Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ozark's List 3/15-3/21/17

This week's list is short & sweet.  We just touched on the best of the best for the week due to our busy schedules.
Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL week!

Hudson'sMeat - BeefKasas City Strip Steakslb5.98
Hudson'sMeat - BeefBoneless Beef Chuck Roastlb3.88
Hudson'sMeat - PoultryWhole Fryerslb.98 Limit 3 please
Hudson'sMeat - PorkBoneless Sirloin Pork Chopsfamily pack per lb1.68
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesGreen Cabbagelb27
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesBrussels Sproutslb1.39
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes5 lb1.69
Hudson'sProduce - FruitGreen Seedless Grapeslb1.79
Hudson'sDrinksRed Diamond Teagallon1.98
Hudson'sDrinksFolgers Coffee Classic Blend20.6 - 3.0.5 oz6.99 Limit 2
Hudson'sCanned - Veg/FruitB C Cor, Green Beans, Green Peas14.5 - 15.25 oz2/$1.00 Limit 12 please
Hudson'sSnacksLay's chips, Kettle, Sunchips, Doritos7 - 11.25 oz2/$5.00
Hudson'sMeat - BeefTyson Reuband Brand Corned Beef Point Cutslb2.48
Hudson'sMeat - BeefBottom Round or Cube Steakslb3.98
Hudson'sMeat - PorkButterfly Pork ChopsFamily Pack Per Pd2.48
Hudson'sMeat - BeefGround Chuckfamily pack per lb2.98
Hudson'sMeat - PoultryBoneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fresh all naturallb1.98
Hudson'sMeat - PoultryChicken Drumsticksfamily pack per lb0.98
Hudson'sMeat - PorkWilliams Premium Sliced Bacon16 oz4.59
Hudson'sMeat - PorkWilliam's Pork Sausage12-16 oz links, patties, roll2.59
Hudson'sDairy - CheeseKraft chunk, cubes, crumbles, chunk, or Cracker Cuts5-8 oz1.69
Hudson'sDairy - CheeseKraft Velveeta mini blocks20 oz4.49
Hudson'sCanned - SoupCampbell's Well Yes Soup16.2 - 16.6 oz2/$4.00
Hudson'sPasta - DryBC Pasta16 oz0.79
Hudson'sCanned - SauceRagu Pasta Sauce16 - 23.9 oz jar.1.89
Hudson'sCanned - MeatChicken of The Sea Chunk Light Tuna5 oz0.79
Hudson'sCerealGeneral Mills Cookie Crisp, Cheerios, Golde Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reeses's Puffs,11.1 - 13 oz4/$10.00
Hudson'sCanned - MeatChicken of The Sea Pink Salmon14.75 oz can2.99
Hudson'sPaperAngel Soft Bath Tissue8 double rolls3.99
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesSlicer Tomatoeslb0.99
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesBC Red Potatoes5 lb2.99
Hudson'sProduce - FruitFresh Limesea2/.69
Hudson'sProduce - FruitPremium Gala Appleslb1.09
Hudson'sDairy - MiscHiland or Prairie Farms Sour Cream24 oz tub1.98
Hudson'sMeat - BeefReuben Corned Beef Roundslb3.49
EdwardsMeat - BeefReuben Corned Beef Flatslb3.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefReuben Corned Beef Pointslb2.99
EdwardsMeat - SeafoodBC Cooked Shrimp1 lb6.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefT Bone Steakfamily pack per lb6.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefBoneless or Bone In Ribeye Steakfamily pack per lb7.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefTop sirloin Steaklb4.49
EdwardsFrozen - MealsMarie Callendar's Pot Pies9.5 - 10.5 oz2.29
EdwardsFrozen - MealsKid's Cuisine Meals7 - 10.2 oz1.99
EdwardsCanned - Veg/FruitRanch Style Beans15 oz0.89
EdwardsMeat - PorkBC Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts3 lb bag4.99
EdwardsFrozen - MealsBC Lasagna96 oz9.99
EdwardsSpices, Sugar, Ect...C & H Granulated Sugar4 lb1.99
EdwardsCanned - MeatStarkist Chunk Light Tuna5 oz0.59
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesBC russet Potatoes10 lb bag2.49
EdwardsDrinksMinute Maid Pure Squeeze Orange Juice59 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsProduce - FruitGranny Smith Appleslb0.99
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesBroccoli Crownslb1.79
