPillsbury Pet Ritz pie crusts10-14.1oz1.97
CM HSNHealth & BeautyArm&Hammer or Arrid Deod2.5oz1.69
walgreensHealth & BeautyBarbasol/Pure silk shave cremes10oz/8oz0.99
MarvinsHealth & BeautyBlistex lip balm.15oz0.99
harpsHealth & Beautyblistex lip balm0.13oz1.96
murfinsHealth & BeautyBlistex lip balm0.15-0.32oz2/$3
HH sprgfldHealth & BeautyHead&shoulder shamp/cond14.2oz4.49
HH sprgfldHealth & BeautyLady or Mennen spped stick deod2.3-3oz2.29
harpsHealth & Beautysecret or Old spice deod2.6-3.25oz2.28
Rhodes Price ChopperHealth & BeautyShampoo/Cond-Head & Shoulders14.2oz4.49
DGHealth & BeautyTresemme shamp/cond25oz3.5
DGHealth & BeautyWet N Wild-Color icon eyeshadow, silk finish lipstick/liner, or wild shine naileach1
KrogerLaundryArm & Hammer 45-75oz2.99
FredsLaundryBounce bursts/unstoppables/gain firewrks9.7oz3.95
KmartLaundryCheer liquid100oz8.99
Rhodes Price ChopperLaundryGain Flings/Tide Pods14ct3.47
FredsLaundryGain Flings/Tide Pods14ct3.95
Family DollarLaundryGain liquid100oz8.95
HH hollLaundryPurex liq det25-33use1.99
CVSLaundryTide liq det19-32 lds5.94 lmt 4
FredsLaundryTide Simply clean25LD2.95
Save a LotMeat - BeefBone IN Beef Rib Roastper lb5.99
HH sprgfldMeat - Beefbone in prime rib roastper lb8.99
CM HSNMeat - Beefground beefwhole tube approx 10 lbs2.88/lb
allensMeat - Beefground chuckper lb3.79
aldiMeat - Beefsirloin tip roastper lb3.99
HyVeeMeat - Lunch / SlicedOM Deli Fresh Lunchmeat5.5-9oz2/$5
HH sprgfldMeat - MiscCarolina pride cocktail smokies14-16oz2.29
aldi onlyMeat - Porkappleton spiral cut hamper lb1.99
harpsMeat - PorkBC whole spiral sliced hamper lb1.99
Price CutterMeat - PorkBC whole/half spiral cut hamper lb1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - PorkBC whole/half spiral cut hamper lb2.19
Save a Lot***Meat - PorkBone IN Sirloin pork roastper lb1.49
hartsMeat - Porkboneless center cut pork chopsper lb2.19
hartsMeat - Porkboneless center cut pork loinper lb1.99
CM HSNMeat - PorkCntry style pork ribsper lb2.19
Save a LotMeat - PorkCook's Shank Portion Hamper lb1.29
HudsonsMeat - PorkCook's Shank Portion Hamper lb1.68/lbLm1
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - PorkCooks supertrim whole hamper lb1.88
HyVeeMeat - PorkCooks whole ham skinless shanklessper lb1.99/lbLM1
CM HSNMeat - PorkCorn King whole boneless ham4lbs7.99
HyVeeMeat - PorkFarmland bnls whole hamper lb1.97
Price CutterMeat - PorkHillshire Farm Summer Sausage9oz2.79
Price CutterMeat - PorkHormel cure 81 spiral sliced hamper lb2.79
aldiMeat - Porkloin roastper lb2.99
KrogerMeat - PorkSmithfield shank half hamper lb1.59/lbLM2
HH sprgfldMeat - Porkspare ribsper lb2.49
Edwards(ONLY)Meat - PoultryBC Fresh Turkeysper lb1.69
hartsMeat - PoultryBC frozen turkeysper lb0.89
HH hollMeat - PoultryBC frozen turkeysper lb1.19
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - PoultryBC Turkeyper lb0.99
Save a Lot***Meat - PoultryBnls Sknls Chicken Breastper lb1.99
Edwards Meat - PoultryButterball frozen turkeysper lb1.29
aldiMeat - Poultrybutterball turkey10-22lbs1.19/lb
Edwards Meat - PoultryHoneysuckle frozen turkeysper lb1.19
HudsonsMeat - PoultryHoneysuckle frzn bone in turkey breastper lb1.68
