Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ozark's List 10/14-10/21/14 BY CATEGORY!

WOWZA!   There's over 450 items on this weeks list!  There are some AMAZING DEALS this week!  And definitely some 'stock up' prices!   Be sure to check out Edwards b1g1 deals & Rhodes Price Chopper's anniversary sale!
And if you haven't had a chance to look yet, I posted yesterday about the coupon books that are an AMAZING deal & are available here in Harrison to benefit Independent Living.  You can check out a sample of some of the things in the book & info on how to get one HERE!!!!!!! 

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC week & Happy Shopping!!!

*No Limited Day sales this week!


hyveeADULT (21+)Bud light/budweiser bottles15pk13.99
CVSADULT (21+)bud, miller, coors24pk cans15.99
CVSADULT (21+)Lindeman's, barefoot, beringers california750ml2/$10
hyveeADULT (21+)Miller lite, Genuine draft, coors/coors lite18pk cans or bottles11.99
Price CutterADULT (21+)Smirnoff/miller fortune6pk btls6.49
walgreensBabyhuggies diapers/pull ups18-44pk/18-25pk.8.99
DGBabyhuggies snug n dry sz 1-621-50ct9
walgreensBabyhuggies wipes320-400pk8.99
hyveeBabyLuvs diapers88-120ct17.99
hartsBakingBC cake mix16.5oz0.59
HH hollBakingBC can milk12oz0.89
HH hollBakingBC frosting16oz1.19
CM HSNBakingBC graham crkr crust6oz0.99
CM HSNBakingBC reg choc chips12oz1.19
CM HSNBakingBC white, mini, milk choc chips and butterscotch12oz1.79
HH sprgfldBakingbetty crocker cake mix15.25oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperBakingBetty Crocker Cake Mix15.25oz0.79Lm4
DillonsBakingGhiradelli Baking Chips10-12oz bag2/$5
EdwardsBakingNestle Baking Morsels10-12 oz2.19
HudsonsBakingPilsbury Cake Mix15.25 oz0.99
Price CutterBakingWesson Cooking Oil48oz2.79
CM HSNBread - LoafBC wheat sandwich bread24oz0.98
hyveeBread - LoafBrown berry or Orowheat italian bread20oz2.19
HH sorgfldBread - LoafNatures own 100% whole wheat20oz2.29
KrogerBread - LoafNatures Own Honey Wheat/Wonder Classic20 oz1.49
hartsBread - Loafozark hearth white sandwich bread24oz2/$1
hyveeBread - LoafSara Lee deluxe bagels20oz2.99
DillonsBread - LoafSara Lee Honey Wheat/100% whole wheat20-24oz1.79
Price CutterBread - LoafSunbeam giant/wonder sandwich 24oz1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperBread - LoafWhite Sandwich-BC24oz0.99
walgreensBreakfastbelvita bkfst biscuits5pk2/$5
Rhodes Price ChopperBreakfastCorn King Sliced Bacon16oz2.79
targetBreakfasteggo bkfst foods8.4-16.4oz3/$6
HH hollBreakfastfolgers cntry raost coffee34.5oz5.99
EdwardsBreakfastGM Cereal9-11.82
targetBreakfastJimmy dean brkfst foods7oz3/$6
HH sprgfldBreakfastkeurig brewed coffee/tea cups12ct4.99
harpsBreakfastMaxwell house or gevaliea cups12ct5.98
DillonsBreakfastPillsbury toaster strudels6ct3/$5
targetBreakfastquaker real medley oatmeal2.46-2.64oz2/$3
HH hollBreakfasttennessee pride sausage and gravy8oz0.99
harpsBreakfastwilliams sliced bacon40 oz9.99
harpsCanned - Meatarmour chili with beans15oz0.98