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesGreen Giant Whole Mushrooms8 oz0.99
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesDole Salad Mix5 or 6 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsDairy - CheeseKraft American Singles16 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsDairy - MiscDaisy Sour Cream24 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsMeat - BeefBoneless Rump Roastlb3.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkCook's Bone In Center Cut Ham Steaklb2.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkBaby Back Ribslb2.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkTennessee Pride Roll Link or Patty Sausage10-16 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsSnacksMunchies, Frito's, Cheetos,7.75 - 9.25 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsDrinksOzarka Natural Spring Water3 ml0.99
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryBoneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Tenders3 lb bag4.48
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefReuben or Skylark Point Style Corn Beef Brisketlb2.79
CM HarrisonCanned - MeatChicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna5 oz0.59
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesSlicing Tomatoeslb0.69
CM HarrisonBread - BunsBC Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns8 cts0.89
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitHalo Clementines3 lbs4.99
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitNavel Oranges, Red Delicious Apples or Texas Red Grapefruit8 lb bag2/$10.00
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryWhole Fryerslb0.89
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryFryer Thighs or Drumstickslb0.99

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ozark's List 3/8-3/14/2017

EdwardsMeat - BeefGround Beeffamily pack per lb1.79
EdwardsDrinksMinute Made Pure Squeeze Orange Juice59 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsMeat - PorkSirloin Pork Roast Bone-inlb0.99
EdwardsMisc ItemsWesson Canola or Vegetable Oil48 oz2.99
EdwardsProduce - FruitSeedless Red or Green Grapeslb1.79
EdwardsFrozen - MealsHot or Lean Pockets9 or 9.3 oz5/$10.00
EdwardsProduce - FruitHalo Clementines3 lb4.79
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesGreen Giant Sliced Mushrooms8 oz1.69
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesRed, Yellow, or Orange Bell Peppersea2/$3.00
EdwardsProduce - FruitGala, Red, or Golden Delicious Apples3 lb2.49
EdwardsProduce - VeggiesPeruvian Sweet Onionslb0.79
EdwardsProduce - FruitCantaloupes XLarge each2.99
EdwardsFrozen - SweetHiland or Prairie Farms Ice Cream56 oz3.99
EdwardsFrozen - MealsStouffer's Classics or Simple Dish Entrees6 - 12.75 oz4/$10.00
EdwardsFrozen - MealsFreschetta Pizza20.28 - 30.88 oz5.99
EdwardsMeat - PoultrySplit Chicken Breastsfamily pack per lb0.99
EdwardsMeat - PorkBoneless Pork Sirloin Chopslb1.99
EdwardsMeat - PoultryTyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighslb1.99
EdwardsMeat - BeefBoneless Chuck Steaklb3.99
EdwardsMeat - MiscBC Corn Dogs16 oz2/$4.00
EdwardsMeat - PorkJ.C. Potter Country Sausage Roll16 oz2/$5.00
EdwardsMeat - MiscBar S Sliced Bologna or Cotto Salami8-12 oz0.99
EdwardsMeat - PoultryJimmy Dean Sausage Roll16 oz2/$6.00
EdwardsBakingPillsbury Family Size Brownie Mix18.4 o0.99
EdwardsDrinksNestle Pure Life Water24 pk .5 ltr2.99
EdwardsDairy - CheeseVelveeta Shreds or Slices8 or 12 oz1.99
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefGround Beef Whole Tubelb1.68
CM HarrisonMeat - BeefGround Beeffamily pack per lb1.88
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkBaby Back Pork Spare Ribslb2.88