Hudsons (ONLY)Meat - PoultrySplit Chicken Breast bone inper lb0.98
HH hollMeat - Seafoodred claw king crab legsper lb9.99
CM HSNMisc ItemsBC stuffing6oz0.69
MarvinsMisc ItemsCountry Crock Side Dishes20-23oz1.99
Edwards Misc ItemsCountry Crock Side Dishes20-23oz2/$5
harpsMisc Itemsfrenchs french fried onions6oz2.98
CM HSNMisc ItemsHandi foil turkey roasterea0.99
CM HSNMisc ItemsJersey glovesea2/$1
harpsMisc ItemsKeurig elite brewerea99.99
walgreensMisc ItemsNestle candy bars0.77-2.1oz0.59 Lmt 3
harpsMisc Itemsreeses croutons5-6oz0.88
murfinsMisc ItemsStove top stuffing6oz0.89 Lmt 3
harpsOral Carecrest toothpaste6.4oz1.5
CVSPaperAngel soft TP12 rolls4.99 Lmt 6
walgreensPaperCottonelle TP18 rolls7.49
FredsPaperPaper Towels-Bounty Basic8 roll4.95
FredsPaperPaper Towels-Sparkle3 roll2/$5
walgreensPaperQuilted northern TP12 rolls5.99
walgreensPaperScott TP12 rolls7.49
FredsPaperTP-Charmin Basic12dbl roll4.95
FredsPaperTP-Charmin Ultra16dbl roll9.OO
HyVeePaperTP-Cottonelle12dbl/9mega roll5.99
KrogerPaperTP-Quilted Northern12dbl roll5.99
walgreensPaperViva PT6 rolls5.99
KmartPetsAlpo come & get it/Kit n Kaboodle16lb/13lb8.49
DGPetsArm&Hammer litter-dbl duty or ultra last12lbs5.5
KrogerPetsDog Food-Pedigree14-17lb bag10.99
KrogerPetsMilk Bone Dog biscuits9-24oz2/$5
HyVeeProduce - FruitApples-Braeburnper lb0.68
MarvinsProduce - FruitApples-Red Delicious8lb bag3.99
MarvinsProduce - FruitApples-Red Deliciousper lb0.89
HH hollProduce - FruitHalo clemintines3lbs2.99
HH hollProduce - FruitHead lettuceea0.99
aldiProduce - Fruithoney crisp apples2lbs1.98
murfinsProduce - Fruitjonathan apples3lbs1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitNavel Oranges8lb bag3.99
aldiProduce - Fruitnavel oranges 4lbs1.68
CM HSNProduce - FruitNavel oranges or red del apples8lbs3.88
aldiProduce - Fruitpears4pk0.99
aldiProduce - Fruitpineappleea1.29
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitPineappleeach1.97
Edwards Produce - FruitPineappleeach2/$3
CM HSNProduce - Fruitpineapplesea1.99
Price CutterProduce - FruitPomegranateseach0.99
allensProduce - Fruitred or grn seedless grapesper lb1.69
HH hollProduce - Fruitred seedless grapesper lb1.89
HH sprgfldProduce - Fruitred seedless grapesper lb1.99
HH sprgfldProduce - VeggiesApio veggie tray with ranch dip36oz6.99
HH hollProduce - VeggiesApio veggies tray36oz5.99
hartsProduce - Veggiesavocadoesea0.69
Edwards Produce - VeggiesAvocadoseach0.69
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesAvocadoseach0.79
HyVeeProduce - VeggiesBaby carrots16oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesBaby carrots2lb1.88
KrogerProduce - VeggiesBroccoli Crowns/Green Beansper lb0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesBrussel Sproutsper lb1.88
HH hollProduce - Veggiesceleryea0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesCeleryeach0.89
Edwards Produce - VeggiesCucumberseach2/$1
CM HSNProduce - Veggiescucumbers or green bell peppersea2/$1
hartsProduce - VeggiesDole classic iceberg salad or cole slaw mix12-14oz0.89
allensProduce - Veggiesgrape tomatoes10oz2.19
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesGreen bell pepperseach0.69