CM HSNCanned - MeatArmour chili with beans15oz0.99
CVSCanned - Meatbumble bee white tuna5oz0.88
walgreensCanned - Meatchick of the sea chnk lite or sardines3.75-5oz0.69 lmt 3
hyveeCanned - Meatchick of the sea tuna5oz0.79
HH hollCanned - MeatChick of the sea tuna5oz0.89
MarvinsCanned - MeatHormel Chili w/beans15oz5/$5
Rhodes Price ChopperCanned - MeatStarkist Tuna 5oz0.79
EdwardsCanned - MeatWolf Chili15 oz1.5
CM HSNCanned - PastaCampbell's canned pasta14.75oz0.79
allensCanned - SauceBC tomato juice46oz0.99
harpsCanned - Sauceclassico pasta sauc15-24oz2.12
harpsCanned - SauceHunt's manwich15oz0.88
harpsCanned - SauceHunt's tomatoe sauce8oz4/$1
Rhodes Price ChopperCanned - SauceHunts pasta sauce24oz0.59Lm6
hyveeCanned - SauceNewmans Own salsa16oz2/$4
EdwardsCanned - SaucePrego Pasta Sauce14.5-24 oz1.67
CM HSNCanned - SidesBC beans-pinto, red/lite red kidney, chili15oz2/$1
harpsCanned - Sidesbush's canned beans15-16oz0.88
hyveeCanned - Sideshyvee chili beans15oz0.38
harpsCanned - Sidesranch style beans15oz0.75
harpsCanned - Sidestaco bell refried beans16oz10/$10
CM HSNCanned - SoupBC chick broth14oz0.59
Rhodes Price ChopperCanned - SoupCampbells Chunky Soup15.25-19oz4/$5
harpsCanned - Soupcampbells tomato or chick noodle10.75oz0.75
walgreenCanned - SoupCampbells-crm or condensed10.5-10.75oz0.99
harpsCanned - Souphealthy choice15oz3/$4
DillonsCanned - SoupProgresso18-19oz4/$5
hyveeCanned - Soupprogresso 18-19oz0.99
HH sprgfldCanned - Soupprogresso 18.5-19oz4/$5
CM HSNCanned - Soupswanson broth14oz0.67
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitBC Diced Tomatoes14.5-15 oz0.5
hartsCanned - Veg/FruitBC tomatoes14.5oz0.39
CM HSNCanned - Veg/FruitBC tomatoes-whole, diced, crushed, stewed15oz2/$1
hartsCanned - Veg/FruitBC veggies11-15.25oz0.39
CM HSNCanned - Veg/FruitBC vegs-corn, peas, cut grn beans15oz2/$1
Rhodes Price ChopperCanned - Veg/FruitDel Monte veggies14.5-15oz0.39Lm8
hyveeCanned - Veg/Fruithyvee mushrooms4oz0.77
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitLibby's Corn or Green Beans14.5-15 oz0.67
walgreensCanned - Veg/FruitLindsay olives5-6oz0.99 lmt 3
harpsCanned - Veg/Fruitrotel10oz0.88
Rhodes Price ChopperCanned - Veg/FruitRotel diced tomatoes w/chilis10 oz0.69
DillonsCerealCap'n Crunch/Life10.3-14oz2/$4
walgreensCerealGen Mills18-21.6oz3.29
Rhodes Price ChopperCerealGeneral Mills10.7-12.25oz2/$4
hyveeCerealGM-cherrios/golden grhm/coco puff/trix8.9oz/12oz/11.8oz/10.7oz1.48
walgreensCerealkashi 13.8-14oz2/$5
hyveeCerealKellogg's special K11-13.1oz2/$5
harpsCleaningclorox toilet bowl cleaner24oz1.98
CVSCleaningdawn dish soap9oz0.99
fredsCleaningglad trash bags13gal 25-45ct4.75
HH sprgfldCleaningLysol citrus wipes80ct3.99
DGCleaninglysol toilet bowl cleaner24oz1.95
walgreensCleaningpalmolive dish liq10oz0.99
CVSCleaningswiffer dry/wet refills32ct/24ct7.49
hyveeCleaningswiffer refills or duster kits1-16ct4.49
hyveeCondimentshyvee ketchup38oz1.88
hyveeCondimentshyvee yellow mustard24oz1.18
HH hollDairy - Butterblue bonnet margarine sticks16oz0.69