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesBeef Steak Tomatoeslb0.79
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesRusset Potatoes10 lb bag2.48
CM HarrisonBread - LoafOzark Hearth Texas Toast20 oz loaf0.98
CM HarrisonFrozen - MealsTony's Pizza 12"18.56 - 20.6 oz4/$10.00
CM HarrisonCanned - MeatStarkist Chunk Light Tuna5 oz0.59
CM HarrisonDrinksDr. Pepper Products12 pk 12 oz cans3/$10.00
CM HarrisonPasta - DryBC Pasta16 oz0.79
CM HarrisonCanned - MeatArmour chili with Beans14 oz0.99
CM HarrisonMisc ItemsBC Canola or Vegetable Oil48 oz2/$4.00
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitSeedless Green Grapeslb1.68
EdwardsProduce - FruitNavel Oranges4 lb2.99
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitSunkist Lemons2 lb bag2/$5.00
CM HarrisonProduce - FruitTexas Red Grapefruitea2/$1.00
CM HarrisonProduce - VeggiesYellow Onions3 lb1.68
CM HarrisonPaperCharmin Essential Strong 12 giant rolls5.99
CM HarrisonPaperAngel Soft Double Roll6 roll3.99
CM HarrisonCondimentsSweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce18 oz10/$10.00
CM HarrisonCanned - SauceRed Gold Tomato Sauce8 oz0.39
CM HarrisonCondimentsRed Gold Salsa16 oz2/$3.00
CM HarrisonCondimentsHunt's Squeeze Ketchup24 oz0.99
CM HarrisonCanned - Veg/FruitVan Camp's Pork & Beans15 oz0.69
CM HarrisonCanned - Veg/FruitVan Camps Baked Beans15 oz1
CM HarrisonSpices, Sugar, Ect...BC Brown or Powdered Sugar2 lb0.99
CM HarrisonBakingBC Cake Mix16.5 oz0.69
CM HarrisonCanned - Veg/FruitBC chili, kidney, red, great northern, pinto, black or navy beans15.5 oz2/$1.00
CM HarrisonMisc ItemsBC Pancake Mix32 oz1.69
CM HarrisonCondimentsBC Pancake Syrup24 oz1.09
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryFryer Leg Quarters10 lb bag per lb0.49
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryFryer Thighs or Drumsticksfamily pack per lb0.89
CM HarrisonMeat - PoultryBC Hen or Tom turkeysper lb with pop up timer1.19
CM HarrisonMeat - PorkBoston Butt Pork Roast lb1.49
CM HarrisonFrozen - MealsBanquet Pot Pies7 oz0.79
Hudson'sMeat - PorkSirloin Pork Chops bone-infamily pack per lb.98 Limit 2 please
Hudson'sMeat - SeafoodSwai Fish Fillets Individually Frozen portionslb1.98
Hudson'sMeat - BeefKansas City Strip Steaks Bonelesslb7.88
Hudson'sMeat - BeefTop Round Beef Roast Bonelesslb2.98
Hudson'sMeat - BeefGround Roundfamily pack per lb3.48
Hudson'sProduce - FruitStrawberries1 lb2/$4.00
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesRussett Potatoes10 lb bag2/$5.00
Hudson'sFrozen - MealsRed Baron 12" Pizza14.76 - 23.45 oz2.99 Limit 5
Hudson'sCanned - Veg/FruitBC Beans or Tomatoes14.5 - 15.5 oz2/$1.00 Limit 12
Hudson'sMeat - PorkCountry Style Pork Ribslb1.38
Hudson'sMeat - BeefTri Tip Roast Boneless Beeflb3.98
Hudson'sMeat - BeefGround Chuckfamily pk per pound2.98
Hudson'sMeat - PorkBaby Back Pork Ribslb3.88
Hudson'sMeat - PorkTyson Sliced Bacon16 oz3.99
Hudson'sDrinksCoke Products12 pk 12 oz cans2/$8.88
Hudson'sFrozen - Fruits/VeggiesBC Peaches16 oz2.99
Hudson'sDairy - MiscHiland or Prairie Farms Cottage cheese16 oz tub2/$3.00
Hudson'sEggsBC Eggs Large18 count1.29
HudSnacksCheetos8-9 oz2/$5.00
Hudson'sProduce - FruitBosc Pearslb0.99
Hudson'sProduce - FruitRed Delicious Appleslb0.99
HudProduce - VeggiesBrussels Sproutslb1.79
Hudson'sProduce - FruitCantaloupesXlarge each2.89
Hudson'sProduce - FruitJumbo Lemonsea0.59
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesGreen Cabbagelb2/.89
Hudson'sProduce - VeggiesDole Classic Coleslaw Mix14 oz1.29
AldiProduce - FruitStrawberries16 oz0.99
AldisProduce - VeggiesRed Potatoes5 lb bag1.49
AldisProduce - FruitBlueberries6 oz pk1.29
AldisProduce - FruitGreen Grapeslb0.99
AldisProduce - FruitBananaslb0.33