Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ozark's List 10/21-10/28/14 BY CATEGORY!!!

Another LONG LIST!   Over 350 Items!  Time to start gearing up for all of the holiday baking & buying tons of candy!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Limited Day Sales:
K-Mart***= 10/23-10/25/14 ONLY

Rhodes Price ChopperADULT (21+)Arbor Mist wine750ml3.29
Rhodes Price ChopperADULT (21+)Coors LIght18pk cans/btls12.88
Rhodes Price ChopperBabyPampers Diapers21-44ct8.97
KmartBabySimilac Stage 1 formula/Gerber formula1.41-1.45lb/22.2-23.3oz23.99
CM HSNBakingBC almond bark20oz1.99
CM HSNBakingBC cake mixes16.5oz0.77
HH hollBakingBC choc chips12oz0.99
MarvinsBakingBC Cooking Oil48oz1.99
CM HSNBakingBC evaporated milk12oz0.79
HH hollBakingBC frosting16oz1.19
HH hollBakingBC oil-veg/canola48oz1.99
CM HSNBakingBC yeast mix3ct0.69
edwardsBakingbetty crocker baking mixes6.5-10.25oz0.88
edwardsBakingbetty crocker cake mix15.25-19oz0.99
HyVee(only)BakingHyVee Baking Chips10-12oz0.99Lm2
CM HSNBakingJiffy corn muffin mix8.5oz0.59
CM HSNBakingPET evap milk12oz0.99
DillonsBakingPompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil16oz4.99
Price CutterBakingStar Olive OIl16.9oz4.99
DillonsBread - BunsDillons Buns8ct10/$10
DillonsBread - LoafDillons Bread24oz10/$10
hudson'sBread - LoafIron Kids Bread24 oz1.5
Rhodes Price ChopperBread - LoafIron Kids Bread24oz2/$3
murfinsBread - LoafIron kids sandwich bread24oz1.99
CM HSNBread - LoafOzark hearth wheat bread16oz0.88
HH hollBread - LoafOzark wheat/white bread16oz0.99
HH sprgfldBread - Loafsara lee honey wheat bread20 oz2.19
Price CutterBread - LoafSunbeam giant/wonder sandwich 24oz1.99
Hudson'sBread - Refrid.B. C bisciuts10 count 12 oz0.89
CM HSNBread - Refrid.BC english muffins6ct0.88
CM HSNBread - Refrid.BC texas style biscuits12oz0.88
Rhodes Price ChopperBread - Refrid.Grands biscuits/crescent/cn rolls4-12oz0.99
HH sprgfldBread - Refrid.Pillsbury grands biscuits, crescents, cinn rolls4-12oz10/$10
Rhodes Price ChopperBreakfastEggo Waffles/Pancakes8.7-9.3oz/5-40ct1.88
hartsBreakfastfarmland bacon12-16oz2.99
edwardsBreakfastfarmland sausage links or rolls8-12oz0.99
MarvinsBreakfastFarmland Sliced Bacon12-16oz2.99
CM HSNBreakfastFolgers cntry roast34.5oz5.99
WalgreensBreakfastGM Cereal9.6-13 oz1.99
CM HSNBreakfastHormel sliced bacon24oz6.59
MarvinsBreakfastJC Potter Roll SAusage16oz2.99
DillonsBreakfastKroger bacon16oz2.99
harpsBreakfastMaxwell house or gevaliea cups12ct5.98
DillonsBreakfastPillsbury toaster strudels6ct3/$5
DillonsBreakfastQuaker instant oatmeal9.8-15.1 oz2/$4
harpsBreakfastwilliams sliced bacon40 oz9.99
Rhodes Price ChopperBreakfastWright Brand Sliced Bacon24oz5.99
harpsCanned - Meatarmour chili with beans15oz0.98
Hudson'sCanned - MeatStarkist Tuna5 oz0.99
HH hollCanned - PastaBC ravioli15oz0.49
Rhodes Price ChopperCanned - PastaCampbell's Canned pasta6-15.4oz0.88
CM HSNCanned - SauceBC cranberry sauce14oz0.99
harpsCanned - Sauceclassico pasta sauc15-24oz2.12
Rhodes Price ChopperCanned - SauceEmeril's pasta sauce25oz1.49
harpsCanned - SauceHunt's manwich15oz0.88
harpsCanned - SauceHunt's tomatoe sauce8oz4/$1
CM HSNCanned - Sauceprego pasta sauce24oz1.89
HH sprgfldCanned - SauceTaco Bell salsa-mild/medium16oz2/$3