HyVeeProduce - VeggiesLrg Green Bell Pepperseach2/$1
Price CutterProduce - VeggiesMushrooms8oz2/$3
harpsProduce - VeggiesNature sweet cherub tomatoes10.5oz2.99
aldiProduce - VeggiesRusset potatoes10lb bag1.49
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10lb bag1.77
Edwards Produce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10lb bag1,69
HH sprgfldProduce - Veggiesrusset potatoes10lbs1.99
CM HSNProduce - VeggiesRusset potatoes10lbs2.28
murfinsProduce - Veggiessweet cherub tomatoes10.5oz2/$5
aldiProduce - Veggiessweet potatoes3lbs0.99
hartsProduce - Veggiessweet potatoesper lb0.49
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesSweet Potatoesper lb0.49
MarvinsProduce - VeggiesSweet Potatoesper lb0.49
CM HSNProduce - Veggiessweet potatoesper lb0.69
HudsonsProduce - VeggiesSweet Yellow Onionsper lb0.89
Edwards Produce - VeggiesYellow Onions3lb bag0.99
allensProduce - Veggiesyellow onionsper lb0.49
walgreensSeasonalHershey's holiday candies7.8-8.5oz2/$5
walgreensSeasonalRussell Stover chocolate candies0.875-1.25oz0.29 Lmt 6
Price CutterSeasonalStove Top6oz0.99
HH hollSnacksCheez its11-13oz1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksClub/townhouse crackers8.5-16oz1.77
DGSnacksDoritos10-11ozB2@3.50ea G1free
walgreensSnacksDoritos or Lay's9.5-11ozB1@4.29G1free
DGSnacksLay's chips9.5-11ozB2@3.50 each G1free
Price CutterSnacksLays Chips9.5-10oz1.77Lm3
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksLays Chips9.5oz1.88
HH hollSnacksMama Lupe tortilla chips10oz0.99
Edwards SnacksMunchies8oz2/$5
harpsSnacksNabisco wheat thins or triscuits3.5-9.1oz2/$4
Price CutterSnacksOcean Spray Craisins5oz2/$3
Price CutterSnacksOreos8.5-15.25oz2/$5
HyVeeSnacksParty Sz Doritos/Ruffles/Tostitos13-20oz3/$10
harpsSnacksplanters cashews or mixed nuts8-10.3oz3.98
harpsSnacksplanters deluxe mixed nuts8oz4.98
HyVeeSnacksRitz/Nabisco snack crackers3.5-14.2oz1.77
Edwards SnacksRold Gold Pretzels7-16oz2/$5
HudsonsSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC Brown/powder sugar2lb0.99LM4
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC flour5lbs1.19
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC gran sugar4lbs1.39
HH hollSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC pwdr or brwn sugars2lb1.19
HH sprgfldSpices, Sugar, Ect...C&H gran sugar4lbs1.79
Edwards Spices, Sugar, Ect...Flour-BC5lb1.39
Rhodes Price ChopperSpices, Sugar, Ect...Gold Medal Flour4.25-5lb1.77
Edwards Spices, Sugar, Ect...Sugar-BC4lb1.59
Rhodes Price ChopperSpices, Sugar, Ect...Sugar-C&H4lb1.67
KrogerSpreadsKroger Peanut Butter15-16oz2/$3
HyVeeSpreadsPeanut Butter-Skippy15-16.3oz1.77LM2
KmartToysCabbage Patch Twinkle Toes Dollseach29.99
KmartToysCool Baker Cake pop makereach9.99
FredsToysDisney Doc McStuffins Dolleach8.OO
KmartToysEasy Bake Ultimate Oveneach39.99
FredsToysFisher Price Bubble Guppies BAth Squirterseach8.OO
FredsToysFisher Price corn popper push alongeach10.95
walgreensToyshot wheels vehiclesea0.69 Lmt 4
KmartToysKinetic Sand SandboxEACH14.99
KmartToysLittle Tykes I'm an Artist sTationeach39.99
KmartToysThomas & Friends My First Ironworks Deliveryeach19.99