Price CutterDairy - ButterBlue Bonnet Tub45oz2.89
hyveeDairy - Buttercntry crock spread8-15oz1.88
CM HSNDairy - CheeseBC chnk8 oz1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - CheeseBorden Cheese shred/singles6-8oz/12oz1.88
HudsonsDairy - CheeseHiland Shredded Cheese8 oz2
hyveeDairy - Cheesehyvee cheese sinlges12oz2.49
hyveeDairy - Cheesehyvee shredded cheese2lbs7.99
hyveeDairy - Cheesekraft natural chz slices7-8oz2/$5
EdwardsDairy - CheeseKraft Shrds,Crumbls,Melts or Cubes5.8-8ozb1@3.29 g1free
DillonsDairy - CheeseKraft Singles16ct1.79
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - CheeseSargento ricotta15oz2.77
Price CutterDairy - CheeseVelveeta 32oz5.99
CM HSNDairy - MiscBC lowfat yogurt6oz3/$1
hyveeDairy - Miscchobani greek yogurt5.3oz0.88
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscCottage Cheese-Hiland24oz1.99
DillonsDairy - MiscDanimals/Activia6pk/4pk1.99
hyveeDairy - Miscdannon lite & fit yogurt4ct3/$5
Rhodes Price ChopperDairy - MiscDannon Oikos 5.3oz0.79
allensDairy - Mischiland buttermilkhalf gal2/$5
allensDairy - Mischiland dip.sour crm8oz0.99
HH sprgfldDairy - Mischiland dip/sour crm16oz2/$4
hartsDairy - MiscHiland milk-whole, 2%, 1%, skim, skim xtragallon2/$8
HudsonsDairy - MiscHiland SC/Dip8 oz0.89
DillonsDairy - MiscMilk-Dillons Vit D, 2%, 1%, skim1/2 gal1.89
EdwardsDairy - MiscPhiladelphia Cream Cheese8 ozb1@2.69 g1free
harpsDairy - Miscyoplait greek yogurt5.3oz0.89
harpsDairy - Miscyoplait yogurt4-6oz10/$5
CM HSNDelikretschmar smkd virginia hamper lb4.99
DillonsDrinksAquafina water24pk 16.9oz btls3/$10
CM HSNDrinksBC apple juice64oz0.99
HH hollDrinksBC soda2L0.69
HH hollDrinksBC water24pk bottles2.89
DGDrinkscoke products12 pk cans3/$10
CVSDrinkscoke products12pk cans3/$9 lmt 3
harpsDrinksdasani water24pk bottles3.99
Price CutterDrinksDr Pepper24pk5.99
HH hollDrinksDr Pepper24pk cans5.99
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksDr Pepper2liter0.99
targetDrinksgatorade12pk 12oz bottles5.99
targetDrinksgatorade8pk 20 oz bottles5.49
HH sprgfldDrinkshiland OJGallon2.99
murfinsDrinkshiland OJhalf gal1.69
hyveeDrinkshyvee OJgallon3.77
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksKool Aid Jammers10pk2/$3
harpsDrinkslipton tea12pk bottles4.99
Price CutterDrinksLipton tea bags22-44ct2/$4
EdwardsDrinksMaxwell House Wake Up Roast30.65 ozb1@6.99 g1free
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksNiagara Bottled Water24pk .5L btls5/$10
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksOJ-Hiland1/2 gal 2/$3
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksPepsi 12pk3/$9Lm3
hartsDrinkspepsi, mtn dew, DP12pk cans2/$5
Price CutterDrinksPowerade32oz0.79
walgreensDrinkspowerade 32oz0.69 lmt 3
HH hollDrinksRC, diet tire, A&W, sunkist12pk cans2.99
HudsonsDrinksRed Diamond Teagallon2.19
HH hollDrinksSunny D64oz0.99
walgreensDrinksV8 juices46-64oz2/$5
Rhodes Price ChopperDrinksv8 splash/fusion46-64oz2/$3
hyveeDrinksV8 Vfusion46oz2.77
CM HSNEggsBC largedozen1.48