HH sprgfldCanned - SauceTaco Bell sauces7.5-8oz5/$5
HH hollCanned - SidesBC beans-chili, kidney, pinto15oz0.39
edwardsCanned - Sidesbush's best beans15.5-16oz0.79
harpsCanned - Sidesbush's canned beans15-16oz0.88
HH sprgfldCanned - Sidesbushs best beans15-16oz0.89
harpsCanned - Sidesranch style beans15oz0.75
harpsCanned - Sidestaco bell refried beans16oz10/$10
HH sprgfldCanned - SidesTaco Bell refried beans16oz5/$5
HH hollCanned - SoupBC chnky soup18.8oz1.19
Rhodes Price ChopperCanned - SoupCampbell's Canned Soup6-15.4oz0.88
CM HSNCanned - Soupcampbells chick noodle or tomato10.75oz0.79
CM HSNCanned - SoupCampbells crm of chick/mushroom10.75oz10/$10
harpsCanned - Soupcampbells tomato or chick noodle10.75oz0.75
harpsCanned - Souphealthy choice15oz3/$4
edwardsCanned - Soupsweet sue broth-beef/chick14.5oz0.69
CM HSNCanned - Veg/FruitAllens/popeyes spinach/veg all15oz0.79
Hudson'sCanned - Veg/FruitBC canned veggies14.5-15.25 oz0.5
CM HSNCanned - Veg/FruitBC olives4.25oz0.69
CM HSNCanned - Veg/FruitBC pumpkin15oz0.99
HH hollCanned - Veg/FruitBC tomatoes14.5oz0.39
HH hollCanned - Veg/FruitBC veg-corn, peas, grn beans15oz0.39
CM HSNCanned - Veg/FruitDel Monte vegs-corn, peas, cut grn beans15.2oz0.59
CM HSNCanned - Veg/FruitGold star mandarin oranges11oz2/$1
CM HSNCanned - Veg/FruitHunt's tomatoes14.5oz0.88
Rhodes Price ChopperCanned - Veg/FruitLibby's canned veggies14.5-15oz0.49
CM HSNCanned - Veg/Fruitred gold diced chili tomatoes10oz0.69
harpsCanned - Veg/Fruitrotel10oz0.88
edwardsCerealGen Nills8.9-11.8oz5/$10
Rhodes Price ChopperCerealGeneral Mills8.9-10.6oz1.49
Price CutterCerealGeneral Mills8.9-11.8oz5/$10
HH hollCerealMalt O Meal cereals22/36oz2/$5
CM HSNCerealPost honey bunches of oats14.5oz4/$10
DillonsCerealQuaker Cap’N Crunch or Life 10.3-14oz2/$4
harpsCleaningclorox toilet bowl cleaner24oz1.98
FredsCleaningDish Soap-Dawn /Gain24-25oz1.75
FredsCleaningMean Green Cleanergallon/wipes 100ct4.25
HH sprgfldCleaningO-Cel-O sponges4ct2/$3
CM HSNCondimentsBC ketchup24oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperCondimentsWishbone dressing16oz1.77
CM HSNDairy - ButterBC margarine tub15oz1.09
edwardsDairy - Butterblue bonnett qtrs16oz0.69
CM HSNDairy - Butterblue bonnett qtrs16oz0.79
CM HSNDairy - ButterBlue bonnett tub45oz2.59
Hudson'sDairy - ButterHighland butter quarters1 lb3.48
Hudson'sDairy - CheeseB.C. chunk cheese8 oz3/$5
CM HSNDairy - CheeseBC chnk8oz1.99
HH sprgfldDairy - CheeseBC chnk8oz2/$4
CM HSNDairy - CheeseBC slices6oz1.99
Hudson'sDairy - CheeseHighland cottage cheese16 oz1.5
Hudson'sDairy - CheeseHighland cottage cheese16 oz1.5
DillonsDairy - CheeseKroger Cream Cheese8oz bar10/$10
HyVee Dairy - CheeseShred Cheese-HyVee6-8oz3/$5
edwardsDairy - Cheesevelveeta chz32oz5.99
Hudson'sDairy - MiscB.C. Sour Cream8 oz0.79
HH hollDairy - MiscBC 2% milkgallon3.69
CM HSNDairy - MiscBC sour crm8oz0.69
HH sprgfldDairy - MiscBC sour crm8oz0.69
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscDannon Activia4pk1.99
DillonsDairy - MiscDannon/Fage Greek yogurt5.3-7oz10/$10
Hudson'sDairy - MiscHighland Chocolate Milkhalf gallon2.69
Rhodes Price Chopper(only)Dairy - MiscHiland Yogurt6oz3/$1