harpsEggsegglands best extra large dozen1.98
CM HSNEggsegglands best largedozen1.99
hyveeEggshyvee brown eggsdozen1.98
DillonsEggsLarge dillonsdozen4/$5
targetElectronicsAm Horror Story Coven Season 3DVD29.99
targetElectronicsArrow season 2DVD27.99
DillonsElectronicsDVD-Mr Peabody & Shermansingle dvd/blu ray14.99/19.99
targetElectronicsHocus PocusDVD7.99
targetElectronicsHotel TransylvaniaDVD7.99
targetElectronicsIts the Gret Pumpkin Charlie BrownDVD7.99
targetElectronicsPenny Dreadful season 1DVD24.99
targetElectronicsThe Evil within-Xbox1/360, PS4/3, and PCea59.99
targetElectronicsvikings season 2DVD19.99
targetElectronicsXmen days of future pastbluray17.99
walgreensElectronicsXmen days of future pastDVD or blu ray14.99 or 19.99
harpsFeminine Carealways infinity/radiant, tampax pearl/radiant12-64ct3.78
HudsonsFeminine CareAlways Pads/Liners or Tampax Tampons14-54 ct2..99
harpsFeminine Carealways pads/liners tampax tampons14-54ct2.96
CM HSNFeminine Carecarefree pantyliners20ct0.99
hyveeFeminine CareKotex pads, liners, tampons14-135ct5.69
allensFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBC veggies16oz0.89
hyveeFrozen - Fruits/Veggiesgrn giant vegs7-10oz3/$5
harpsFrozen - Fruits/Veggiespictsweet vegs6-10oz0.88
HH hollFrozen - MealsBanquet family dinners24-28oz2.49
HH sprgfldFrozen - Mealsbanquet meals4.9-10.5oz0.88
harpsFrozen - Mealsbanquet pot pies7oz0.68
CM HSN Frozen - MealsBanquet pot pies7oz0.69
Save a LotFrozen - MealsBanquet pot pies7oz0.79
HH spgfldFrozen - MealsFisher boy fillets or sticks18-24oz3.99
harpsFrozen - Mealsfreschetta pizzas14.54-30oz4.98
hyveeFrozen - Mealshot or lean pockets2-4ct1.68
hyveeFrozen - MealsJacks pizza14.5-17.7oz2.98
targetFrozen - Mealslean cuisine6-12oz4/$10
hyveeFrozen - Mealsmarie callendar entrees9.5-19oz5/$10
HH sprgfldFrozen - Mealsmichelinas entrees5-9oz0.88
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - MealsMichelinas entrees5-9oz0.89
HH sprgfldFrozen - MealsMrs Pauls fish fillets, tenders, sticks18-24.6oz4.99
targetFrozen - Mealsstouffers entrees8.75-12.6oz4/$10
harpsFrozen - Mealstombstone pizza19.6-29.51oz3/$10
CM HSNFrozen - Mealstonys pizza8-15oz5/$10
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - MealsTotinos pizza6.5-10.9oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - SnacksEl Monterey taquitos28oz5.99
Save a LotFrozen - SnacksHot pockets9oz1.79
DGFrozen - Snacksore ida crinkle fries or tots24oz2
harpsFrozen - SnacksOre Ida onions or potatoes16-32oz2/$5
CM HSNFrozen - SweetBC ice cream56oz1.99
allensFrozen - SweetBC whip topping8oz0.89
hartsFrozen - Sweetblue bell ice creamhalf gal4.99
hyveeFrozen - Sweetblue bunny frozen yogurt/ice cream5.5oz cups10/$10
hyveeFrozen - Sweetblue bunny ice cream squares1.75 qt 2/$5
hyveeFrozen - Sweetcool whip8oz0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - SweetIce Cream-Blue Bell1/2 gal4.69
Rhodes Price ChopperFrozen - SweetMrs Smiths pies32-37oz3.49
CVSHealth & Beautyalways discreet pads/underwear28-66ct/15-21ct11.99