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscSour Cream/Dip-Hiland16oz1.39
HyVee Dairy - MiscYogurt-Yoplait4 or 6oz0.39
CM HSNDairy - Miscyoplait greek 100 yogurt4pk3/$10
harpsDairy - Miscyoplait greek yogurt5.3oz0.89
harpsDairy - Miscyoplait yogurt4-6oz10/$5
allensDelihoneysuckle cajun turkey breastper lb3.99
allensDelihoneysuckle oil brwnd turkey breastper lb3.99
allensDeliwilson virginia or hny smkd hamper lb3.69
allensDeliyellow american cheeseper lb3.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinks7up/RC Cola 12pk5/$10
DillonsDrinksAquafina water24pk3/$10
murfinsDrinksBarq's, mello yello, fanta2L1
HH hollDrinksBC apple juice64oz0.99
HH hollDrinksBC soda2L0.69
Price CutterDrinkscoke2liter1
HyVee DrinksCoke Products12pk3/$10Lm3
harpsDrinksdasani water24pk bottles3.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksFanta Orange/Fanta Strwbrry/Mellow Ylw/Barqs2liter0.88
Hudson'sDrinksHighland Orange Juicegallon2.88
murfinsDrinksHiland OJgal2.99
HH sprgfldDrinksHiland OLhalf gal1.69
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksKool Aid Bursts6pk0.89
edwardsDrinkslipton tea12pk bottles4.99
harpsDrinkslipton tea12pk bottles4.99
FredsDrinksNestle Hot Cocoa6pk0.85
CM HSNDrinksNestle rich hot cocoa6ct0.95
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksPepsi2liter0.99
edwardsDrinkspepsi products12pk cans3/$11
HyVee DrinksPepsi Products24pk2/$12Lm2
allensDrinkspepsi products24pk cans6.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksSwiss Miss Hot Chocolate10ct0.88
FredsDrinksV8 Splash 64oz1.75
harpsEggsegglands best extra large dozen1.98
MarvinsEggsEgglands Best Lrg Eggsdozen1.99
TargetElectronicsDVD-Earth to Echoeach14.99
harpsFeminine Carealways infinity/radiant, tampax pearl/radiant12-64ct3.78
harpsFeminine Carealways pads/liners tampax tampons14-54ct2.96
Price CutterFeminine CareAlways/Tampax feminine products14-54ct2.99
CM HSNFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBC vegs16oz0.88
HyVee Frozen - Fruits/VeggiesBirdseye veggies10-16oz0.77
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBirdseye veggies10-16oz0.79
harpsFrozen - Fruits/Veggiespictsweet vegs6-10oz0.88
allensFrozen - Mealsbanquest dinners9.5-10.1oz0.99
HyVee Frozen - MealsBanquet Dinners3.2-10.25oz0.69
edwardsFrozen - Mealsbanquet dinners4.9-10.5oz0.89
harpsFrozen - Mealsbanquet pot pies7oz0.68
CM HSNFrozen - MealsBanquet pot pies7oz0.69
edwardsFrozen - Mealsbanquet pot pies7oz3/$2
DillonsFrozen - MealsFreschetta Pizza14.54-30.88oz3.99
harpsFrozen - Mealsfreschetta pizzas14.54-30oz4.98
CM HSNFrozen - MealsKing Cotton corn dogs40oz3.99
DillonsFrozen - MealsTombstone pizza16-27.7 oz4/$10
harpsFrozen - Mealstombstone pizza19.6-29.51oz3/$10
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - SnacksFoster Farms Corn Dogs29.3oz-2.67lb5.99
harpsFrozen - SnacksOre Ida onions or potatoes16-32oz2/$5
edwardsFrozen - SnacksOre Ida potatoes/onion rings16-38.4oz2/$5
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - SnacksTotino's pizza rolls17.4-19.8oz2.47
CM HSNFrozen - SweetBC ice cream56oz1.99
Hudson'sFrozen - SweetHighland ice cream56 oz3.28
DillonsFrozen - SweetIce Cream-Edy's48oz2.79
DillonsFrozen - SweetNestle frozen treats4-9ct2.79
FredsHealth & BeautyBar Soap-Irish Spring6pk2.75