KmartHealth & BeautyBarbasol/Pure Silk Shaving Cream8-10oz1
Rhodes Price ChopperHealth & BeautyBic Shaver3-6ct4.99
hyveeHealth & Beautygillette disp razors2-12ct7.99
harpsHealth & BeautyMiralax powdered laxative17.9oz17.96
walgreensHealth & Beautymitchum deod./antipers1.5-3.4oz2.99
CM HSNHealth & Beautynoxema facial cleansing creme12oz3.89
CM HSNHealth & BeautyOld spice/secret deodorant A/P2.7-3.25oz2.59
CVSHealth & Beautypantene shamp or cond/styler12.6oz/5.7-11.5oz3/$10
hyveeHealth & BeautyPert 2 plus 1 Shamp/cond13.5oz2/$4
CVSHealth & Beautyriccola cough drops19-24ct1.88
EdwardsHealth & BeautySecret Deoderant2.6-2.7 oz2.29
hyveeHealth & Beautysuave body lotion18oz2.49
Price CutterLaundryall 2x/snuggle fabric softener32-50oz/20-24ct2.99
fredsLaundryAll liq det124oz8
KmartLaundryAll/Snuggle/Snuggle Scent boost100oz/96oz/56ct8
DGLaundryarm&hammer liq det61.25-75oz3.95
Family DollarLaundryGain flings/tide pods14ct3.95
walgreensLaundrygain liq det48-64 lds9.99
fredsLaundrygain liq det48-64lds8.95
KmartLaundryGain liquid 100 oz9
hyveeLaundrypurex liq det128-150 oz6.99
DGLaundrypurex liq det150oz6
HH hollLaundryRA liq det50 oz2.69
targetLaundrytide liq90-100oz11.99
CVSLaundrytide or gain liq det19-32 lds5.94 lmt 6
Rhodes Price ChopperLaundryTide pods31ct7.97
hyveeLaundrytide pods/gain flings31ct8.94
walgreensLaundrytide/gain pods35pk9.99
HH hollLaundryXtra liq det50 use1.99
DGLaundryxtra liq det75oz1.95
CM HSNMeat - Beefboneless cube steakper lb4.79
CM HSNMeat - Beefboneless top round roast per lb3.99
CM HSNMeat - Beefboneless top round steakper lb4.19
HH sprgfldMeat - Beefboneless top sirloin steak7.5-8.5oz3.99 ea
murfinsMeat - Beefbonelss rump roastper lb3.99
hartsMeat - Beefbottom round steakper lb4.29
HH hollMeat - Beefbrisketper lb5.99
murfinsMeat - Beefcube steaksper lb4.19
CM HSNMeat - Beefground beef 10lb tube2.89/lb
aldiMeat - Beefground beef 73% leanper lb2.79
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - BeefGround Chuck3lb+ pkg per lb2.99/lb
harpsMeat - Beefground chuck per lb3.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefKraft Natural Blocks or Cracker Cut5-8ozb1@3.29 g1free
allensMeat - Beeflean ground roundper lb3.79
allensMeat - Beeflondon broilper lb4.29
CM HSNMeat - BeefNY stirp steakwhole bag4.99/lb
murfinsMeat - Beefstrip steakper lb4.99
Save a Lot (ONLY)Meat - BeefT Bone STeakfamily pk per lb5.99
allensMeat - Beeftbonesper lb7.99
CM HSNMeat - Lunch / SlicedArmour lunch makers2.5-3.3oz0.99
hyveeMeat - Lunch / Slicedhillshire farm-ultra thin, thick or bold cut meats7-9oz3.38
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - Lunch / SlicedLunchables-OM2.25-4.4oz10/$10
HH hollMeat - Lunch / SlicedOM basic lunchablespkg0.99
EdwardsMeat - Lunch / SlicedOM Lunchables2.25-4.6 oz1
HH hollMeat - Lunch / SlicedOM shaved ham or turkey16oz2.99
HH hollMeat - Lunch / SlicedREV wrapspkg0.99
HH hollMeat - MiscFarmland jumbo meat franks16oz0.99
harpsMeat - Miscjohn morrell meat franks12oz0.99
CM HSNMeat - MiscOM meat bologna or salami16ozBOGO@2.49
hartsMeat - Porkbaby backper lb3.99
harpsMeat - Porkboneless sirloin roastper lb2.79
EdwardsMeat - PorkFarmland Bacon24 oz5.99
HudsonsMeat - PorkFarmland Pork Sausage Roll12 oz1.19
hyveeMeat - Porkground sausageper lb2.99
DillonsMeat - PorkHillshire Farm Smoked Sausage13-14oz2.99
HudsonsMeat - PorkOle South Roll Saus or Pre Cooked Links7.5-16 oz1.78
hartsMeat - Porksirloin roast or chopsper lb2.19
CM HSNMeat - Porkspare ribsper lb2.39
aldiMeat - Porkst louis spare ribsper lb2.49
Rhodes Price ChopperMeat - PoultryChicken breast/tenders-BC3lb bag5.99
HH hollMeat - PoultryFam. Fav. boneless chick breasts2.5lbs2.99 lmt 2
CM HSNMeat - Poultryfryer leg quarters10 lb bag0.59/lb
hyveeMeat - Poultrywhole chickenper lb0.99
CM HSNMisc ItemsBC corn tortillas24ct0.99
HH hollMisc ItemsBC croutons5oz0.99
HH hollMisc ItemsBC plastic cups20ct2/$3
CM HSNMisc Itemsbrown jersey glovesper pair0.49
hyveeMisc Itemscambells skillet or slow cooker starters9-13oz2/$4
targetMisc ItemsCrockpot 6qt red slow cookerea24
targetMisc Itemscrockpot cook N carry 6 qt black prog slow cookerea29
hyveeMisc Itemshyvee snap N seal sandwich, storage or freezer bags30-100ct2/$5
walgreensMisc ItemsMead envelopes40-100pk0.99
walgreensMisc ItemsMead Envelopes40-100pk0.99 lmt 3 COORECT SALE PRICE DELETE OTHER
walgreensMisc ItemsNestle candy bars0.77-2.1oz0.49
targetMisc ItemsNinja professional blender with 72oz pitcherea99.99
walgreensMisc Itemssharpie perm marker2pk0.99 lmt 3
harpsMisc Itemstaco bell taco shells12ct10/$10
harpsMisc Itemszatarains rice mixes5.7-6.9oz1
HH sprgfldMisc Itemszatarains rice sides5.7-6.9oz0.99
walgreensMisc Itemsziploc containers3-4pk2/$5.50
walgreensMisc Itemsziploc frzr or strg bags/sandwich bags15-25pk/90-100pk2/$5.50
walgreensOral CareCrest mouthwash16.9oz3/$9
walgreensOral Carecrest pro health tooth paste6oz3/$9
hyveePaperangel soft TP16 dbl roll5.98
CM HSNPaperAngel soft TP4ct0.99
HH sprgfldPaperBC facial tissue66-86ct0.99
HH hollPaperBC napkins120ct0.99
fredsPaperbounty basic PT8 rolls4.95
hyveePaperBrawny PT6 big roll5.98
fredsPapercharmin basic TP12 dbl rolls4.95
HH hollPaperFiora PT8pk3.99
walgreensPaperPuffs facial tissue 3pk cubes2/$7
hyveePaperquilted northern TP-plush, soft, strong12 dbl roll5.98
CM HSNPaperSparkle PT1 roll0.99
Rhodes Price ChopperPaperTP-Cottonelle12dbl roll5.99
Family DollarPaperTP-Scott 1,00012 roll8.75Lm1
HH hollPasta - DryAm beauty/ronzoni spag or pasta12-16oz0.99
CM HSNPasta - DryBC lasagna noodles16oz1.19
CM HSNPasta - DryBC mac N chz and spiral7.25oz0.59
CM HSNPasta - DryBC-thin spag, spag, angel hair, ling, fett, elbow16oz0.89
hyveePasta - Dryhyvee Mac&Chz7.25oz4/$1 lmt 4
hyveePasta - Dryhyvee pasta12-16oz0.77
EdwardsPasta - DryKraft Deluxe M&C/Velveeta Shells&Chs9.4-14 ozb1@2.49, g1free
Rhodes Price ChopperPasta - DryKraft Mac & cheese cups2.05-2.39oz0.79
Rhodes Price ChopperPasta - DryKraft Mac & Chz 7.25oz0.88
hyveePasta - DryMaruchan instant lunch cups2.25oz0.4
Rhodes Price ChopperPasta - DryMinute Rice8.8-14oz2/$3