CM HSNHealth & BeautyBayer low dose/chewable aspirin32-36ct2.69
MarvinsHealth & BeautyDeoderant-Secret/Old Spice2.7-3oz2.29
harpsHealth & BeautyMiralax powdered laxative17.9oz17.96
CM HSNHealth & BeautySauve deodorant1.4oz0.95
HH sprgfldHealth & BeautyVO5 shamp/cond12.5oz0.69
Family DollarLaundryGain flings/tide pods14ct3.95
FredsLaundryGain liquid26ld-50 oz4.5
Rhodes Price ChopperLaundrypurex detergent100 use4.77
DillonsLaundryPurex liquid/ultrapks60-75oz/26ct2.99
HH hollLaundryXtra liq det75oz1.99
hudson'sMeat - Beef90% lean ground chucklb4.98
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - BeefArm Roastper lb3.99
edwardsMeat - Beefboneless rump roastper lb3.99
hudson'sMeat - BeefBoneless Sirloin tip roastlb3.88
hartsMeat - Beefbottom round roastper lb4.19
allensMeat - Beefground beef10 lb roll2.89/lb
allensMeat - Beefground beefper lb2.99
DillonsMeat - BeefGround Beef 73%5lb roll13.95
harpsMeat - Beefground chuck per lb3.99
allensMeat - Beeflondon broilper lb4.29
allensMeat - BeefNY strip steakper lb5.99
CM HSNMeat - Beefribeye whole bag6.39/lb
CM HSNMeat - Beefribeye family packper lb6.99
Price CutterMeat - BeefSirloin tip roastper lb3.99
hartsMeat - Beeftbone steakper lb5.99
allensMeat - Beeftop round roastper lb3.89
CM HSNMeat - Beeftop round roastper lb3.99
Hudson'sMeat - BeefTop Sirloin Steaksfamily pk per lb4.98
KrogerMeat - Lunch / SlicedLunchables-OM8-10.7oz2/$4
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - Lunch / SlicedOM Lunchables Complete/Uploaded8.04-15.6oz2/$5
allensMeat - Misccarolina pride cocktail smokies14oz2.19
allensMeat - Misccurly's beef chick or pork BBQ meats16oz3.99
hudson'sMeat - MiscFarmland bacon16 oz3.49
HH sprgfldMeat - Miscfarmland jumbo meat franks16oz0.99
allensMeat - Miscfarmland smkd or polish sausage14oz2.29
harpsMeat - Miscjohn morrell meat franks12oz0.99
Hudson'sMeat - PorkBone In Sirloin Pork Chopslb1.88
hudson'sMeat - PorkBoneless pork ribslb3.48
harpsMeat - Porkboneless sirloin roastper lb2.79
CM HSNMeat - Porkcntry style ribsper lb2.19
DillonsMeat - PorkHillshire Farm Smoked Sausage13-14oz2.99
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - PorkPork Butt Roastper lb1.99
DillonsMeat - PorkPork spare ribsper lb1.69
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - PorkRibs-Country Style per lb2.49
hudson'sMeat - Porktenderized port cutletsfamily pk per lb2.98
Hudson'sMeat - Poultrychicken drumsticksfamily pk per lb1.38
DillonsMeat - PoultryChicken leg quarters10lb bag5.9
hartsMeat - Poultrydrumsticks/thighsper lb0.99
Hudson'sMeat - Poultryfresh boneless skinless chicken breastslb2.98
CM HSNMeat - PoultryFryer leg qtrs10lb bag0.59/lb
Price CutterMeat - PoultryHoneysuckle White ground Turkey 85%3lb pkg2.79/lb
Hudson'sMeat - Poultrythighsfamily pk per lb1.38
allensMeat - Seafoodlouis kemp imitation crab8oz1.99
CM HSNMisc ItemsBC coffee filters200ct0.99
CM HSNMisc ItemsBC flour tortillas10ct0.99
CM HSNMisc ItemsBC heavy suty cutlery48ct0.99
CM HSNMisc ItemsBC saltines1lb0.99
CM HSNMisc ItemsBC sweet apple sauce6ct1.19
CM HSNMisc Itemsidahoan mashed potatoes4.1oz0.99
KrogerMisc ItemsOcean Spray Craisins5oz10/$10
HH hollMisc ItemsTaco Bell crnchy tace shells12ct0.99