HH hollPasta - DryNissin big cup noodles2.8oz0.59
DGPetsalpo come N get it or prime cuts14lbs6.95
hyveePetskibbles N bits15-16oz9.98
targetPetsMeow mix16lbs10.99
hyveePetsmeow miz13.5-16lbs11.99
targetPetsMilk bone biscuits7lbs9.99
targetPetspedigree dog food17+3.4lbs11.99
targetPetsPup Peroni25oz9.99
DGPetspurina dog chow36lb bag19.5
walgreensPetspurina dog food13.5lbs9.99
harpsPetsscoop away/fresh steps25lb/20lb8.98
DGPetstidy cats litter23lbs8.75
hartsProduce - Fruitapples-gala, grany smith, red del.per lb0.59
hyveeProduce - Fruitapples-red del, braeburn, granny smith, fuji, jonagold, gala per lb0.68
Save a LotProduce - FruitApples-Red Delicious3lb bag1.29
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitApples-Red/Gold Delcs/gala/grny smth/fujiper lb0.99
hartsProduce - Fruitbananasper lb0.39
DillonsProduce - FruitBartlett pearsper lb0.99
HH hollProduce - Fruitlimesea5/$1
Save a LotProduce - FruitNavel oranges3lb bag2.99
HH hollProduce - Fruitpears-bosc, anjou, bartlettper lb0.99
KrogerProduce - FruitPineappleeach2/$3
DillonsProduce - FruitRaspberries6oz2/$4
allensProduce - Fruitred del apples5lb bag2.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - FruitRed/green grapesper lb0.99
CM HSNProduce - Fruitred/grn seedless grapesper lb1.48
hartsProduce - Fruittangerines3lbs3.49
hyveeProduce - Fruittexas red grapefruitea0.69
Price CutterProduce - VeggiesAcorn/Butternut/Spaghetti Squashper lb0.69
hartsProduce - Veggiesasparagusper lb2.79
hartsProduce - Veggiesavocadoea0.69
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesAvocadoseach0.88
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesBaking Potatoesper lb0.49
CM HSNProduce - VeggiesBC russet potatoes10 lb bag2.48
hartsProduce - VeggiesBC russet potatoes10lb bag1.69
allensProduce - Veggiescabbage per lb0.49
HH hollProduce - Veggiescauliflowerea1.99
hyveeProduce - Veggiesceleryea0.99
HH hollProduce - Veggieseggplantea0.99
HH hollProduce - Veggiesgreen beansper lb1.29
aldiProduce - Veggiesgreen pepper3ct 20 oz0.99
HH sprgfldProduce - Veggiesgrn onions5.5oz bag0.99
CM HSNProduce - Veggieshot house red ripe slicing tomatoesper lb0.89
Save a LotProduce - VeggiesIdaho potatoes10lb bag2.99
HH hollProduce - Veggiesmini sweet peppers1lb bag2.49
adliProduce - Veggiesmushrooms8oz0.99
HH hollProduce - VeggiesNature sweet cherub tomatoes10.5oz1.99
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesNew Star Fresh Spinach10 oz1.69
aldiProduce - Veggiesonions3lbs0.99
HH hollProduce - Veggiesorganic yellow onions3lb bag2.19
Price CutterProduce - VeggiesRed/gold potatoes5lb bag1.99
aldiProduce - Veggiesroma tomatoes20 oz0.99
hartsProduce - Veggiessweet or baking potatoesper lb0.29
Rhodes Price ChopperProduce - VeggiesSweet yellow onionsper lb0.49
hartsProduce - Veggiestomatoesper lb0.69
HH hollProduce - Veggieswinter hard squashper lb0.69
Save a LotProduce - VeggiesYellow onions3lb bag0.99
hartsProduce - Veggiesyellow onionsper lb0.29
aldiProduce - Veggieszuchinni 3ct pk0.99
walgreensSeasonalbrach's autumn candy4.2-5oz0.79
DillonsSeasonalBrachs Candy Corn9-11oz bag10/$10
CVSSeasonalBrachs or starburst candy corn12-22oz2/$5
targetSeasonalcarmel apple pops11.25oz2.29
hyveeSeasonalHershey halloween candy10-56.07oz8.99
CVSSeasonalHershey kisses or minitures10-15oz2/$6 lmt 10
DGSeasonalhershey's monster mix19.17oz5
harpsSeasonalhershey's snack size candy10.5-11.6oz2/$5
targetSeasonalhershey's, all time great, mars mix candy50-60ct7.99
walgreensSeasonalhersheys kisses or minitures19.75oz4.49
CVSSeasonalHersheys or mars variety pack18ct12.99
walgreensSeasonalhersheys, mars, nestle fun/snac size large bag46.95-103oz14.99
CVSSeasonalJr mints, tootsie, jolly ranchers, skittles, starburts, blow pop, dum dums, milk dud, whoppers8.67-12oz2/$5
DillonsSeasonalKroger canned pumpkin15oz10/$10
CVSSeasonalM&Ms9.9-12.6oz2/$6 lmt 10
walgreensSeasonalmars minis10.5-11.5oz2/$6
harpsSeasonalreeses jumbo snack size candy19.5oz4.98
KmartSeasonalSuper sz Halloween Candy bags11.4-40 oz2/$10
hyveeSeasonaltootsie roll halloween candy3.5-4lbs or 300ct8.98
CVSSeasonalwonka, air heads, childs play, mars, hershey's jumbo mix30-85ct5
hyveeSeasonalwrigley halloween candy19.8-34.41oz or 92 ct5.49
Kmart(only)SeasonalZ Shade 10x10 instant canopyeach 10x1048
KrogerSnacksBlue Diamond Nut thins4.25oz2/$4
CVSSnackschex mix/gardettos5.8-8.75oz2/$3
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksDoritos/Fritos/Cheetos9-11oz2/$4
harpsSnacksfrito lay multi pack20ct2/$10
hyveeSnacksfrito lay variety pack20ct4.99
walgreensSnacksgoldfish6.6oz2/$3 lmt 4
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksHershey's Candy1.4-1.85oz2/$1
hyveeSnackshyvee tortilla chips10-13.6oz0.99
Save a LotSnacksKeebler chips deluxe cookies11.3-12.6oz1.79
walgreensSnacksKelloggs bars/crisps5-6ct2/$5
KrogerSnacksKettle brand potato chips8-8.5oz2/$4
harpsSnackslay's chips9.5-10oz2/$5
HH hollSnacksMama Lupes tortilla chips10oz0.99
DillonsSnacksQuaker Granola Bars5-8ct2/$4
HH sprgfldSnacksruffles or doritos7.5-11oz2/$5
Rhodes Price ChopperSnacksSaltine Crackers-BC16oz0.89
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC brwn or powder sugar2lbs1.29
HH hollSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC brwn or powder sugar4lbs1.19
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC flour5lbs1.18
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC gran sugar4lbs1.48
harpsSpices, Sugar, Ect...C&H sugar-gran/brwn or powdered4lbs/2lbs1.98
HH sprgfldSpices, Sugar, medal flour4.25-5 lbs1.99
DillonsSpices, Sugar, Ect...Gold Medal Flour5lb 2/$4
CM HSNSpices, Sugar, Ect...McCormick brwn or cntry gravy0.87-2oz2/$1
Price CutterSpices, Sugar, Ect...McCormick chili seasoning1-1.25oz0.79
Price CutterSpices, Sugar, Ect...McCormick gravy mix.87-2.64oz2/$1
hyveeSpreadshyvee PB28oz2.99
Rhodes Price ChopperSpreadsPeanut Butter-Jif15.5-16oz1.69
targetToysLego city helicoptor transporter setea44
walgreensToysMonster High dollsea7.99
walgreensToysMy Little Pony figuresea3.99
targetToysNerf mega thunder blowea29.99