HH sprgfldMisc ItemsTaco Bell crnchy taco shells12ct5/$5
harpsMisc Itemstaco bell taco shells12ct10/$10
Hudson'sMisc ItemsWesson oil48 oz2.99
harpsMisc Itemszatarains rice mixes5.7-6.9oz1
CM HSNOral Carecreat toothpate6.4oz1.85
KrogerOral CareOral B mint floss picks30ct10/$10
KrogerOral CareOral-B Healthy Clean Toothbrush1ct10/$10
CM HSNPaperBC napkins120ct0.89
CM HSN PaperBC premium PT1 roll0.79
edwardsPaperBrawny PT6-8rolls6.49
Price CutterPaperFiora facial tissue86-176ct0.99
CM HSNPaperflora PT or TP12 rolls4.99
KmartPaperPaper Towels-Brawny6 roll5.99
HyVee PaperPaper Towels-Sparkle6 or 8 roll4.98
edwardsPaperQuikted Northern or Angel soft TP8-16 roll6.49
HyVee PaperTP-Angel Soft12dbl/8 tripl/24 reg roll4.98
Family DollarPaperTP-Scott 1,00012 roll8.75Lm1
KmartPaperTP-Scott 1,0008 roll5.99
CM HSNPasta - DryBC macNchz7.25oz0.69
HH hollPasta - DryBC spag noodles16oz0.89
CM HSNPasta - DryBC-bowtie, veg rotini, wide/pasta ribbons12oz0.99
HH hollPasta - DryMaurachan ramen noodles3oz0.2
KmartPetsCat Food-Kit n Kaboodle13lb8.99
KmartPetsCat litter-Tidy Cats20lb6.99
TargetPetsCat litter-Tidy Cats35lb bucket11.99
harpsPetsscoop away/fresh steps25lb/20lb8.98
aldiProduce - Fruitapples-gala,grny smith, red del3lbs1.89
HyVee Produce - FruitApples-Honeycrispper lb1.48
MarvinsProduce - FruitApples-Honeycrisp/Galaper lb0.99
allensProduce - Fruitapples-jonathanper lb0.89
CM HSNProduce - Fruitapples-red del5lbs3.99
murfinsProduce - Fruitapples-red delper lb0.89
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitApples-Red Delicious/jonathan5lb bag2.29
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitBartlett/Bosc Pearsper lb0.77
HH sprgfldfProduce - Fruitbartlett/bosc pearsper lb0.99
HH spgfldProduce - Fruitblack or red grapesper lb1.69
Hudson'sProduce - FruitCalifornia Lemonsea0.5
Hudson'sProduce - Fruitears Bartlet or golden Bosclb1.29
Hudson'sProduce - FruitFlorida Tangerines3 lb bags2.98
Hudson'sProduce - FruitFresh Blackberries6 oz2.99
CM HSNProduce - Fruitgrn seedless grapesper lb1.28
hudson'sProduce - FruitHass Avocadosea0.99
HyVee Produce - FruitKiwi each3/$1
aldiProduce - Fruitpears4ct1.29
aldiProduce - Fruitpineappleea1.29
aldiProduce - Fruitpomegranatesea0.59
Hudson'sProduce - FruitRed delicious or Jonathan apples5 lb bag3.48
aldiProduce - Fruitred grapesper lb0.89
hudson'sProduce - Fruitred/green seedless grapeslb1.79
HH sprgfldProduce - FruitTexas red grape fruitea0.59
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitTexas Rio Star Red Grapefruiteach0.47
aldiProduce - Veggiesacorn squasheach0.69
MarvinsProduce - VeggiesAcorn/Butternut/Spaghetti Squashper lb0.69
hartsProduce - Veggiesavocadoesea0.69
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesAvocadoseach0.88
Price CutterProduce - VeggiesBaking Potatoesper lb0.49
edwardsProduce - VeggiesBC russet10 lb bags1.99
CM HSNProduce - VeggiesBC russet potatoes10lbs2.48
HH sprgfldProduce - Veggiesbeef slicing tomatoesper lb0.89
HyVee Produce - VeggiesBroccolibunch1.77
DillonsProduce - VeggiesBroccoli Crowns/roma tomatoesper lb0.99
HH hollProduce - Veggiescabbageper lb0.49
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesCarrots2lb1.39
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesCauliflowereach2.39
edwardsProduce - Veggiesceleryea0.89
HH sprgfldProduce - Veggiesceleryea0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesCeleryeach0.99
Hudson'sProduce - Veggiescelerysleeve1.19
hudson'sProduce - VeggiesDole Cole Slaw Mix or Salad Mix12 - 14 oz0.98
hudson'sProduce - VeggiesFresh cilantrobunch0.99
Hudson'sProduce - Veggiesgarlicbulb0.39
HH sprgfldProduce - Veggiesgrn giant whole mushrooms8oz1.49
CM HSNProduce - Veggieshot house red ripe slicing tomatoesper lb0.79
HH hollProduce - Veggieson the vine tomatoesper lb0.99
HH hollProduce - Veggiesred or grn leaf lettuceea0.99
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesRusset potatoes10 lb bag2.58
DillonsProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes5lb bag1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesSlicing Tomatoesper lb0.79
hudson'sProduce - Veggieswhite mushrooms8 oz0.5
Price CutterProduce - VeggiesWhole mushrooms8oz2/$3
HH hollProduce - Veggieswhole white mushrooms8oz1.29
Price CutterSeasonalHershey's bag candy9.12-11.6oz2/$5
harpsSeasonalhershey's snack size candy10.5-11.6oz2/$5
Kmart***SeasonalHersheys/Mars/Nestle fun size bags10.35-12.7oz2.88
hartsSeasonalJack O lantern pumpkinsea3.49
Rhodes Price ChopperSeasonalJack O Lantern Pumpkinseach3.99
KmartSeasonalJumbo size halloween candy11,4-40oz2/$10
HyVee SeasonalKit Kat/Reese's/Almond Joy/Hersheys milk choc10.35-11.3oz bag1.99Lm2
Rhodes Price ChopperSeasonalLouisberg Apple Cider1/2 gal3.49
Price CutterSeasonalMars bag candy9.78-11.5oz2/$5
WalgreensSeasonalMars/Nestle/Hershey Fun Size9.12-11.6 oz1.99
Price CutterSeasonalNeslte bag candy11-11.5oz2/$5
TargetSeasonalNestle,Mars,Hershey's Monster Bag Candy58.6-80 oz bag13.99
DillonsSeasonalReese’s or Hershey’s Snack Size15.92-19.2 oz2/$10
harpsSeasonalreeses jumbo snack size candy19.5oz4.98
allensSnacksBC popcorn3ct0.99
harpsSnacksfrito lay multi pack20ct2/$10
CM HSNSnacksJolly time popcorn3ct1.49
CM HSNSnacksKeebler club crkrs11-13oz2/$5
harpsSnackslay's chips9.5-10oz2/$5
HyVee SnacksLays Chips/Tostitos9-13oz3/$6Lm3
HyVee SnacksLil Debbie oatml crm pie/cosmic brownie/hny buns16.2/13.1/10.6oz4/$5
HyVee SnacksLil Debbie swiss rolls/nutty bars130z/12oz4/$5
edwardsSnacksnabisco oreo cookies8.5-15.25oz2/$5
HyVee SnacksParty Sz Doritos/Munchies/Ruffles13-16oz3/$10
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksRitz Crackers8.8-13.7oz2/$4
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksRuffles/Tostitos7.5-10 oz2.39
edwardsSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC brwn or pwdr sugar2lbs0.99
HH hollSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC brwn/powder sugar2lbs1.19
HH hollSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC flour5lbs1.19
HH hollSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC gran sugar4lbs1.39
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC gravy mix1.25oz3/$1
harpsSpices, Sugar, Ect...C&H sugar-gran/brwn or powdered4lbs/2lbs1.98
Rhodes Price ChopperSpices, Sugar, Ect...Gold Medal Flour5lb1.99
edwardsSpices, Sugar, medal flour5lbs1.99
HyVee Spices, Sugar, Ect...HyVee all purpose flour5lb1.48
HH sprgfldSpices, Sugar, Ect...Taco Bell seas1-1.4oz2/$1
WalgreensSpreadsSkippy PB16.3 oz2